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  1. Hi did you manage to reseat the rubber taking the seat out or was bonding required. I have now got the same issue. Thanks
  2. I ended up with Pirelli's in the end on Barry's advice. Here's the pics I took for the insurance company today. Needs a bit of a clean....
  3. Here's the original pics..if it ever stops tipping it down I'll take the others.....
  4. After much delay, ok lots and lots of delays, mainly due to waiting for tyres to be delivered and fitted I finally picked the car up today. It's had an engine bay spruce up including cam covers off and painted and now really just needs a damn good clean. I'm getting Paul from Shine On Detailing round to have a look at her in 10 days. I've used him before on my Alpina and he does a great job. Just in time to get her cleaned and garaged for winter... After that, I'm planning to take it in for a once over early next year to see if anything actually needs doing. Other than that great car (took me a while to figure out how to get the keys out of the ignition ). Light on the rev counter is out and I'm absolutely certain that the bulbs in the headlights are actually candles I need to take some pics for the insurance company tomorrow so will put them up.... Joe
  5. yep already had that but thanks Rick. Would be great if you could dig out the other article though....
  6. Thanks Botus, yes it was for sale for a while, 2 years I think in total but not all the time with Barry. But then is wasn't exactly cheap so you had to really want it to buy it. So number 15 in the UK, one has gone to Japan that I have read about, you have number 11, wonder where the other 18 are
  7. Hi, it is the car from Barry Ely's you know the car at all? When you say Alpine I assume you mean Alpina? I'm assuming/hoping you do as I'm cr*p at skiing Either way no, I don't know Stephen I'm afraid.
  8. Thanks for the advice chaps. Will have a look at 2 or 3 and if all much of a muchness probably go for the one that easiest for me to get to....
  9. Hi I'm looking for recommendations for a good garage (main or indy) in the SW London/Surrey or nearby areas who can carry out good servicing work and can offer trustworthy advice on work that might need doing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all...have been lurking on here a while and have finally purchased an Esprit having been looking for what seems like years for a good example. The car is a 1987 Esprit Turbo HC Commemorative, number 15 of 21. I also own an Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo as the main daily car and have been an active member of the for some time. Looking forward to taking delivery of the Esprit in 2 weeks time and becoming and active member here, although I suspect I'll be seeking advice rather than helping others... In the meantime here are a few photo's Joe
  11. Hi all, new here having just purchased a 1987 Turbo HC I could do to put new tyres all round when I collect it in 2 weeks or so. I've read this entire thread and am still a little unclear as to the preferred option to the OE tyres. I know tyre choice can be subjective but I would like the car to keep the original look as much as possible and putting 225's on the rear isn't my preferred option. COuld anyone enlighten me pls I'll upload some pics of the car asap.. Thanks in advance Joe
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