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  1. I think this was for just one provence.
  2. I have been told by someone who works in the City that China have ordered 1.3 million urns!
  3. think ill be ok on that one!
  4. Bought it a few years ago, I think you can get a motor for it?
  5. That is what Ive been wondering about, they keep saying people will be able to go back to work with no fear if they test positive for anti bodies. But people get reoccurring Common Cold, and the talk of a vaccination, isn't HIV a virus? no vaccine for that.
  6. I'm fixing the bodges that the PO did to our house, it's a doer upper, but being a bit careful as don't need to blow electrics etc with all this going on! alos have a airfix bentley kit to make, but need glue and paints!
  7. I was told a couple of years ago when I was dabbling in local politics, that due to the vast increase in our population and the craze for building that there is now not enough productive agricultural land to actually feed the population. You can't grow cereals on Welsh hillsides can of course farm a few sheep. But the reality there is not enough acreage as you need X amount per head of population to be self sufficient as a country.
  8. That's is true to a point, but it has been said and proved in the past that the Chinese were the most likely to lead us down this road with their wet markets and some what curious food sources, and the lack of hygiene in these markets. Also with a regime that is willing to hide facts from the rest of the world about what is going on. Perhaps it is time that the rest of the world say it's not good enough clean up your act, we don't want to deal with you. I should think we will see a move to more local production of goods, as this has proved being reliant on overseas supply chains is not really beneficial. Hi I'm in Westcliff, there are a few round this way.
  9. I live near Southend airport, it’s been very quite but with the odd plane taking off. Also live under the flight paths into London as they go down the Thames, a huge drop in the number of aircraft, not seen any vapour trails for about a week now.
  10. I read an interesting article on esquire about how it will pan out over the next 18months and the changes to work etc.
  11. Rumour is could be till June, and then till September 2021 on and off.
  12. Are Lotus helping with any of the equipment etc?
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