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  1. Yes the current aircraft are getting old, there are two as its only the one carrying the president at the time that is Air Force one. There are also the doomsday planes. these are flying command centres in the event of Nuclear strikes.
  2. @C8RKH seen her without her facepaint, its quite a shock!
  3. This is exactly what I think.
  4. Well Jo Wyle will be crying into her cornflakes as Glastonbury has been cancelled. Jo "I love Glastonbury" Me "So I do love with a free pass , access all areas, luxury camping and toilets all paid for by Jo bloggs"
  5. For all the criticism of Trump he still had a huge amount of support from voters. I don't hold out much hope for Biden, the truth will tell how he deals with China, N Korea etc, he will unite the USA which is good, but on the world stage? it will also be interesting if USA goes to another War again under him, something that didn't happen under Trump. I don't think Trump was great but there certainly is a lot of skewing of information, I wouldn't say the adults are back in charge, I would say the old guard are. Biden is just the new Jimmy Carter and he was terrible president as he was ineffecti
  6. I just find its bonkers that they justify hundreds of thousands for the likes of Tess Daly, Claudia etc.... Claudia wouldn't have got anywhere without her mum. She is quite funny, but really overpaid.
  7. Thanks for the feed back. yes thats how they are from factory. I was looking at the plenums on Ferraris for inspiration.
  8. Could some one please explain to me why presenter salaries are so high?
  9. Does anyone know what the brembo part number is for the front brakes? Thanks
  10. Was mucking about painting some bits up. I have done my plenum as in the picture, what do people think?
  11. Well it's a start to getting one.
  12. The simplest way is, if people are not concerned about covid, think lockdowns, masks etc don't work. Is they agree that if they contract it and require medical assistance that they wont take it. I mean they wont need medical assistance, as its not real, its only flu etc. put their money where their mouth is...doubt they will.
  13. I thought it was a new UN1 gearbox.
  14. This is is getting so confusing, So can I go for a walk with a can of Coke, or a Ribena? No but when your going to fight it in court the press will help.
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