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    lotus esprit s1, orange, 1978
  1. Hi Tony, Congrats on this new rare find! Even rarer that Colorado orange ;-) and what a nice name "Brazil", well done! Owning the 243H with factory air-condition, I was quite surprised to see the version you have, with this large vent-box sitting on the dash... First time I see that! Mine has the S2 gauges and controls and the additional vents integrated on top of the radio, strange as 355H should be a later production model. It seems that the Lotus parts-bin and specs worked their wonders -again! By the way I re-condionned the air-condition this spring, -it cost me an arm, a leg and the rest....- so if you want pictures I could send you some... Hope you do a video soon so we can all see it in motion! Best and good luck! Alexis
  2. On the British Car Meeting on lake Geneva last October, full of ...british cars: Father and 10yr-old son walking by: "Hey, look son, an orange Ferrari! You know, they are very rare in this color...."
  3. Hello all, I was wondering what this strange opening is for on my '77 S1 (see pic) It is located next to the passenger seat directly on the chassis tunnel and under the bin between the seats. It looks to be quite "original" and well made... Any ideas? Thanks! Alexis
  4. Here is a nice picture of Colin Chapman, a gold S2 together and the G-PRIX registered plane.... That is one good corporate identity! Cheers A.
  5. Hello everyone, After reading the topic and then discovering the picture of my car, by "popular demand" here is some info on my Colorado Orange S1. It's the 77050243H in L14 color code. As Tony said, it's what we could call a S1,5 with S2 front spoiler, marcasite interior and S2 gauges. The color is a bit sun faded though and when lifting the front hood the color is more dense and vivid that the rest of the body, specially the front... Check the interior pic. Otherwise, I partially painter the spoiler, it creates a more flowing line that the full-black did. I took off the Fed-rubber bumbers and replaced them with the "normal" ones. Someday I will try to change it to full S1-spoiler spec. By the way has anybody done that? Is it complicated? Here is a side image during a track day close to Reims/France in November And finaly one taken with Leon's S1 this last July during the Le Mans Classic (where the Tony's picture was taken too, very hot day, hence the windshield cover) Who said the S1s don't travel far? cheers A.
  6. Hello, I live in Switzerland and I own an orange Lotus Esprit S1 from 1978, chassis number 77050243H. It is a Federal version, but retro-fitted with the Dellortos. The car was never exported to the US, was sold in Belgium, then France and has 3 previous owners. Beeing one of the last S1 models, it seems to be an "intermediate" model with S2 front spoiler, twin motor headlamps, 3 cooling fans, with A/C and Smiths dials. Regards, Alexis
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