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  1. Then maybe they need to think about selling the car company they bought. This is a tough business even for experts, but it's a lot tougher if you don't know what you're doing.
  2. For a half a million could he not have planted a few shrubs? Maybe some flowers?
  3. They also told you they sold a bunch of T125s. Where did those go? I've worked for people like this. Somebody saying "Yeah, interesting" gets tallied as a sale. It's optimism taken to the point of delusion.
  4. Obviously, the oil cooler lines have failed, and the oil spewing from the RF wheel arch has ignited.
  5. Yes please. It's only fair if DRB wants their own people in the operations and finance roles after this debacle, but please put someone at the helm who knew what a Lotus was before Pretty Woman came out. MJK, even in an advisory role, would be brilliant. Especially with the budget to do really great things.
  6. Exactly right. This is such a cynical pile of crap. I can imagine him going into board meetings and being a completely normal BS marketing hack, going on about synergies and brand activation. Lotus apparently hasn't heard that authenticity is what's important now (and really always has been). The sad part is, they have a genuinely compelling and authentic story to tell, an almost unrivaled heritage and engineering prowess. They really don't need to act like they're hawking cheap flavored vodka, and it risks making them look like fools. Fortunately nobody in the general public is paying much attention to third rate no-talent hacks like this (and Billy Baldwin, and whoever else they've wasted money on).
  7. No, this is the Exige S Roadster. Totally different. Millions of pounds spent in development.
  8. Was this the factory open house around the time Bugatti bought the company? I was there that day. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago.
  9. Imagine the institutional knowledge they lost with these guys. The people who drove the development of the last couple decades worth of Lotuses are almost entirely gone, discarded because some wanker in a suit didn't like them. "Lotus" is rapidly becoming just a name, another vapid multinational brand devoid of true character. Sad.
  10. You missed an exclamation point! Just thought you'd like to know!
  11. I wonder if there's an English word that means "superlight"... oh yes that's right there is, it's "superlight." Maybe they can call it that.
  12. I have one (NIOB) that my dad has asked me to sell. Make offer! Lots more really rare stuff (mostly models and 90's TL memorabilia), so if you're looking for something ask.
  13. So there is only one hairdresser in all of Germany?
  14. I didn't bring it up for reasons of patriotism (I'm not British either, although I did go to university and work in England for several years). It's all about the brand, and I question whether a bunch of Germans, or more to the point, lifetime Porsche, Ferrari, & AMG people really understand what Lotus is supposed to be. They have been brought up in a completely different corporate culture, where (for one example), throwing power and technology at a problem is seen as the best way to solve it. British engineering tends to prefer elegant, simple solutions. (Or when that doesn't work, bodging things together and hoping for the best!) I know, I know, they need to make money, etc, and apparently Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari are the only car companies left who know how to do that. But the culture behind the name really does matter.
  15. Does it bother anyone else that there are now exactly zero Brits on the Lotus board of directors (per the "Inside" page on the New Era site)? I understand bringing in Germans from Porsche to head up the quality and production departments, but they couldn't even throw in a British PR person? And I have to question whether a lifetime AMG guy is really on board with Lotus vehicle engineering's core values.
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