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  1. Honda Prelude VTEC, bloody great car 4WS, VTEC engine, had it lowered on Honda kit, switched the sunroof for a glass one. Went well and corned amazingly. Wish id kept it, not seen one for years.
  2. An absolute monster, the families words are harrowing, they lost their daughter to this arsehole. Christ knows how his wife and poor Children will deal with this. And its about time the useless Cressida Dicks was given the boot, usual limp wristed words from her.
  3. Nothing to do with insulating Britain, its to do with getting someone else to pay for insulating their house.
  4. dont forget the round wheels...
  5. Thank you, it's really nice to wear. I also have a seamaster I like Omega not as flashy as Rolex, and not as many questions if it's a fake.
  6. Got this the other week for my Birthday.
  7. One is on the cards, I was thinking a nice Robin Reliant or a lada riva
  8. red vtec


    Still have a jar of Unopened Guinness Marmite, go for quite a price now.
  9. Not married, have enough broken cars at the moment! Thanks for the replies, its more to do with what I do with the initial lump sum on receiving it.
  10. I am due to receive money from a house sale, this will exceed the £85,000 protected limit for deposits in the UK, What do people do in this situation? Do you have to deposit the lump sum and then quickly split and move the funds to different institutions under different banking licences to protect the lump sum? My worry is having the lump sum in one account and the institution going belly up. Anyone got advice? Thanks
  11. Thanks, the lip makes it looked a lot more anchored to the road, and being rubber is great. I'm going to be doing a few things to the car this year. Think wheels will be going back to a dark silver for a start.
  12. Was looking through PC and came across this one of the old girl.
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