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  1. Looks great - I have seen that interior before (or at least that fabric) on a an excel or two and also I think on an S3 a few times. Interested to see what the dashboard looks like with no original switches or instruments...
  2. Norfolk mustard S4

    Sparky, should you begin production of the drain things, I would be very interested. Of course, you would need to fit them too...
  3. I really really enjoy watching these George - and they totally inspire you to get off the sofa and do some work on the car... Most looking forwards to when you start to re-build the S2...
  4. The Fiat lights can be fitted to later cars but fibreglassing is required as they are smaller than the Rover ones - I know of at least one silver S3 which had it done.
  5. There is a voltage regulator behind the instruments which if it goes wrong can cause various dials to over read.
  6. New Esprit Register

    My car's chassis numbed ends 1010 - does this mean it is the first production S3? (it certainly has a few S2 similar features in one or two places) and I know it is an early car. It was also originally black and has L15 stamped on the ID plate in the front boot.
  7. Backdating an S3

    I mean the spacers between the chassis and body itself where the body mounts to the chassis. I have spacers on the rear (about an inch thick I think) but none on the front. The rubber spacers on the top of the suspension will also lower the car if swapped as well.
  8. Backdating an S3

    So my car is missing the spacers on the front where the body attaches to the chassis (but they are on the back) - this is probably from when it was crashed in the 80s and the front (badly) grafted on. It does make it look lower at the front but it also means I get wheel rub (standard wheels and tires) when heavily laden (two people plus luggage) and driving fast - e.g. on country roads, the tires touch the tops of the arches. This is with completely re-built suspension including bushes, shocks, springs etc.
  9. Backdating an S3

    I think the ones are looking at would look great - look forward to seeing how it turns out...
  10. Backdating an S3

    Those are lovely - there are set of those (polished) on an S2 in Japan... is that your inspiration? It can be found on this picture thread...
  11. Backdating an S3

    I think he is plannng to lower the car a bit. My S3 sits lower as it is than most - not sure why.. Would intrigued to know what wheels will be going on this...
  12. They should definitely all be ribbed and have labels for each function e.g. Lights rather than a symbol for the lights. The switches were used on some other cars - e.g. similar era TVRs, Triumphs, I think Austin Princess. You can get replacement labels on ebay (I bought a set as they are almost the same). Rimmer brothers will do replacement headlight switches for example but they have the smooth switches rather than ribbed as they are a replacement part rather than original Lucas ones.
  13. 1981 Dry Sump project

    I have a chrome window washer on my s3 (1981) - so I guess they switched over at some point...
  14. Help Quick PLEASE ! 78 Esprit S2 Key Lock Stuck

    I had issues with my ignition lock and had to replace. It would randomly jam and then I couldn't start the car. It might be acting up. Try lubricating the key and try moving it up and down in the lock and you push it into place - this might allow you to move it.
  15. As far as I know, early cars had all four on. It then became a legal requirement in the UK to only have two dipped and then four main? I might be wrong though - mine has been modified a fair amount in its time!