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  1. Regarding hurting the value of the car, don't think it will, I deal with very high end cars and ones such as DB5's are having fuel injection, A/C fitted etc to modernise them and make them more comfortable. As long as its done correctly it will be ok.
  2. red vtec


    Martrim will supply leather in full and I think half hides, they will perforate but I think that she only on fulll hides.
  3. red vtec

    Sunday 1st July car show in essex

    Been in the past in the Esprit, might go along in my alfa
  4. There is a company called vintage air who supply air con for classic cars. They do vehicle specific kits and also kits for kit card. Have a look.
  5. I currently have pro tech fitted on the rear but they have cracked so need replacing, what are people fitting these days? Ta
  6. I know both Mike and Graham at EZ they are good blokes, they supply systems to a lot of the top restoration companies. i know they have done one esprit. I'm also looking into power steering.
  7. Does anyone know what the hardness should be of both the head and block? thanks
  8. red vtec

    Mike 6

    Oh that roof would look lovely with a bit of coving.
  9. red vtec

    Mike 6

    ha ha
  10. red vtec

    Mike 6

    Anyone know what happened to Mike6 I've not been on for ages and just seen he was last on here in 2016. anyone know if he is ok?
  11. red vtec

    restoration options?

    as Mine is a carb turbo I wonder if I would see results inline with yours? sounds interesting do you have to work out the map?
  12. red vtec

    restoration options?

    Hi Malcolm, Yep I was at Cam belt fest! I'm wondering what to do as the car is a non runner at the mo, I'd like a GT3 or a V8 but need to sell this on, so i'm wondering I f I should just do this up. How much is EFI? Ta
  13. red vtec

    restoration options?

    Do you think fitting EFI would be wise or should I keep carbs?
  14. red vtec

    HOW rare?!?

    I have an Alfa Romeo 159 q4 3.2 v6 there only 32 of them in the country,
  15. red vtec

    Planning & Building works

    I went into local politics a few years back at a very, very low level, my dealings with our local city council have done nothing but confirm my opnion that you are correct. Councillors are allowed meetings that are unrecorded with developers (how handy), in some councils councillors do not have to declare if something they are voting on might benefit them. Regards planning, a planning authority wont knock back anything it thinks might win on an appeal as they don't have the money to fight the cases. As regards infrastructure I said to our local council leader when he was trying to talk down to me about not understanding. I just said "you can sell houses and you cant sell roads" he just smirked. The system is rotten to the core, how many political parties are backed by developers?