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  1. Wow. That's some damage!!! Hard to believe that was done with standard boost levels.
  2. Sorry to hear you may be selling. As for prices, they are all over the place depending on history, condition and need to sell. Dealers with perfect examples are still asking over 60k while there is a FE at a dealer in IL I believe with issues for 49k. Also, the last 2 FE I've seen sell sold for 49k. These cars were clean but not perfect and the owners HAD to sell. Hope that helps.
  3. Nice to see that the car is mostly back on the road Matt. Looks like the rear cover was epoxied; not too bad. My only fear would be weakend internals (primary shaft mostly) due to overheating if it was ran low on oil. Speaking of oil, what do you plan on using. I prefer Redline MT90 and you can find it locally.
  4. So I guess you bought Payman's car? Anyhow, the S350 code will throw a code if you remove the cats but you can solve that by spacing/shielding the rear o2's using using spark plug non-foulers.
  5. lol Almost a year late. Thanks guys & gals.
  6. Water injection meth injection; it's the same thing. ... but you are right, timing curves are def strange; I don't get it.
  7. See if this helps: If all else fails, try contacting Dave Simkin at Lotus. PM me on LotusTalk if you need his number.
  8. Wayne, I thought I had a scanned copy if my non-cooled run but I can't find it. Anyhow, this is what I had at the time: Johan ECU K&N's straight pipes Blitz SBC i-D boost controller set to 12psi HKS BOV's 12psi wastegates set to 9psi With those mods the car dynoed ~ 370rwhp but the a/f was in the 10's most of the run dropping as low as 10.1 by redline. As a bonus, here's my latest dyno with a mid 11 a/f. The car now has: Johan ECU K&N's straight pipes Blitz SBC i-D boost controller set to 15psi tappering off to ~ 12psi by redline (stock turbos) HKS BOV's 12psi wastegates set to 9psi Snowperformance water injection (dual 60ml jets, 100psi water pump press, 50/50 water/meth) I've done some quick logging with a friends scanner. Some interesting points: My inlet temps at full boost with water were ~ 140-150*F with an ambient of ~ 85*F My car with Johans ECU had 7.5* timing My friends car with the High Tq ECU had 10* timing!!!! Also, Matt sprays after the IAT sensor and uses the piggy-back to dial in the a/f. I spray BEFORE the IAT sensor and by dialing in my water injection, the a/f fell right into place in the mid 11's. Hope that helps
  9. Here's a vid comparing cats w/ straight pipes vs no cats & straight pipes:
  10. SCCDC08233HA10558 03.5 Final Edition Esprit Alta Loma, CA, USA
  11. gmendoza

    code p0108

    I almost positive you are getting more boost than you think. You should really check your peak boost with a reliable boost gauge.
  12. 5th gear failure is also sometimes caused by excessive heat weakening the shaft due to low oil.
  13. Today with 2 other V8 Esprits. Here. Very little traffic. Awesome.
  14. Wasn't your engine rebuilt by the previous owner? If so, who did the rebuild?
  15. Correct, like Jonathan said, the fiberglass piece on the S350 covers almost half of the rubber piece I like the stainless myself.
  16. Was the lip a Lotus part or an aftermarket part? As mentioned earlier, the S300 & S350 have the same lip but he S350 has an extra fiberglass piece. I took the 'glass piece off. Here are a few pics: After looking at Jonathan's pics, it does seem like it goes better with the more agressive V8 valance.
  17. Here's another non-copywrited picture of my Final Edition
  18. Those plates are great Talon.
  19. I found this pic posted in another forum.
  20. That's a great shot. It looks great Artie. Got any more pics?
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