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  1. When I did mine is just drifted them out and took them to a local bearing shop. A lot cheaper.
  2. I'm about to pull my engine. its only been standing about 4 years!. What company for rebuild? I have been pointed in PNM direction. is there anyone else?
  3. Zinga is supposed to be very good. I have also used flag rust converter leaves a satin black finish.
  4. It was done by Aston to reduce the CO2 emissions of its range.
  5. But I think it was registered as LHD due to gear stick placement.
  6. She is also Robert Pestons other half. Says it all.
  7. Right lads only one thing for it, I'll dust off my suit and become PM.
  8. Yep we booked on credit card, so hopefully. W e booked direct, was going go BA but didn't due to strikes!
  9. Being one of those affected, we flew with Thomas Cook, a flight only is not ATOL protected, only full packages are. We have travel insurance ( aviva) but on reading the small print, it's not covered. Therefore we will probably have to pay our own way back home. When the times were good thomas cook were paying their taxes, and so were their employees. Instead we may well see thousands out of work and claiming. its a difficult one.
  10. Well they did the banks, but are quite happy for infrastructure such as ship building and steel to go to the wall.
  11. At least three of the rebels are not even standing next time. Bercow, is a disgrace, he is so clearly biased that he is not fit for his role. The lot of them are unfit to serve us, we deserve better.
  12. red vtec

    Tool kit

    Thanks for the replies and information. What money are you looking at Peter?
  13. I don't like the look of it, but as others have said other manufacturers such as Aston Martin have had lots of versions of their badges. Alfa changed theirs last year with a rejig.
  14. red vtec

    Tool kit

    Hi, I'm looking for a tool kit for an 88 uk spec Stevens turbo. Does anyone know where I might get one? Or if they were fitted to other makes, or list of the tools it contained? I've looked on eBay with no luck. Im restoring my car at the moment, and am looking for this to complete the parts. thanks Chris
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