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  1. Next weekend is not good for me
  2. You mean you aren't into drifting??!?!?!?!?!
  3. I've only had the roof off in the Esprit twice; wind wasn't bad even without the deflector and triple digit speeds. On the Z28, I go topless several times a week. Sometimes I leave the top down for days at a time.
  4. Here's some info on the Raid wheel:
  5. 1. Since it has two tanks, it takes a while for the tanks to equalize. So if you wait for a few and then continue pumping, you should be able to fill the tanks. 2. I'm not sure 3. I would not run anything lower that 91, especially in a hot day. The ECU can retard timing and reduce boost to prevent detonation but I wouldn't do it. Actually I usually run a mix of about 95 octane on mine just to be safe. 4. My tag has a psi for above 149mph and one for bellow 149mph. I keep mine between both; 28psi I think.
  6. Looks great Paul. I think that wheel would go well with my car. :hmm:
  7. I'm 24 and I got the best quote from Wawanesa but I went with AAA, the second lowest quote.
  8. Oh really? Maybe I was thinking about another car. Nevernind then.
  9. gmendoza


    Does this count?
  10. Really? Maybe it's a US thing. Most cars here have a safety switch so they won't start without the clutch being pressed..
  11. I had my '03 Esprit serviced recently and now it can start without pressing the clutch. Anyone have any ideas as to why it's doing this?
  12. Yeah, wheel hop is a killer. I've broken a few crown & pinions also in other cars due to wheel hop.
  13. Yup, every Sunday at VCR; starts to get full at around 09:00AM. Village Coffee Roaster 23351 Mulholland Dr. Woodland Hills/Calabasas
  14. I did the same thing. I thought that was yours.
  15. Well, it's somewhat local. It was at Eurosunday in Woodland Hills.
  16. I've been wanting to. Is Slade done with his car? BTW I saw Paul's V8 at CC last weekend; very nice.
  17. You mentioned the wheels were spinning when it broke. Was the rear end hopping by any chance?
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