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  1. It is always intriguing. For me LED bulbs are for lower power drain, greater reliability and enhanced brightness - the rear SD1 derived lights on the S2 and S3 Esprits / Elite / Eclat and Excel are not known for their brightness - perhaps less of a challenge on the later cars I would think.
  2. I have to say that this has the best interior in my opinion. I would love to have mine re-done with a tobacco interior - it looks so good.
  3. I also have LED bulbs in mine - usefully brighter I think. Would be interested to see how this looks - do you have any images etc. of what you are aiming for roughly? (other cars with a similar conversion etc.)?
  4. Yes same bulbs. They are easy to fit as well.
  5. I have the bulbs in my car's standard lights. A massive improvement. They are much much more powerful and with far less current draw. They also keep the original look which I prefer to the modern lamp conversion which I am not sure about... I would guess though, that if is from PMN, they will be a well-engineered and thoughtful solution.
  6. Happy Birthday TLF!! - An immense source of help, advice and friendship over the decade+ I have owned the S3...
  7. I would definitely recommend original dampers if you can keep them - I believe there are places which will refurbish old ones. I wish I had not thrown away my fronts! I have AVO shocks on my front - v good. I do not rate pro-tech ones as the adjustment knobs on mine fouled the lower arm ( a challenge for pre-1985 cars with earlier suspension set up). AVOs definitely ride better. the LOTAC upgrade is very expensive and also most cars with it on seem to ride too high? Post 85 cars ride higher anyway vs. pre 85.
  8. I would have a pair - does depend on cost of course so perhaps when you have a ballpark on this?
  9. Hi there, could you confirm the price of an NA full system now the group buy is finished. Thank you very much, Henry
  10. Hi Choppa, sorry if I missed it but where did you get the LED strips from? I have fitted footwell lights to mine (LED bulbs) but also wanted to fit to the boot / engine bay. My engine bay has a light fitted already which is collapsing so wanted to replace with LEDs. I have found having a light at night to check any hypothetical mechanical challenges, can be useful...
  11. They appear to be already unavailable? Do they on produce in small batches maybe?
  12. He is! - I have just fitted the set Steve produced for my S3 NA - they look excellent. I will take pictures shortly...
  13. I believe there is a guide on Lotus Esprit World as well to this - if it is just a case of tightening up the bolts (which are notorious for loosening off).
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