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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know the difference in down force on the V8 between the SP350/'02+ ridiculously low front spoiler and the pre-'02 boomerang pieces?? I've installed teh pre-'02 spoiler on my '02 V8, as the stock one is just not practical on South FL roads and lot enterances (or any other roads for that matter...). I like the SP350 spoiler better, just can't keep it from getting damaged down here.
  2. I also have Johan's Race ECU, Reflowed Turbos, Blitz Boost Controller and Meth Injection (along with some other goodies...). I've never had any code errors. I did have some idling issues after the Meth injection install, but after "properly" hard resetting the ECU and letting it "properly" cycle 5-5-5-5 times, it's been smooth ever since. I have also lost a bit of traction once or twice on a hard acceleration, but my rear tires aren't that good, so I'll say it's due to that. As for power, MAN, I have to say it's Orgasmic!! My wastegates bottom out at 11.5 PSI. When doing spirited runs, I normally run around 14-15 PSI, with my Meth kicking in at 8 psi (around 100 psi at the pump). According to another exact Esprit running at a much higher altitude and same upgrades, as per his dyno, he was doing about 420-430 RWHP... That's about 500 HP at the Crank... NICE!! After installing an A/F controller, he did 512 RWHP (Yes, Rear wheel HP!). That's approx. over 600HP at the crank!! The car runs great to this day.
  3. Was wondering if I could get some feedback on those of you who have installed the newly researched Lotus suspension. One of our FL members a few hours north of me installed all four corners about 2 months ago, and he says on the higher level setting, which is supposed to be the stock Esprit height, is like a 4x4 Esprit!! Lotus said he has to give it time to settle... Man, I've seen plenty of other upgraded suspension setups/installs on other sports cars and have yet to see a car need more than 2 months to "settle"!?!? The Final Run setup is just ridiculously expensive at $5K for the four corners... not to mention that there MUST be something even better 3 years later to upgrade to. What's everyone's feedback on this???
  4. Come now Grasshopper... such quandaries have been taken care of!! The real question is will you be having the "cojones" to drive your Esprit up this year!!
  5. Anyone from South Florida doing the Celebration Fest in Orlando this weekend?? Will be tearing up the Turnpike on Thursday night on my way up there!!
  6. Well at least over here in South Florida, those stock Dunlops or any others I've tried SUCK I also race with the SCCA and NASA over here, and have obtained various opinions from other drivers, as well as from a Manager at Tire Rack, and one our Lotus members here in the states happens to have done engineering work (testing) for tirerack. So far, the top honorable mentions (and from personal experience) goes to the Goodyear F1 DS-3's, Michellin Pilot PS-2's, and Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Positions. I have the Pole Positions on my Boxster, and they are great on the corners, but just slightly under the GY and Michellins in the wet. The Michellins have a slighty harder side wall than the GY GS-D3's, but he GY's are slightly better in the wet. I tend to track my Esprit twice a year, and have found the Michellins to be a better performer for this application and hardcore performance. The GY's are a little better on comfort driving and of course the wet. Hope this helps...... BTW, check out, the survey area so that you can compare for yourself as well....
  7. Well here's and interesting one... My friend just bought a '99 Azure Blue V8 here in the USA, South Florida. For some odd reason, the previous owner (who we don't know of, as the car was at an auction) disconnected the siren from the alarm. Why you ask, is because whenever he locks and sets the alarm with the key fob, after about 2 minutes, the blinkers and brake lights start flashing (28 times with about 5-10 second intervals....). They continue to do so for a couple of minutes and finally stop, which if I am correct, the alarm has a timeout after going off as to not kill the battery. Well he just though it was an electrical thing till I told him it was the alarm going off without the siren, and now of course his battery/alternator has also died. Any ideas???
  8. Hi guys, Have not posted in some time, but definitely cannot pass up this thread. I also have been in this fiasco since January of this year!! I was promised the gearbox within 6 to 8 weeks max, and ended up receiving it 6 months later in June! During that time, I never once received the promised call backs, but did receive plenty of direct blaitent lies and stories to entertain and enrage me even further. When I finally received the gearbox, they didnt even ship it properly and therefore I had to wait another 2 weeks (and $225) just to get it out of Customs! They could have Fedexed it for less and directly to the shop. I ended up having to send it back on my expense, as it was defective with all the same issues as DeLotus mentioned, as well as 2nd gear having no lash and needing the teeth to be recut! I couldnt even get it into first gear. My shafts deviation was more than double that of DeLotus, and ended up damaging my flywheel (another $900). They also sent me the wrong Ford Spline and therefore I was forced to have AP Racing make up a custom clutch assembly for this gearbox with a Ford spline, of which there is now a part number for... Thanks Jim! I was the first to discover JKD had trouble when the day after I had spoken to Laura (she told me everyone was on Holiday!), the phones would just ring, no answer. I immediately smelled foul play and contacted Derek Bell, who ended up going out there the week after only to find JKD under liquidation. This was exactly on Wed, August 30th, when I received the email on my Treo phone,just as I was boarding a plane with my wife about to go on vacation... Needless to say, that was the longest plane ride I have ever taken!! This entire project has already run me in over $13500 (over 8000 Sterling) in the actual upgrade, shipping, and many unnecessary parts and extra labor! Furthermore, my Esprit now has an idling problem due to sitting around for 10 months, and I dont want to imagine what other ones await me. This has been a horror story, and its still not over, as now I await for Derek Bell to hopefully give me the good news that he and his connections can repair the defective gearbox parts. This is plainly ridiculous and I would be more than glad to participate in any class action law suite, as well as contribute. This is not over yet, and soon it will be 11 months! "To Hear is to Doubt, To See is to Deceive, But to Feel is to Believe!!" Iceman 02 "Blue Thunder" Esprit V8 #094
  9. You guys are simply nuts... I mean, how the heck would a shelf be able to hold up an Esprit anyhow!?!?
  10. Blue Thunder "Wet & Sexy"... and ready for action! BTW, BLUE is it!!!! B)
  11. U guys are really going to make me do this aren't you... I'll be in New York in two months... but the real question is not the terminal velocity, it's what the odds will be of crashing into a human head
  12. Man, Talk about have lots of time on your hands I'll just save the airplane fuel and throw my 1:18 model Esprit off the Empire State Building and I'll bet I can beat your 380mph... only problem is that I can only beat that speed once...
  13. Thanks Feffman, Actually, I already know Peter quite well ;-) Peter is about an hour north of me in West Palm Beach. I'm looking for people in the Miami area.
  14. Actually I also need Matching Magnolia leather, but I need "MATCHING", I would also like to know such a place, as we need to slightly modify my interior A-Arm cover ...
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