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  1. Yes, I have HKS SSQV BOV's. With cats & straight exhaust, it'd have the same tone just quieter.
  2. Thanks kylie. If you search for ELIMvideos & Esprit on Youtube, you'll find more. None with 2.5" straight pipes.
  3. gmendoza

    code p0108

    We've gone over this before. Your combo will give you more than 12psi, more than 15psi up to 19-20psi thru your midrange. Eventually boost will tapper off to 12-13psi in the upper RPMs only because the turbos are too small to keep up. In the higher gears, 4th & 5th, you spend alot more time at a given RPM. It is very possible that because of the RPM you were in, boost lingered ~ 18-19psi long enough to trigger a CEL. Usually in the lower gears & higher RPM's, boost will tapper off before the CEL is triggered.
  4. Again, sorry for the OT, but how much boost were you running?
  5. Thanks Trevor, Rons car is very nice too. I don't think he's one here either. How's your car coming along? Did you move?
  6. lol, yes that's me. Here are more pics from that photoshoot:
  7. Textbook definition of "boost spike" :yes Also, notice how Marcus said that's exactly what a healty V8 should make under ideal conditions and 0.9-1 bar of boost (14-15psi). Like I said before, I think you sould verify your boost. Johan's telling you what it should be in theory but there's no way to tell without hooking up a boost gauge.
  8. You won't see "spikes", just one. And yes, your graph shows that. Look at the shape of your tq curve. Notice how your tq spikes up as your turbos spool up then your tq tapers off. Boost is doing the same thing ending at ~ 13psi at 7k rpms. If your boost was a consistant 12psi, then your peak tq would be lower but the curve would be alot flatter.
  9. Great numbers Pano!!! Although those numbers confim that you are making more than 12psi of boost. A V8 with high flow air filters, exhaust and ECU at a true 12psi will make about 370rwhp/330rwtq. Those numbers look like that of a boost curve that spikes to 17-18psi for a split second (any fast spooling turbo will spike; it's not voilent) settle at around 15psi and taper off to 13-14psi by redline.
  10. Another way to look at it would be that by increasing your base boost, you also shift your boost curve. For example a V8's boost with stock wastegates will range from 5psi to 11psi with say 14psi spikes depending on conditions. Now on that same car if you install harder wastegates that increase the base boost to 9psi, then your boost will range from 9psi-14psi with 17psi spikes,
  11. Worst paying job would be Kentuky Fried Chicken Worst job enviroment, herding cows in a dairy.
  12. Yes, the wastegates do open immediately directly responding to the pressure on them if there was no controller (boost solenoid) in line with the wastegates. But on the V8, they hardly ever see the actual boost pressure due to the stock boost controller being in-line with the wastegates reducing pressure to the wastegates. Pressure travels from the manifold to the stock boost controller to the wastegates. So the wastegates see less pressure than actual pressure resulting in more boost.
  13. If your wategates start to open at 9psi (via hand pump) and you are using the stock boost controller, then I'm almost positive you are getting more than 12psi. Remember, the ECU is restricting the amout of boost the wastegates see by whatever percent to "fool" the wastegates into making 11-12psi expecting wastegates that open at 5psi. So it will take more than 9psi for your wastegates to see 9psi. Now if you want to be positive of how much boost you are making, install a boost gauge.
  14. Don't use any metal polish as it may damage the paint and clear coat. Paint polish will be better.
  15. That was just a coincidence. Your starter seems to be going out. When they are on thier way out, they wont work and a few minutes later without any rhyme or reason, they'll work again. Don't trust it as it will most likely happen again. Same thing happened to me in my Z28 yesterday; replaced the starter today.
  16. I know that I, as well as others on this forum, have suggested AGAINST upgrading the wastegates with the stock ECU & stock boost controller. The reason being, 12psi wastegates will result in more than 12psi of boost. Recently I decided to get some real data to share what happens when you do this. I bypassed my Blitz boost controller, connected the stock boost controller and off I went to do some logging. My minimum mechanical boost is 8lbs (when they start tp open). I logged consistently peak boost of 18psi leveling out to 15psi!!!!!!!!!!! This was done with water/meth injection which also helps with boost spikes. Without it spikes would have been worst. Yes the car felt awesome but I would not want to consistently be running that much boost on a car without any kind of intercooling. I wasn't surprised by the results, I've even warned some people about this in the past but I've never seen any real numbers posted. So I decided to get some real numbers. Also the numbers would have been much worst with a higher base setting.
  17. I will also add that a $30k V8 will most likely have some issues.
  18. Posted on Elise Talk but I think there are more local G Esprits here
  19. I have these:
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