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  1. As far as I remember, S2s had satin black 'ears / scoops' as well as front spoiler and sills.
  2. Thanks Fabian - I had heard it was there for the fuel siphon issue primarily - they are NLA - mine is looking rather tired but I have cleaned up and re-wired as the wire was corroded and crusty... hopefully it is still working!
  3. Lotus by Claudius post fairly regularly on Instagram so I think they are still around -
  4. Fabian, quick question - do you have a flow lock valve in your fuel line - mine has one and they seem to be a usual fitment?
  5. As far as I am aware, yes. It is on my S3 and was removed for a head rebuild post install…
  6. Could they be refurbished? I think there are companies that will repair - if they are original ones, it might be worth doing as aftermarket are never quite the same...
  7. That is brilliant - working on these cars is like an archaeological dig...
  8. I think mine was similar - It needs doing again really as it has started to break down.
  9. I have this exhaust - it sounds really great - apparently it is bit of a pig to fit though - tolerances are v small - I also put some heat wrap around the chassis tubes as it passes very close and tends to cook any paint off quite quickly.
  10. Wowzers - I am not sure you will be able to re-use all of those fastners...
  11. They must be twice the power if not three times - significantly better - I have all four on main and dipped beam as my car is an early 1981 so it had all four from the factory. I also use on my Lancia Delta and they are much better than stock. They are also much lower current draw which is helpful so I don't run out of electricity in the winter!
  12. I have fitted mine with LED bulbs with remote heat sinks which fit nicely in the original light units with the heat sink at the rear of the pod - plug and play as they say - so much better and a warm white colour as I prefer this to the modern electric blue ones. I got my from classic car LEDS - I have had no failures with any of their bulbs for two years now. Sorry I mean, the heatsink is on the back of the bulb (fits neatly) and the transformer is at the back of the pod.
  13. I have done 7 hours or so in the Esprit - Caen to my parents in the South of France during the summer of 2020 and wanted to avoid stopping if I could...
  14. Well the car was completed on Sunday and the gear change and clutch completely transformed. It has never really been right and it is so much nicer to drive now - Sparky also completed a couple of other swift jobs - replacing end cap o rings on the cam towers (one / both were leaking) and wire locked the otter switch in place (mine seemed to have no wire lock / cable tie...) All in all another successful visit to Watford Exotics to see the Maestro at work...
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