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  1. While the Nova's will complete you updated look, I also love the way the AWI wheels look. I'd say keep the AWI's. Do you have any current pics of the car? PS: To me it seem like the AWI's are also the rarest wheels on the Esprit
  2. Pretty much everything has been covered. Like Paul said, I have the Snowperformance Stage II water injection kit with dual nozzles, 60ml/sec jets and a mix of ~ 33% meth, 99% purified water with a max boost of 14psi. Here are some install pics: Looks stock: Here's the water pump: Here you can see the water tank: Tank, controller & lines Pass nozzle: Driver's nozzle I didn't like the kit when I had the larger jets (both the 100ml & 175ml) and I was loosing power; too much of an octane boost. Now I have 60ml jets and the car runs alot better. The 2qt tank will last me about the same as one tank of gas. Unlike charge cooling, water/meth serves a dual purpose. The water cools the charge while the meth is an octane booster (water also acts as an octane booster since it doesn't burn). This is where the big hp gain comes in. Since it increases the octane, you can add more boost and more timing without detonation. This is where bigger jets and diff water/meth ratios come into play I'm not interested in squezzing the most HP out of my Esprit. I just wanted something to cool the charge and this water kit with small jets worked for me.
  3. How many miles do you have on your car?
  4. That's good tq. On 12psi of hot air I made 370rwhp @ 6.6k rpms and 324lbs of tq @ 3.2k-5.5k rpms with an 10.1 a/f near redline. I haven't dynoed yet with the water injection.
  5. Anyone with stock cats get this pop too? Also anyone with high-flow/no cats NOT get this pop? I have it too and I'm running straight exhaust.
  6. I have ~ 12k miles on the stock pads and I was thinking about going to the track soon. I figured it'd be a good idea to replace the pads before I go. Any idea where to get the OE pads other than the dealer or something simillar? Thanks
  7. That's good to hear. How did the wires get damaged?
  8. Blue tape is also known as painter's tape. You'll find it anywhere paint is sold like a hardware store.
  9. Leaky injector flooding the engine?
  10. Actually, the mph will be higher than stock at a given RPM but the difference between 1st & 2nd wont be as great as it is now. This will help the 1-2 synchro.
  11. I think Bank 2 is LH side as viewed from the rear of the car. I'm not sure about the TPS.
  12. That's what I'm thinking since there is very little wind noise also.
  13. What's wrong with the Esprit now Slade? Who's working on it?
  14. Has anyone used GTO's 5-speed upgrade? It seems very similar to Bell's.
  15. P0160 is the rear O2 sensor (after cat), Bank 2. It also seems like your throttle position sensor is not working and that will affect performance since the ECU wont switch to the WOT fuel/timing map.
  16. No, they at least have a different 5th and final drive ratios.
  17. There should be some travel; ~ 1.75". Although if your pedal was bent it will bend again the first time you drive it. You need to place the clip on the center adjustment near the TB (this will give you room to fine tune the adjustment later. The bend the pedal arm back to where there's no slack and no tension. Now reinforce the pedal like shown here by welding or bolting something here. (picture not to scale) This is what I did. I found a small u-bolt with just the right radius and cut it to length excuse my rough drawings.
  18. The S300/S350/'02+ are air dams not spliters like the other boomerang pieces so they will create alot more vaccuum under the car. How much more, I'm not sure. I had the same problem with my spoiler so I removed the fiberglass pieces and installed just the rubber piece like on the S300.
  19. The arm where the cable attatches to the pedal may be bent. If it is that, you can bend the arm back and then weld in/bolt on reinforment. Once the pedal is straight, then you can adjust the cable and the stop behind the pedal
  20. But the owner said that he had checked and inflated the tires to 35psi that morning and drove ~ 150mi before the blowout. No
  21. That is very likely. I too had that code with an agressive boost curve resulting in boost spikes. Now with the new curve and no more boost spikes, I haven't had that code in almost a year.
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