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  1. Hey guys, Well I've been researching both one-touch windows (for U.S. version Esprits) and the Central door lock issue. As for the door locks, you are correct. When opening or closing the driver side door, the passenger side should follow. From my research, seems that Lotus may have upgraded or changed the Cobra Alarm system sometime between '98-'99. The Central Door lock features seem to have been affected. From what I understand, Lotus may not even have been aware of this issue until feedback from buyers. OR, they might have just kept it quiet and waited to see what happened
  2. I'll say July 27th!! HEH, HEH!! At this time gentlement, you can just go ahead and send the DVD to the "Iceman" at my Miami Beach address ;-) Iceman "To Hear is to Doubt, To See is to Deceive, But to Feel is to Believe!" '02 Azure Esprit #094... The Last Blue...
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