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  1. Thank you all, I did check for lead contact for all five, but I will check for the spark next and quickstart spray. The fuel pump does comes on upon turning ignition. soon as my fracture heals I will report on further progress. appears to be a fuel and spark issue. Thank you all
  2. After an eight month lull and after a brutal winter I tried starting her up. I did add some fuel after the first (stupid ) attempt and than possibly flooded the carbs. Heartbroken as I am but thinking forward could I have damaged or clogged the fuel pump and the fuel filter by sucking in all the muck left behind by the evaporated fuel over the winter. Ladies and Gents, is there a way I can check the flow of fuel. I did try to take the line of the regulator on the other side of the coil compartment but in vain, its like welded on there. I will try to start her up again in a few hours again
  3. i forgot to post how i got the timming right on the s3 as follow You can always do it the "old fashioned" way. Pull #1 plug, stick a straw in and rotate the flywheel. At TDC after the intake valve closes you should see a TDC mark and a timing mark. Or you can make your own with chalk. David Teitelbaum Just checked my s3 as my s2 is somewhere else large marks every 10 small in between at the 5s 10 degrees = 25mm of circumference (or an inch if you into that sort of thing) mine is numbered TDC and every 10 degrees to 30 no marks after TDC and never have seen on any Lotus __________________ Tha
  4. Thank you so very much, the wonderfull Lotus community....i will forward these very helpfull suggestions to my friend Allen (ex US army ordinance specialist turned enthusiast classic car fixer) as soon as he comes up with a diagnosis and method of fixing....I will be obliged to promptly post the outcome.......Thanks again.......This week perhaps ( he always uses the posted advise from you folks as a guide)
  5. in the bigger picture, a loutus sits lower on the driving side, in case there is a passenger,but otherwise the investigation of fiberglass setup with the rear shock absorbers (if any cracks) gives the balance picture, other than that both bumpers look gorgeous apart from a misalighened piggy back mechanisim....(thech the back both shock absorber articulation with the body)
  6. Hello friends i need advise regarding both pods which are not comming up and the beam/lights also dont come on, although parking lights in the front bumper comes on......upon activating the high beam....i can hear a click from the relays and the high beams come on. This is not a recent event although if i am not imagining once or twice i wiggled the light switch and they came on....also whilst driving while the light switch in the dash was in on position..they popped up like couple of dolphins out of the ocean now nothing works......(wiggling, reinserting the relays,) is the light s
  7. Because the petronix is running on the coil, and there are not enough ohms running to the coil, perhaps is partially resposible. i was told that it may need 12 oms to be supple (or even a diffrent coil?) How pethatic of me not to have a voltometer on hand........weekend will tell.
  8. Thanks MC....This is a fedral s3 turbo...Do they come with ecu units...i thought they came in Stevens esprits......i will spend a few hours again today to troubleshoot (few hours))) few years morelike it Thank you
  9. Dear Lotus community thanks for your help.....i changed a petronix unit with a petronix unit (foolish of me)......but thereafter the boost, the pick up is not the same....i remember the revs at idle use to be higher than what they are now at 7-8000......timming is correct.....changed the spark plug wires.......before the petronix swap the turbo gauge will jump nicely to 3-4-5 in third gear...but now only 3...and i dont want to push it....i know something is a miss..................Any helpfull hints or suggestions from the seasoned would be of great help Thank you again Taking that d
  10. I have a 83 turbo esprit in blue with 40000 miles on it. I would like your help in letting me know of someone or a workshop to get my timming belt changed and do a c service. I live north of newyork city in westchester. will travell a 100 miles if someone is a speacialist and Thankyou for your help
  11. installing the petronix along the distributor back into the block with markings was not difficult, but the bottom clip was a 20 minute struggle, with allan in okward position from right back, as his right hand went in from the right and left from the back. all along it was the tachmetor revmeter wire(connected to coil) but the car idles fine and presents with a smoothness, except when you stop or come to a halt the rev dives to 500(0.5) and feels like its gona die but it never dies, like it use to before, and also when you pull away it hasitates much more than it use to, but if you pull a
  12. Yes i had the rad recored, and now all three fans are on direct, on all the time, for a good 45 to an hour run on the motorway, with (even small racing spells with Reds, the yellows, and the porsches), and the Ac does not work, it can get humid and hot here, in the afternoon when the autobhan is empty. I will learn from your experience if ac will enhance or decrease the potential of the machine. I Know 007 will not have it without ac. The racing spell. igot the chinese fans from ebay, a triplet regards goher
  13. Yes the fans are doing ok, iwill follow your instructions, to eliminate the fan light. I must admit, that the present fans are just about sufficient for cooling, if not less( but i am subdued by thier availability and thier cost). But no doubt my next twin S3 will be a magniefied dream out of MATCHBOX, just like Freds There are only a few Esprits left Thanks we all will meet again
  14. every body will freak out if Margaret Thatcher was replaced by Margaret Thatcher. well thats what happened to me me and allan looked at the distributor embeded deep in the engine, like a fireman looks at a fire, like a prey looks at the beast, like a revolt looks at a king, for good five minutes. and than we started. i did the houners and went from the right and undid one of the clips(which one i cannot be sure for true), and gave the distributor cap a polite wiggle. Allan got incoureged and went and put his hand from the back and checked if i really undid the clip, it wiggled and he wigg
  15. Fairly and swap, music to me ears, but easy, unless the pressence of the plenum makes a diffrence. please advice(83 turbo Esprit).
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