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  1. You want to try the A127 at rush hour.
  2. Not Lotus but Bond related. I made the book that was sold with the DB5 from "GoldenEye" The car sold at auction for £1.9million, the book covered the history of this particular DB5, I hand made the book, and case.
  3. BBC is a disgrace, overpaid presenters such as Ball, Vine and Wright on Radio 2. An abysmal output on its main channels, The One show is steaming Turd of bland, Eastenders is the same thing regurgitated on a yearly cycle. a national disgrace. The only person I know who has said they like the BBC is someone who lives abroad and doesn't pay for it!
  4. Here is the pic of K50 BAT parked up at goodwood with normal cars, just being used as it should
  5. It's boring, because it's so corporate. It used to be full of mavericks and mad arsed team owners, now it's sterile and bland. It used to be about racing, now it's just a money machine ( and has been for at least the last 10 years) I don't like Hamilton, he is a great driver, but not a great sportsman, just do not take to him. All the BLM issue whilst driving for company that benefited from slave labour, in a sport that happily visits countries with horrendous human right records, but not a word said. The engineering and team work is amazing, but it all
  6. As Murray says you cant overcome physics, and his coming in at under 1000Kg the Evija is 1600Kg++ As others have said they are the end and the beginning in their respective worlds.
  7. Got a pic of K50 BAT when he still owned it , just parked up in a field at Goodwood with loads of normal stuff. It was good to see it was used as a car rather than a garage queen.
  8. Watched it this morning and the carfection video. The difference with Murray is he understands every bit of the car from the powertrain to the controls. He is not a PR guy selling it or a manager just overseeing a launch, he is an engineer in the mold of Chapman. It says something when he says some of the F1 bits were not correct!
  9. Bet its a provenance program for older lotus, going into restoration? like Aston Heritage, Ferrari Classiche etc....
  10. Part of the reason for Cyprus doing this is due to their lack of ICU facilities, they cannot afford to have a big hit as they do not have the facilities.
  11. The perfect watch for those with a JPS
  12. Just poped in to Leigh-on -Sea where some like to think they are very special as they like to think its Hoxton-on-Sea (you can get a lovely wind chime, but not a pint of milk) a fair number not wearing masks. So will be avoiding there.
  13. One of the teachers at my school is now a leader of the NUT, he was a bloody shit teacher and was always more interested in left wing politics. He was a lazy bastard. my nieces school has been fantastic sending out work everyday and doing a really good job, yet we have friends who's child has had no work whatsoever from her school. That comes down to poor leaders. Overall I have little time for so called teachers, many are lazy and would not last in the private sector. There are of course those who are exceptional but as a whole they are very poor. My former teacher being a prime exampl
  15. @DaKa there is a chap in essex who rebuilds them Paul 07976 985477 . Mine are going to him to be done.
  16. Was the Spirt level on the wall setup to aid with getting the engine level?
  17. HI @AndyPG I looked at PNM, the Gaz system is cheaper, £95 per corner and £30 per spring +VAT Wondered what people think of them? Chris
  18. @C8RKH I have not said it is being used to reduce redundancy payments to the employer, I am saying that in some cases it is just a delay before redundancy. A company might not have business to open back up, the demand/sector has disappeared. Therefore it will make sweet FA if it is furlough or JRS to the poor sod made redundant.
  19. Furlough does not mean your job is safe, it may just mean your ok until the government says go back to work and if the company can't trade your redundant. I know someone this has happened to. There is going to be huge unemployment, what happens to the catering staff, the cleaners, the caretakers, the car park attendants etc. at the offices in the City if most will have the majority of staff working from home? Insurance companies may well go under with unprecedented payouts. The hospitality sector will be decimated, so much for moving tables outside, we live in the UK its normally wet and cold.
  20. I'm getting together the parts for my rebuild. I have spoken to Gaz shocks and wondered if anyone else is using them? I currently have standard front with rear protech units, but the rear units are broken. For the cost involved it would seem silly not to replace all for dampers and springs. Anyone got any views.
  21. There is an interesting speech By Sacha Baron Cohen, he comments that the likes of google, Facebook, instagram etc are the most powerful propaganda tools the world has ever seen. Social media is driving this
  22. his also driven Chapmans Lotus Cortina.. on instagram
  23. Just seen Alistair "remainer/war monger" Campbell on TV. A spin doctor who sent young men to their deaths under false pretences and lost Brexit complaining about a spin doctor who engineered leave making a journey. I'm sure he is not biased at all.
  24. It was actually done to stop the economy crashing. Not everyone who works in the city earns the huge wages that a few do.
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