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  1. I have swapped from an iPhone to an android. all good apart from not getting sms messages. I have followed the instructions to turn off imessage etc. but the android phone is not getting sms. can anyone help? its on Vodaphone
  2. yes fill every pot, pan, bucket tec.... If you watch an American prepper video on you tube, you will discover don't worry about food or drink or fuel just weapons.
  3. I agree with you, the thing is you cant fire an MP or a Councilor, the only thing that allows that is fraud. All the party can do is throw them out, but the arrogant ones just stay in place taking the money. Andy Burnham?, the man who started privatising the NHS, but he don't like to remind people of that...
  4. red vtec


    I had to deal with Equinity to transfer my fathers shares, I went round the houses with them! If I want to trade them under a different platform do I have to do anything? My understanding is Equinit and Computershare are the holders?
  5. They were based at Boreham, Essex. I used to see lots of RS200 around as I lived near Boreham (in fact spotted a couple around a couple of months ago), I have heard there is a barn full of parts up there, Ford used to have its headquarters at Boreham house and a test track there and it's where they were built and looked after. Lots of people round here have worked for "Uncle Henry" including me. Quite often see test mules from Dunton around, When I was there we had the Jag F1 car in the foyer, Stewart turned up one time as he was the boss of the F1 team I think.
  6. red vtec


    I have fidelity, is it easy to use? I've never looked into it, but have inheritted a large number of shares from My father.
  7. ooopps predictive text! or maybe an omen...
  8. Now he is claiming the regeneration therapy has cured him, Could he now be immoral!!!
  9. red vtec


    Do you use any of he self trading platforms? Id like to start but was not sure what platforms people use.
  10. red vtec


    I also have Rolls Royce shares, I don't seem to have had the Nil Paid distribution, looks like it is done to raise capital for the company. Not sure if this helps rights are only the right to acquire,securities they are given the right to buy.
  11. Next thing our airforce will be using American jets!
  12. Yes but this is with safeguards such as social distancing, masks, lockdowns etc in place, without this the figures would be considerably higher, that is the issue, its a very contagious virus.
  13. My Brother and Myself had to clear out our parents house as they both died suddenly. We came across old Photographs but we binned a lot as they had no writing on them and we have no other family so there is no one to ask who they may have been. Seemed a shame but the realty was we would have just been keeping old photos of people that we had know idea who they were. Kept the few that did have writing on and those that we recognized. It's a somewhat sobering thing having to clear through your parents belongings.
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