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  1. Hell, I'd make him Sovereign, Duke of Kimbers next in line..
  2. The truth is the rot started with Blair, followed by the clown Brown, and then Blair got in again, but changed his name to Cameron. Wait till after Christmas when the strikes start up, its going to be shit.
  3. @mark blanchard @Robin85 Im supposed to be sorting out a wealth manager at the moment as I have a large amount of Cash, but am really confused what to do at present
  4. Both, I have a place in a very hot country where water is sparse. It’s cheaper to run the dishwasher in water consumption and heating it. It’s surprising how much water you use washing by hand and therefore have to heat. but I do make sure dishwasher is full
  5. Cheaper to use dishwasher for dishes, washing by hand uses lots more water that needs to be heated. Use dishwasher when its full.
  6. @DaveC72 I don't disagree that Upper echelon wages are well out of step and a complete p!ss take with the rest of us. Our (UK) inability to store gas is due to closing down the storage facilities, also our inability to refine Oil is a similar story meaning diesel is imported from...Russia. Our inability to also generate enough power is due to successive governments not investing in it. I don't see any of the parties actually coming up with a plan to resolve this, apart from installing wind farms, they have just opened the largest in the world, it powers 1.3 million homes, trouble is there 27 +million homes in UK. I do agree that there is profiteering going on. I think we can all agree the current situation is a gigantic cluster F%ck, but its not just a UK issue the whole world is in a financial meltdown at the present time. The Utopia comment is due to myself having been involved in politics and having met the hard left, they love a mess!
  7. A rather left wing simplified view. The issues are wider spread and partly to do with Covid and the reawakening of consumer demand after that and restricted worldwide supply chains. And then throw in a war in Western Europe and it’s affect that is restricting fuel supplies, running down of power generation in western countries and reliance on Russia for gas etc… and then add in tensions in Asia etc….. it’s almost the hard lefts utopia.
  8. This is ok if you have those options, but I live in a 1930 house in an urban setting with no fire or log burner (clear air zone!) with Gas heating I have put together an emergency box with Candles, Matches, camping gas cooker and fuel etc. as I can see there being power cuts. Also been up in the loft adding extra insulation, a joyless job.
  9. Have just come back from France, stuck a UK sticker on the boot, got a first aid kit, hi viz, triangle, and bulb kit. all other stuff on phone. Driving over there is easy roads are lovely.
  10. Thought you would be filling it with gin
  11. It was nearly as hot in 1911, the media dont like to report that...
  12. @Barrykearley a picture speaks a thousand words
  13. "Boris is screwed" Regularly by the number of Children he is said to have.
  14. And Putin is now holding Nuclear drills.... Great I'm only just finishing My new Kitchen.
  15. They are saying May as caretaker PM. out of the Frying pan into the......
  16. @Bazza 907 sorry didn't get a notification about your reply. appreciate what you are saying about Independents. I have been looking at Charles Stanley but will take a look at St James's Place. Charles Stanley charge yearly. Its a complicated world as it always "your capital is at risk" I'm looking at wealth growth and also inheritance etc
  17. Does anyone on here have any experience of using a wealth management company? I'm looking for any experiences with them. Thanks
  18. I watched a news video on YouTube. It said that UK,US and French nuke submarines at faslane. This is highly unusual and is a show of strength from NATO to show the alliance is strong.
  19. NATO was not designed to stop this, NATO is an alliance of 30 countries that say if one is picked on, all step up to the plate. Ukraine is not a NATO member. With the supplying of offensive arms I e tanks from a NATO member that could give the Russians the excuse to involve NATO. The supply of ground to air and anti tank weapons are viewed as defensive arms. The rules of war, which on it's self is mad The UN is supposed to police these situations, but they are a toothless tiger If this goes the whole way, it will make little difference if you live near a NATO base or not. I live near a defense research island, that won't be around long in that situation. The war crimes are indeed that. It's a terrible situation that has come about by Western governments turning a blind eye to dirty money etc and a quest for NATO expansion without being honest about the consequences.
  20. Quite concerning, as this may allow to say NATO is involved. not good.
  21. There are rumors he may be the richest man in the world, £220 billion. There is a billion pound palace that is supposedly one of his homes, multiple yachts and 58 private jets.
  22. I did read that France as the only other European power with nuclear defence alongside the UK. Has put 4 of its subs on patrol. I think it's normally just one
  23. I just don't see this ending well for any of us. Will Russia put up with a long winded war of attrition? Or will they resort to more barbaric weapons? If Ukraine falls to them, the next fear is Moldova, which already has a breakaway russian territory. Or what happens if he takes on Finland? Oppenheimer was correct when he quoted "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds'
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