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  1. So are we on for this Saturday?
  2. No, the V8 doesn't sound like a typical supercar, it sounds unlike anything else. I love the sound of mine. Yes it does look sexy, but why a Lambo?
  3. Nice use of Ford Pinto tail lights.
  4. About 8 months ago I started thinking about my 24th birthday. I had my heart set on a Porsche 964 3.6 Turbo or a 993TT. One day while walking down Old Town Pasadena, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful G-car (might of been Slade). The car looked so sexy. I became intrigued by the Esprit So I started doing research on Esprits and came to the conclusion that a V8 would fit me best. I found a '02 V8 at a local dealer. I made the drive down to the dealer and asked to see the Esprit. They bring it out. This was my first time seeing an Ann. Esprit in person and it was love at first sight. I was amazed by the stance, the sound. The car had such a presence. The interior felt great. I ask to drive it. I take it easy at first and get used to driving with my big Harley Davidson boots without hitting 2 pedals at once. After feeling comfortable with the car, I hit it in 2nd and 3rd gear. The straight exhausted, de-catted, red ECU'ed V8 pulled with such a fury comparable to that of a jet barreling down the runway. The AP brakes were awesome as well. Needles to say, I forgot about the Porsche. I didn't buy that car for other reasons but 3 days before my birthday, I took delivery of my Final Edition Esprit.
  5. Here are the pics. I could not get the text to show up.
  6. 206 mph?!?!? Really?!?! How if the Esprit is gear limited?!?!
  7. My Esprit is featured in this month's issue of Modified Luxury & Exotics. It's a nice write-up but the pictures are not the greatest. Also the article was written when the previous owner had the car.
  8. I'd consider a slightly used one if it has a competitive power to weight ratio with nice styling.
  9. gmendoza


    Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better. There seems to be a bug going around.
  10. gmendoza


    Thanks. I wasn't too crazy about the diamond stitching on the seats 'till I saw them in person.
  11. gmendoza


    I was a Crystal Cove today. I met Jay (jbrookstone). He was there with his yellow Final Edition. I was surprized you weren't there. Great, I'll try to make it.
  12. gmendoza


    Well I finally got around to creating a garage. Enjoy
  13. I'd "date" her. Where abouts in CA is she?
  14. I have a Blitz SBC-ID boost controller and I really like it.
  15. Other than checking the boost, is there another way to check if you already have the High Torque ECU?
  16. How much boost were you running? Did you actually get the 1 bar the red ECU tries to get?
  17. I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say.....Ascari?
  18. I know this is a stretch but AutoZone scans CEL's free of charge. I'm not sure if they have one that will work for the Esprit though.
  19. Why don't you try a stop leak like BARS? Cadillac and Jaguar actually recomended for their cars as a cooling system conditioner.
  20. Toua, why are you getting married? Form what I've gathered about you from your posts you are not ready. You're still in school; your career doesn't seem to be going anywhere right now. If you get married now, you'll be putting your life, dreams, and goals on hold or canceling them for your wife and there is no guarantee that she'll make it in her career either. If you get married now, you might as well forget about an Esprit and get used to working at the local wherehouse for $12/hr. I also hope your not too fond out your balls either, cause it sounds like she already has 'em in her purse. You
  21. Well, it wasn't a constant rattle. It was more like a thump\clunk when dumping the clutch on the 1-2 shift. Almost like if the engine cover was hoppin' around. Maybe I was too harsh on the clutch. Anyways, I'll be checking out 3 more V8's this weekend. So we'll see if it's normal.
  22. How 'bout a 5.7L Pontiac Trans Am? I have an '87 that I started working on but I cant finish. Very reliable, powerfull cars with decent gas mileage.
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