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  1. My (very early) S3 has a switch on the dashboard for the dash lights with two settings, dim and less dim... on the left side. Worth checking that is working on both settings? Mine needed the electrical contacts in the switch cleaning up.
  2. Hi Henry,  It was nice to see you at Caistor Hall last weekend.  Don't think we had the chance to talk much, but hopefully perhaps another time.  Would really like to hear about owning a very early Esprit.

    Kind regards,

    Nick & Karen Bassett.

    1. skiing


      Hi Nick, Karen, great to meet you too. Very happy to answer any questions on owning an early Esprit - Mine has probably had more trials then most due to previous neglect...

      Where are you based? Henry

  3. Brilliant day, thank you so much to Bibs for the huge work and effort. Great to see lots of friends and to meet the team behind Lotus Rescue! I hope you all got home to Scotland in one piece... Talking of which on my way home on the A11 / M11 I spotted an Elite and S2.2 (silver one) stopped on an exit ramp - hope all way OK and you made it back? I would have stopped but was in fast lane (obviously!) and could not get across in time to pull off.
  4. If you look at the posts from @Lotusfab am pretty sure he has just been through the process of installing this trim in his turbo (and also would have done the same in his S1).
  5. Am aiming for around 16:00 I think...
  6. Am probably heading to the Birchander RV for 13:30 as well so see you then!
  7. The Maestro! but he is retired now so needs to be woo'ed with gin.
  8. skiing

    Essex at Stocks

    I would love this car. If my numbers come up tomorrow, I shall be on the phone first thing. That said, good question, should it have Lotus Essex on the cam covers? Or did some of them not have this?
  9. Wolfgang, you need "Capping Rail Trim" - B079U4010F There are one or two guides on how best to fit on here - in restoration threads. It needs to be trimmed / bent to fit the contours of the capping rail itself. The capping rail itself is pop riveted but also silconed in place. I think the rivets need to be covered with a dab of sealant as well to stop leaks too?
  10. On this topic (I think) I have the PNM brake conversion and get a light rumble noise when applying the brakes lightly (goes away as soon as I apply more force) - for example if I was coasting and braking lightly before parking the car - I can hear it. Any ideas? Oh and the rumble is intermittent - so I don't always get it.
  11. As far as I remember, the linkage had a lot of play in it - the bushes where perished / bolts / nuts loose etc. the umbrella shaped part of the linkage could swing around enough to hit the rear brake disk... @sparky might be able to add more (although it was a while ago).
  12. I had this until my gear shift was properly aligned by the maestro (Sparky) needed new bushes / adjustment etc.
  13. skiing

    Celebrating 21 years with this Old Girl

    Very good colour for an Esprit.
  14. Early cars indeed have all four on dipped beam until legislation was introduced to prevent this. Mine (81 S3) has all four on dipped beam.