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  1. Mine was leaking badly through the seal where the windscreen wiper comes through the body. Sparky fixed it and the car is now much better. But I also have a couple of those silica bags (got them from Halfords I think) which I cycle every ten days or so with the one not in use in the immersion heater cupboard drying out. This seems to keep it dry. I used to get condensation on the inside of the windscreen a lot.
  2. George, my very early S3 has white lit instruments all round and then green for the switches (where they still work - another thing on my list). I am pretty sure this is standard for S2 / early S3 (non turbo).
  3. You should have that done in a couple of days....
  4. Looking forwards to seeing the Car Compo completed
  5. skiing

    Prices Soaring

    Being a geek, there are lot of factual inaccuracies... and also what are these tubes which crack?
  6. skiing

    Dry sump purchased

    I would buy a ticket!
  7. skiing

    Dry sump purchased

    Beautiful car - love this colour combination. And yes, what is the square thing on the roof stereo? Some sort of light?
  8. It really is going to look amazing this car. Having seen it in progress it will definitely be worth the effort you have put into this. I look forward to seeing the finished article - especially the ski racks...
  9. That's what I did. sharp scalpel for the rubber and hack saw for metal. I actually used the metal chassis as my rear brackets to attach to the bulkhead by bending to right angle and drilling a couple of holes to attach directly to the wood.
  10. I really like those wheels actually! - creaking from front could be springs / anti roll bar fixings? - the front end of mine was creaky etc. until bushes were done and sorted by Sparky - especially anti roll bar ones.
  11. skiing

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Car looks great! Where did the louvres on the back come from?
  12. Looks great and I never get over how these cars look out and about... Even the best pictures don't do them justice for their width and stance. Always funny seeing the 'improvements' people have made to these cars over the years... I have AVO dampers on the front of my S3 NA (adjustable) which I am very happy with. Rear's are standard Lotus. Mine sits quite a lot lower than yours (but always had compared to other S3s I have seen) and that is with new springs front and rear (the old ones sag). In terms of fitting, some people have fitted the seats directly to the floor of the car (removing the adjustment rails) which buy an inch or so. Also, US spec cars had wider seats (apparently) - so maybe trying to find a pair (if that is possible...)? Looking forward to seeing how the car looks with S2 bumpers etc. and what wheels you come up with... I am occasionally in LA with work so let me know if you need me to bring some parts over from the UK.
  13. My (very early) S3 has a switch on the dashboard for the dash lights with two settings, dim and less dim... on the left side. Worth checking that is working on both settings? Mine needed the electrical contacts in the switch cleaning up.
  14. Hi Henry,  It was nice to see you at Caistor Hall last weekend.  Don't think we had the chance to talk much, but hopefully perhaps another time.  Would really like to hear about owning a very early Esprit.

    Kind regards,

    Nick & Karen Bassett.

    1. skiing


      Hi Nick, Karen, great to meet you too. Very happy to answer any questions on owning an early Esprit - Mine has probably had more trials then most due to previous neglect...

      Where are you based? Henry

  15. Brilliant day, thank you so much to Bibs for the huge work and effort. Great to see lots of friends and to meet the team behind Lotus Rescue! I hope you all got home to Scotland in one piece... Talking of which on my way home on the A11 / M11 I spotted an Elite and S2.2 (silver one) stopped on an exit ramp - hope all way OK and you made it back? I would have stopped but was in fast lane (obviously!) and could not get across in time to pull off.