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  1. Mine did not get full throttle when I got it either but mine was due to a bent pedal.
  2. Wow Paul, I am very sorry to see/hear about your wreck. That was a very clean Esprit. Did the boost come on hard? Was this the first time the tail end tried to come around on you. Did you ever spend time driving your Esprit hard? I know Esprits are not easy to drive. They don't give you much time to react when the tail tries to come around. And the quick steering makes it easy to over correct. Again sorry to hear. Let me know if you need anything. Gonzalo What other Esprit wrecked? V8?
  3. I've seen Bill's car in person and it does look great. Most people wont even notice the aluminum pieces.
  4. A bit OT, but what 'box is Johan running?
  5. I think he's on here and that car is modded. That's all I'm going to say.
  6. Really? That's all there is? I wonder how good of a job that does. Thanks for the pic.
  7. Does anyone know if the factory Alpine component door speakers are hooked up to a crossover? If so, where is it?
  8. He is here. That's Jay's Final Edition. More pics
  9. That's my car when the previous owner had it. That was before the new wastegates and the weak wastegates were boosting less than stock. The Camaro was extremely modded and had just ran a 1/4 time of 11.x @ 118mph. The camera car was a 405hp Z06.
  10. With those mods, I'd say ~ 340rwhp
  11. The silicone connector is not the problem. The problem is spraying silicone lubricant on those unreliable blow-off valves and eventially the lubricant will end up being burned during combustion. The HKS BOV is much more reliable.
  12. How are the leads/spark plug wires?
  13. My friends named mine Silva short for Silver Bullet
  14. I believe SP Engineering here in CA made the cat-replacement pipes and they installed the muffler-replacement pipes from Viking. I wasn't satisfied with the muffler-replacement pipes from Viking so I had a local shop redo those.
  15. Thanks, I love the exhaust although some may think it's a bit too loud. Thanks. You are right. Many people have no idea what the Esprit is or what it's capable of. The Z06 is Procharged; D1 I believe. It depends on how it's set up and how it's driven. If you have detonation, the engine wont last long. If you abuse the tranny, it wont last long either.
  16. Let me try to answer all the questions. Both Gallardos are stock. The black one is an early Gallardo and the green one is an SE. The Z06 is a heavily modded C5 Z06, supercharged making over 600rwhp. The BOV was from my car though. The mods on my Esprit now and at the time of the vid are: Johan's ECU Blitz boost controller HKS blow-off valves straight exhaust (2.5" mandrel bent with no cats) upgraded wastegates SnowPerformance water injection. When the vid was taken, the water injection was not dialed in correctly and was spraying too much water killing combustion. So it was only making ~ 340rwhp. Now I have smaller jets on it and it runs much better Also the BOV's are the ones from Johan as well.
  17. A local exhaust shop willing to work on the Esprit.
  18. Did someone call me? A recirculating dump valve won't have the whistle of a dump valve venting to atmosphere. Installation has alot to do with the sound. Replacing the wategates wont affect the sound. Also, at the time of the video the car was running at a near-stock power level. About 345rwhp instead of the 380rwhp it is now.
  19. How's your battery voltage? Some scanners wont connect to the car if the battery is low.
  20. If all you want to do is check and clear codes, any OBDII scanner will work. You could even go to AutoZone and borrow theirs.
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