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  1. You could use flag rust converter it will leave a smart satin black finish.
  2. As Chris says if you fitted EFi you would get increased performance something akin to the rare S models.
  3. Hi our not far from me if your in Hutton, i havea turbo, I think I'm correct in saying the pistons are different to cope with temp. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along. Your probably correct in putting a different lump in, but bear in mind that is a carb turbo unit, if you want to go EFi your going to need the ECU etc....
  4. So is the Evora now the "Halo" model for Lotus?
  5. DB9 better car, DB7 better investment as they are the very last pre gaydon cars and are viewed by some as the last real astons.
  6. We have Virgin TV in the lounge, but Id like to be able to watch it in the bedroom as we have no TV aerial. I can get the virgin anywhere app on the ipad, but you cannot chromecast as virgin lock it out to force you to get multi room. we are not bothered about watching different programs in lounge and bedroom. so could I use an Wirless TV sender ? Any one know? Don't really want to payout more cash for multiroom. Ta
  7. AP was best when in the travel lodge. the others are a bit pants. Saxondale was good, and the Trip is good. He is fantastic in Stan and Ollie.
  8. seems I have had a visit from the Disney, as mickey or Minnie has had a go at one of my seatbelts, can I get a direct replacement? or does anyone know of a company that re webs them? ta
  9. yep like partridge, but new series is dire. Saxondale was not bad, he was a pest controller?
  10. Maldon powder coating in essex will do it for you in a wrinkle finish. I was quoted £180 a year or so. They do loads of work for high end resto companies.
  11. I didn't see the elan. What did you think of the show overall?
  12. Went along last night, didn't see much Lotus action. Hilton & Moss had an Eclat on the stand, and there was a Lotus Cortina on another. Quite a few stalls selling stuff with nothing to do with cars, i.e wine, will writing etc.. I noticed some of the trade I know were not there. The Ian Callum bit was ok, with the usual Astons etc on display. But I did get a photo with Edd China really nice chap, and his huge!
  13. I have trade tickets for Thursday evening, I might go and have a look.
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