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  1. Hi Really sorry for your loss, it’s something I deal with alot in my job and something no one else unless this had happened to them will even understand your pain. My heart goes out to you and your wife Ross
  2. Well now I have two S1 Steering Wheels one with a pad one without now need to make a 2nd pad.
  3. Someone did a run of these a while ago to the correct sizing can anyone remember who it was?
  4. Anyone found recently matching tread or make tyres for an S1 esprit that are not really bad as heard awful things about the likes of Nankang ross
  5. Hi wherr can I get the correct new centre caps for wolf race wheels, I know someone previously did a batch but think they are long gone, any help would be appreciated thanks ross
  6. As above which supplier/maker of alloy fuel tanks would people suggest buying for my S1 Esprit Thanks Ross
  7. Hi I have a 78 Esprit S1 and wondering about the battery position, has anybody moved the battery position to a sunken battery in the floor like an S2 and of so what size is the battery body as need to order a new battery at present. Thanks
  8. UK prices have risen too, I have an S1 I have had for a couple of years and just starting to restore now. It’s a 1978 and has 68k on it. If this was a 60k Miles car I would be more tempted as I like to use my cars not have them sitting. Ross Also the one at €55000 has done 34K Km so much much lower milage
  9. If it was £25k that would be ok but it’s £35k
  10. Just found out Black Car has done 80000 miles. Low for a car it’s age but would have preferred a lower mileage. Thanks I just had a reply saying about the 80000 miles
  11. I just see them selling LHD S1 Esprits for £50k which I thought was way over the mark.
  12. Hi just wondering what people’s opinion on the price of this car. always Wanted an S4 or V8 in Black, I know prices on esprits have went crazy but this still seems expensive. Ross
  13. The days before health and safety Yeh I bid of the two lotus back then but they both sold for 30k each it was the prototype and lotus car collection option, but around the same time you could buy a DB5 for £40k
  14. You wanna do my S1 once you've finished as always your work looks stunning Ross
  15. I would say the $10k one would be worth it so think there will be a couple of cheap cars still in the states
  16. Wow I would have jumped at that one myself for under $10000 even in LHD you could convert it to RHD
  17. Well finally after some time of having owned the car it's time to get it started. First Purchase for the car albeit small was the keyring for the Keys. I would imagine like any Esprit owner I am a bit of a Bond Fan. 2nd thing on the cars is I have 4 back wheels and I'm doing a swap with someone else who has 4 fronts, then will get the wheels sent away for a refurb and new Tyres. After that I will assess what is going to be done next!
  18. I've seen one white tartin car come up on eBay in the last 2- 3 years but the deal was done off eBay pretty quick! Im sure there are other cars out there but may not start to turn up until prices go really crazy like Aston martin dbs models they were cheap at one point now £100k and there are lots being offered for sale!
  19. I'm in a position I did not expect to be in I have been doing a major house renovation and it's in its final stages and with the last chunk of cash needing paid out, I'm thinking do I sell the esprit or struggle by take a little bit longer and keep the car. Which what's been spent on the renovation I could have bought a restored mint Esprit S1. Negatives are the prices keep going up and the likelyhood of finding another unrestored S1 are pretty slim. On the other hand I may get lucky and find a 76 tarting and white Esprit down the line. What to do!!!
  20. Hi wanted to check before answering but wolfrace website is wrong all esprit s1 rear wolfrace are 31 and not 30 Thanks Ross
  21. I am still looking for a set but not a 3k I was offered a set by another member but he had had them redrilled from 4 studs to 5 stud which killed off that deal. Ross
  22. Hi I am sure there will be others in my position or people who could be interested in a spare. I have been making enquiries into have the Esprit S1/S2 Steering Wheel pad made. I know someone who is a film prop maker and works in rubber, plastic, specialist printing, CNBC machining etc and he might be willing to make a small batch. Wondering who would be interested for possible numbers. Secondly would someone be willing to send there's for him to copy. He might also be able to make early S1 ashtrays too as he is a man of many skills but one small project at at time. Thanks again Ross
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