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  1. [OK here is the answer to the problem. The car has a faulty injector. All the gear heads will say that a faulty injector will only effect a single cylinder. This is not correct with the Lotus ECU. The injector driver for #1 and #4 cylinder in the ECU, will be effected by either of those two going bad. Thus the same for cylinders #2 and #3. I could tell you the lengthy story of how I arrived and how many parts I swapped out to cure my limping Lotus... but I'll spare you the pain. Here is the quickest way to diagnose a faulty injector. And believe me when I say you can't trust the injector checker tool as much as this test. Disconnect ALL harness leads from the Injectors. Then take ONE lead and use this one lead throughout the test. Attach this lead to one cylinder then start the car. if car starts ( obviously rough) this injector is good. Move to next. What I found using this test is the some injectors appear to be good when tested with a injector tool, but when installed onto the fuel rail they can short to ground and disrupt both injectors on the driver. I hope I have saved you time , sleep, money, and even some knuckle skin. BTW When you replace the Injector ensure that the Impedance is comparable to the existing. What I mean by this is, MOST Lotus's use a LOW IMPEDANCE injector with a 30+ cc rating. Check your good injector with a Multi-meter set to Ohms and check across the plug on the injector. You should get 2.2 ohms. The car that cross referenced best to my 89 non SE was a Thunderbird turbo 2.3L The cost was around 35$ opposed to 200 apiece at the dealership. I changed all my injectors to ensure identical flow and Impedance. GOD I love my Lotus !
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