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  1. red vtec

    Barn conversions - the new way to get on the ladder?

    what sort of money is a plot with the permission on it?
  2. red vtec

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Yes you can see how these women are oppressed, especially the ones smiling away. I don't think we should go back to the "good old days" of hidden domestic abuse, but things have gone far to far the other way. There is a natural reason for sexual attraction, between the sexes!
  3. red vtec

    Barn conversions - the new way to get on the ladder?

    I'm also very interested in this, are there any websites with information?
  4. just listened, thanks for that 👍
  5. red vtec

    Sadiq Khan to extend ULEZ zone

    I havea Land Rover defender, it is hardtop (van) and has to pay the emissions, yet if it was county station wagon (seats) it would be ok, even though it's the same engine!!! i havea mate who is a commercial electrician, he said he gets trade reports from the national grid that say they don't have the capacity to run all these proposed electric cars. It's nothing to do with emissions itpts about moving us to fully automated vehicles, that you rent and that they can track where you are etc..
  6. what ultrasonic cleaner do you have? as im looking to buy one. thanks
  7. red vtec

    membership bits

    Ta, how did miss that!
  8. red vtec

    membership bits

    Hi I have membership of the forum, but how do I access the parts manuals, and is there a membership card etc for discounts? Sorry for questions, I have looked around forum, but I cant find the info. Ta
  9. red vtec


    The magnetic ones can come off when driving, perhaps better off having vinyl wording on the windows?
  10. red vtec

    The birth of the Lotus Mark 1

    I though the first lotus was at Brands hatch about 10 years ago??? there was a Red car parked up and Im sure it said first Lotus. I was surprised as I thought if it was a Ferrari it would be worth millions. Ill see if I have pics?
  11. red vtec

    1991 Esprit Turbo S

    what are they like to drive is the engine smooth with EFI?
  12. I used a bit of heat shrink over the joints, no more leaks
  13. red vtec

    1991 Esprit Turbo S

    Should it not have the aerial on the front wing? rather than a bee sting type?
  14. red vtec

    Lamborghini Urus, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

    You can get a far better looking bentayga with a nicer body kit and it's about £100k cheaper.
  15. I bought a panel from lotus and it had the LED hole. I actually cut the panel down as it was a high one. I have checked and it is the newer style graphics.