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  1. oh....I guess most people in here don't know much about modern muscle cars..

    actually, from late '80s, the more popular is to tune Buick Grand National....(runs much faster than Camaros or TransAm cars)

    **someone mentioned the camaro runs 11sec in 1/4miles

    (well, Buick Grand National can run under 10sec easily **for street legal)

    it's very hard to get the Camaro to go under 10sec for street legal

    more information;

    I will like to see how a Lotus V8 vs a Grand National


    True, out of the late 80'sthe GN and Turbo Trans Ams were some of the fastest cars. I also agree that it is easy to get more power out of those turbo sixes but not enough to get you into the 10's. I'm sorry but a 10 sec GN is not very streetable unless you have a low boost and a high boost setting, but then that wont net you a 10 sec timeslip on low boost. You could also get and automatic LS1 powerd Camaro or Firebird with heads, cam, small nitrous shot, high stall torque converter and sticky tires into the 10's. Simple combo, but again, not very streetable.

    As for the camera car, it appears to be either Z06 corvette or a modified LS1 'vette.

  2. 0 - 60mph 6.7 secs

    Top Speed 136 mph.

    Esprit beating???  :)  :(  It's even slower than my 'factory standard' 1989 MG Maestro Turbo.  :D and cost 13 times as much.  :(

    Each to their own though.  <_<


    Well, for some people comfort and refinement are more important than performance. Not me though, I'll put up with squeaks, rattles and idiosyncrasies to hand someone their ace when it comes to performance.

    It's all a compromise.

  3. you make it sound as if i'm calling it a government conspiracy.  if you read carefully i'm calling it a marketing ploy that the public has fallen for.  nobody likes to admit they are a victim, which may explain your disgust, but i'm just stating the facts.  and yes i design/build/engineer stock cars as a hobby, so i'm not giving you second hand information.  trying to discredit the messenger is very desperate rhetoric indeed.  it's a logical fallacy inflicted by yourself on yourself.  just admit you've been duped by the marketing machine and move on.


    :D Altering cam profiles alter/shifts power curves and affects emissions as well. So how is this a marketing poly?

  4. I drove a '02 Esprit V8 with 18k miles today. As some of you may remember, I was trying to decide between a S4s and a 964 911 turbo 3.6. Well after giving it some thought, I felt that I would not be happy with the lack of torque of the 4 cyl off boost. So now it's between a V8 Esprit and a 911 turbo.

    Some things that I noticed first about the Esprit. Very wicked stance. Very low, sexy roof line. Awesome leather everywhere. Although it doesn't seem to be built as solid as the 911. During the drive; loads of power. The car holds on the road and does not let go. Brakes lack feel but were very good. Ride was a little rough. I loved the car but there was one thing I didn't like and I'm wondering if this is normal.

    While shifting under heavy acceleration, it seemed like the whole car shook. Also during said shifting there was a loud rattle from behind he passenger compartment. Is this normal?

    Also right behind the shifter in the center counsel, there was a button and a dial. What is this for.

    How do I know if the car has a high torque ECU installed. And Lastly, how much of an improvement in performance will you get by removing the cats and muffler and installing straight pipes.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I got a new job as ASSISTANT-MANAGER in Sam Goody.. yeah me!.. so many cute girls!..

    anyways I graduate next year from my private college... so i hope my Computer Science field pays off.. (if it does.. you gonna see my driving an Esprit soon!)..

    Im graduating early.. 3 1/2 years.. instead of 4.. so yeah.. saving $8000 you know!..

    Anyways.. just out of curiosity.. this may sound stupid but.. do they sale s4s in the US?


    Yes they do have S4s' in the US. Here's one exampe of nice S4s for sale in the US:

    I'm thinking of buying an Esprit too.


  6. My Bad I was thinking of 310bhp - Chip #4 being as far as I would suggest without lots of work...

    ...and then chip #5 - 330bhp as the one to get once you had decatted, etc etc etc


    Thanks for the info. Now you got me thinking. I've never been a fan of outta-the-box cookie-cutter programs. S4's and S4s' use a GM 'puter right? I think that with some data logging software to help you see what's going on with your KR, EGT's, timing, injector duty cycles ect, you could easily burn a custom chip. Now the question is, without fuel starvation and detonation, how much hp can a stock bottom end handle?

    Also does Lotus use forged pistons and crank? Is the Lotus engine a MAF (mass air flow) or MAP (manifold air press)?

  7. There are several chips you can put in an S4s.. The furthest I personally would use is the one that goes up to 300 bhp (ish)

    There is one that will do 330 but unless you get a lot of other things done to help the engine imho you're asking for trouble with that one - as one moron I know proved when he blew his engine to bits just months after fitting it without doing everything else necessary :blink: (eg bov, zorst, filter, 360 bearing, head gasket? improve cooling? etc etc etc)

    Thanks, so 300hp is the most you can get safely? Does this also apply to the S4S since it's already rated at 300hp?

  8. Hello, I'm in the market for a new toy. I'm torn between these two cars. Does anyone know how the Lotus compares to the 964 turbo in straight-line performance, handling and reliability?

    Also how long does an average S4S engine\gearbox last at stock boost? How much boost can it safely handle on pump gas without sacrificing longevity much and what hp levels can be expected? What are the S4S' weak points, if any?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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