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  1. red vtec

    Prices Soaring

    Fully agree with you. I cant see the bubble lasting for ever, it burst in the 90's
  2. red vtec

    Prices Soaring

    I work in the Classic car business via my business. Prices have slowed up a bit and the biggest dealer JD Classics has gone into administration, this was to do with a court case over miss selling. This has affected the confidence in cars to an extent, but this is the very top end of the market. At the moment cars are capital gains tax free, but I have heard this may be changing. This will affect the investment market, as people are putting money into them to avoid tax. This may actually bring up prices at the lower to middle segment, if the top end drops, also with the change in modern cars people are keen to buy into their youth, hence XR3, 205GTi etc going up. Two of the cars I have been involved with have sold for huge amounts, ex Paul McCartney DB5 went for £1.3 million and ex Goldeneye DB5 went for £1.9 million. But that is the upper end..
  3. Yep some of it is very over the top, even stickers on the relays etc...
  4. Flag rust converter is really good, it leaves a nice mat black finish that can be top coated, or left as.
  5. red vtec

    Goodwood Revival

    What was the over the road bit like this year? I was going to exhibit, but due to a family issue didn't.
  6. red vtec

    Tools for Esprit

    I've run out of extra strength swear words as I've been doing a bathroom up, screwfix have them on back order.
  7. great job, if you want some inspiration this is a great restoration of a dino. every nut and bolt.
  8. red vtec

    Tools for Esprit

    Hello Gary, Long time, I have quite a few of those bits apart from the explosives! I'm trying to put a full tool kit together for the esprit in a decent tool cabinet. What tool boxes are people using I did look at the Facom but its about £450. The halfords advanced stuff don't look bad for the money. Chris
  9. red vtec

    Tools for Esprit

    true about the Alfa!, never mind also have a defender (can you see a theme?) It is the morgan carbtune that I have.
  10. red vtec

    Tools for Esprit

    I'm currently building a tool set up for my Esprit. What do people think is needed? I have Halfords advanced 120 piece set (metric) as they have lifetime guarantee. Set of imperial spanners. Torque wrench. Irwin rusty bolt removal sockets, Breaker bar. oil filter removal pliers. Carb manometer. Rubber mallet, Hammer, Air impact gun, Compressor. Axle stands, Trolley jack. Battery conditioner. I'm thinking a decent set of pliers, Circlip pliers, Timing gun, Decent screwdrivers, Brake pipe spanners. Are there any special tools that are worth having? Ta
  11. red vtec

    MOTOGP 101 required!!

    My cousin is the technical director for Moto GP, GP bikes are the equivalent of F1 cars they are one offs built for racing, super bikes are based on road bikes. They are horrendously fast. Havea read of this if you want to show off.
  12. I agree the DB5 had more screen time etc, There were three cars used in GoldenEye two for driving, another for the harbour. It wasn't that long ago DB5 were being put on the scrap heap, it's only the value now that makes them worth saving. A full resto can easily cost £300,000 on top of the car in the first place. Two of the cars I have dealt with have sold for £1.3million & £1.9million+ Aston have been clever in making the most of the Bond link, even DB7, DB9 etc have the cache even though never been near a Bond film. I think the Esprit is still an iconic Bond car as people not into Lotus often still refer to them as "is that the James Bond car?" The screen time is far less, but the link is there. I cant recall anyone saying that about a 2CV. Esprits are so undervalued, although the prices have increased over the past few years. I think they will start to take off now, look at he price of basic stuff such as RS turbos, Golf GTI's etc... This is the view of someone who deals with investment cars.