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  1. I watched a news video on YouTube. It said that UK,US and French nuke submarines at faslane. This is highly unusual and is a show of strength from NATO to show the alliance is strong.
  2. NATO was not designed to stop this, NATO is an alliance of 30 countries that say if one is picked on, all step up to the plate. Ukraine is not a NATO member. With the supplying of offensive arms I e tanks from a NATO member that could give the Russians the excuse to involve NATO. The supply of ground to air and anti tank weapons are viewed as defensive arms. The rules of war, which on it's self is mad The UN is supposed to police these situations, but they are a toothless tiger If this goes the whole way, it will make little difference if you live near a NATO base or not. I live near a defense research island, that won't be around long in that situation. The war crimes are indeed that. It's a terrible situation that has come about by Western governments turning a blind eye to dirty money etc and a quest for NATO expansion without being honest about the consequences.
  3. Quite concerning, as this may allow to say NATO is involved. not good.
  4. There are rumors he may be the richest man in the world, £220 billion. There is a billion pound palace that is supposedly one of his homes, multiple yachts and 58 private jets.
  5. I did read that France as the only other European power with nuclear defence alongside the UK. Has put 4 of its subs on patrol. I think it's normally just one
  6. I just don't see this ending well for any of us. Will Russia put up with a long winded war of attrition? Or will they resort to more barbaric weapons? If Ukraine falls to them, the next fear is Moldova, which already has a breakaway russian territory. Or what happens if he takes on Finland? Oppenheimer was correct when he quoted "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds'
  7. Think it was from SJ sports cars, along with the steel hose. Rear slave was from eBay from a landrover 2A with an adapter.
  8. I've been reliably informed that UK reservist are being called up
  9. Microsoft have pulled out, they would be better off still doing updates, the russkies would be swearing at their pc's for days whilst they reboot.
  10. This is a really informative video about why the Ukraine situation has arisen. It's about 30 mins long, worth watching.
  11. I watched part of it, he says its same size as Emira, but the price is £1.37million!!!!
  12. Rettendon Range Rover Murders
  13. Oh Ive been watching that!!!
  14. I think that car used belong to an Estate agent In South Woodham Ferrers.
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