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  1. That car looks familiar but I don't remember from where. That type of damage is caused by hard launches or stabbing the throttle while the car is at low speed decelerating. I still don't see how that damaged the clutch though.
  2. I'm not sure about the '97s but on the newer ones, the light is also a switch.
  3. Hey Chris is that quote from Viking? Also who's car did you buy? Pics?
  4. Yup, most were V8's, 5 or 6 were MY02 and newer, and 3 of those were Final Editions.
  5. Is this the one?
  6. I bought mine for my 24th birthday on Jan 2006
  7. 1. No Esprit should everheat. Although up to 100*C is normal since thats when the fans come on. While driving, the temp should be about 85-90 2. This is common. The fluid line is higher than the axles. So very often oil will seep out. It is possible to get them to stop leaking but it usually takes several attempts + luck to get the rolls pins to seal correctly. 3. Because the Esprit is so low, many people fall in to the seat rubbing on the bolster on the way down. Some people are more carefull than other but in the end, they will end be a bit scuffed. The severity of this will depend on how the previous owner got in & out of the car.
  8. He also uses the negative batt terminal. The "earth point" he was referring to was on the jumper car. So your connection would be: Esprit: pos = batt neg = batt jumper car: pos = batt neg = frame
  9. I just use the negative terminal.
  10. I don't stab the throttle. I roll into it.
  11. Actually I have the same water injection kit as Matt; a Snowperformance kit. In addition to your mods, I also have upgraded wastegates and a Blitz boost controller. I'm considering Matt's turbos now.
  12. If you think it's blast now, wait 'till you turn up the boost and cool the charge.
  13. I knew it was there just to take up space.
  14. There's a huge difference between the V6 and the V8, not to mention almost twice as much power. Mine has been extremely reliable too. Actually I wanted to take it to Willow Springs this weekend but they wont let convertibles on the track without a roll bar.
  15. Dude, you still don't get the Elise. Yes, the Elise will get owned by many cars on the street when babied. Yes, Lotus will void your warrenty when it sees standing starts but the Elise IS NOT a stop light warrior!! It also isn't a GT!! The Elise is a street legal go-cart and the last time I checked, carts aren't about confort. The experiece/feeling you get with the Elise on the track is something not many cars can offer. To some, that's worth 50k. You may not think so but then again is a $50k watch worth it? To some it is. Also, on a fast track, the difference between an Exige S and an Elise is the driver. The Exige needs the blower to overcome the drag.
  16. Same thing with I've emailed them but they haven't changed it.
  17. 'You sure the seals needed to be replaced and not the roll pins needing to be resealed with silicone? Also are you referring to the ride as bouncy?
  18. I was under the impression the sensor is on the front right wheel.
  19. Were the wheels hoping at all? I'm surprized you can even floor the car in 1st. Even at part throtle, I just get wheel spin so there's no point in even trying to launch the car.
  20. It's hard to tell. My biggest concern would be dirt damaging the turbo blades.
  21. I'm not sure why the car won't idle but the other day my battery died while I was working on the car. After I charged it and started the car I got a P1101 code. I deleted it and never came back.
  22. The V8 Esprit does have a unique sound with the occasional pop very different than Ferrari eventhough they are both flat plan cranks. This may be due to the untuned exhaust manifolds and turbos compared to Ferrari's tuned exhaust.
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