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  1. I glued mine to thin ply and then it is sandwiched between the cant rails and the roof. Not correct perhaps but I think less likely to come off in hot conditions and also can be removed easily and re-covered etc.
  2. I think it can also be worth replacing No. 6 (available new from Rimmer Brothers) - as the silver reflective finish on the inside can deteriorate. Also the fibre optic lines can also be kinked / discoloured at the ends which can also reduce light. I am going to replace no. 6 and also the bulb with an LED one to see how mine look.
  3. Looks great Steve - how did you do the white lettering in the bumper? Also, when you replaced the rear light surrounds, did you include a seal between the black surround and the white body work - I think I can see one with your number plate mounting. I need to re-do mine and wanted to check. Thanks!
  4. Interesting - they might well have done - We need someone with an S2.2 to give us a comparison... Part of Lotus's process of continuous improvement...
  5. S2.2 is the same as an S2 but came galvanized as far as I am aware -
  6. Am I right in thinking that early mirrors do not have motors but solenoids which click and move the mirrors? Mine has motors but they are not correct or original to the car...
  7. I think it is only the later Stephens cars which have the tubes. It is seen as a worthwhile upgrade from what the G cars came with originally. It is on my (long) list...
  8. I believe this is part of the US spec smog equipment to help meet emissions requirements in the US. It injects air driven by the pump as far as I know.
  9. I would definitely recommend the flywheel and exhaust from Lotusbits - I have them on mine and it sounds fantastic and goes very well. Mine is also a High Compression engine standard so not the full 2.5 with all the extra goodies but I bet it will be a lot of fun.
  10. My bolts were also bolted through the sound deadening on my S3 - mine is a very early S3 (the first one off the line) - so when I sorted this out, I cut a letter box flap in the deadening so the bolts and washers were against the wood. I also used much large washers to try and prevent them loosening off. Of course they did but it took a while (approx 6 years) - I have recently re-tightened but I will do the later car mod highlighted above at some point...
  11. Mine has always been difficult here as well. I think it might have to do with how the brush seal is riveted to the door card - this I think can bend and it is has the wrong profile is difficult to hook over the fibre glass at the top of the door...
  12. I too am happy to join as a support crew member... I will bring my Volkl Kendos...
  13. Yes, be careful on speeding - every small village has a Gendamerie it seems and they like to set up their tripods on a Sunday evening (in particular) and wave in anyone they think might be going over the limit... I have been pulled over three times in the Lancia when coming back from a day's skiing. I think they think as an old car, it is less likely to have a CT or insurance etc. I got the AA cover. I didn't bother with the automatic toll thing, just hopped out and put the ticket in - doesn't take long and no-one seemed to mind.
  14. I did a return trip to close to the Pyrenees this summer - I took my usual tool roll, a set of spark plugs and a distributor cap and rotor arm and a litre of oil. Some fuses and relays. I also have a set of snow socks for winter as well rather than chains. I would definitely get it checked over before you go. Make sure your alternator and battery are healthy! Make sure your wiper is in good nick... Just in case the weather is grim. The only thing which went wrong was the new distributor cap I had installed and new rotor arm! - It misfired all the way back racing for the ferry (so I couldn't s
  15. Very sorry to hear this - he was clearly a fantastic man and created some iconic and wonderful designs. Sad to hear he has gone to the great pub in the sky but what a brilliant legacy he leaves for us to enjoy. Once we are all out of the era of Covid, I hope to see a wedge re-union in his honour (perhaps with even lowly Esprit drivers like me allowed to attend). RIP.
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