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  1. red vtec

    TLF Business Networkers

    I have a business specialising in the provenance of vehicles. We research a vehicle to show its provenance and then package this in a luxury format. Book and case are custom made to each particular vehicle and bespoke to the clients request. All of it is hand made by us. We have documented the Ex Sir Paul McCartney DB5 and also the 007 GoldenEye DB5. Both sold at Bonham's Auctions for record amounts. We deal with all segments of the market from buses through to Le Mans Bentleys etc... We also hand make Motoring binders to keep vehicle paperwork in, all can be customised with the vehicle details. The picture shows the Sir Paul McCartney DB5 book and case both trimmed the in same hide as the vehicle.
  2. Might pop along but won't be in esprit.
  3. red vtec

    is vegan now a race or gender

    That made me laugh
  4. red vtec

    is vegan now a race or gender

    what you do in private is up to you, your both grown men 😂
  5. red vtec

    Errors on an Alfa!!

    No I mean when I ask on there I tend to get hardly any replies when its a tech question, I find the Lotus guys a lot more hands on. I've asked on the Alfa site before about the issue.
  6. I have an Alfa 159 3.2 Q4, shortly after buying the car it showed a Engine light on the dash. It has a hole in the exhaust on Bandaging this up the light could be cleared. The light has now come back, the exhaust is again blowing I have put a code reader on and have the following errors P0019 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 2 Sensor B) P2416 Fuel Injector Group “A” Supply Voltage Circuit/Open P0505 Idle Control System Malfunction P0520 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Malfunction Would any of these be due to the exhaust blowing? I can get the exhaust fixed properly, but I'm confused why a blowing exhaust would cause these errors and throw a light on the dash. I don't want to waste money on the exhaust if there is another issue? P0520 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Malfunction I have purchased a new sensor to fit. Thanks for the help. I'm asking on here as the Alfa Forum is not a lot of help!!
  7. red vtec

    Lotus Store closure Regent Street?

    Never anyone in it the few times I went in I was the only one.
  8. red vtec

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    Didn't they help with Aston Vantage?
  9. red vtec

    TLF Film Appreciation Society

    Yep it was good but made Armstrong out to be a boring so and so. When you look up pics of him there plenty of him sharing a joke. The fact he never spoke much after the landing is probably why he was chosen, they didn't want someone who was going to go off the rails. Did make you realise how brave they were to sit in those tin cans.
  10. The clips are the same as on Land Rover defenders, you can get them on eBay.
  11. red vtec

    Prices Soaring

    Fully agree with you. I cant see the bubble lasting for ever, it burst in the 90's
  12. red vtec

    Prices Soaring

    I work in the Classic car business via my business. Prices have slowed up a bit and the biggest dealer JD Classics has gone into administration, this was to do with a court case over miss selling. This has affected the confidence in cars to an extent, but this is the very top end of the market. At the moment cars are capital gains tax free, but I have heard this may be changing. This will affect the investment market, as people are putting money into them to avoid tax. This may actually bring up prices at the lower to middle segment, if the top end drops, also with the change in modern cars people are keen to buy into their youth, hence XR3, 205GTi etc going up. Two of the cars I have been involved with have sold for huge amounts, ex Paul McCartney DB5 went for £1.3 million and ex Goldeneye DB5 went for £1.9 million. But that is the upper end..
  13. Yep some of it is very over the top, even stickers on the relays etc...
  14. Flag rust converter is really good, it leaves a nice mat black finish that can be top coated, or left as.