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  1. Nice to see the car on the road.
  2. Nope. Here where the 3 roads meet:;z=13&om=1
  3. Here are some bad phone pics from today's drive, Anyone local recognize this?
  4. My car all stock with the stock (S350 code) ecu dynoed ~ 340rwhp. With 12psi (non-intercooled), boost controller, Johan's ECU and straight exhaust dynoed ~ 370rwhp
  5. Where do we send the pics?
  7. I went with 295/35/18 in the rear (Sport 350 sizes)
  8. I do have the first 2 in 1024x768, the third pic was cropped from a bigger one.
  9. I just installed the KDW's on my car a few days ago and I love 'em. A lot more grip than the Dunlop SP9000 although some will say the Pilot S2 are the best handling tires.
  10. Yes they are and they are still deserted. Thanks. It's a custom 2.5" mandrel-bent straight exhaust (no cats) with 4" Magnaflow tips built by a local exhaust shop.
  11. Thanks, it is loads of fun; especially on roads like this (Little Tujunga Canyon):,+CA+...p;z=14&om=1
  12. Electronic boost controller like the Blitz SBC i-D with stock or upgraded 12psi wastegate capsules set to open at ~ 8psi is safer since you can dial what ever boost you want above what the wastegates open but it also has saftey feature that limits max boost to whatever you set it at.
  13. I went for a drive yesterday on some local roads and took some pics. I think I need a better camera though.
  14. Correct, like I've mentioned before to Pano, this leads to bad boost spikes; ~ 1.35 bar!!!!!.
  15. I agree. It is hard to find a V8 just the way you want it. I too was looking for a black or silver '02+. Luckly, I found a silver I really liked.
  16. While the car does look great and you are free to do what you wish with your car, am I the only one who thinks these upgrades are wrong/a waste? IMO, early V8's with monoblocks look just as good as the last V8's in their own right. Actually early V8's with monoblocks are rarer around here than a late V8. Why make it look like something it's not? If you prefer the look of the '02+ cars, why not start with a '02+ car. Once you factor in wheels, lights, bodywork and whatever else, the price diff is negligible. Anyways, off my soapbox. The car does look great though.
  17. My does not run rough but my mirrors do vibrate at idle.
  18. As long as your wastegates are set same as stock and you are running the same boost level as stock, you'll be fine.
  19. Yes Lotus USA will do one free adjustment and one free replacement. As for the adjustment intervals, I've heard from the local Lotus specialist say every year/6k miles to the local dealer saying every 3 years/15k miles. As for the replacement, I've also heard to replace every 4 years while the manual says every 8 years or 102k miles. Talk about inconsistencies.
  20. What about a shot throw shifter found in the Final Edition Esprits?
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