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  1. The most important thing is don't let the distributor spring out of its key - so make sure you keep it under pressure holding it into place as you rotate it..
  2. Haha, well, the challenge in removing and replacing the cap (I found) was that the clips which hold it on are very hard to get into place - especially the lower one which for me meant having to try and wedge a screw driver under the body of the distributor resting on the engine to try and force the clip on... and it kept pinging off... The trick is to mark the position of the distributor, loosen the clamp bolt (while holding the distributor in place so it does not spring out and then rotate it to make the clip more accessible. Once the distributor cap is clipped back on, loosen the clamp bolt (while holding the distributor into place) rotate it back into position before re-tightening the clamp bolt.
  3. I think your videos are really great - very much enjoy watching. And as someone who once spent 4 hours just getting the distributor cap back on to the car (before Sparky taught me his secret trick for this), they are a total pig to get at!
  4. Looks fantastic. In fact the whole adventure looks great fun...
  5. Tank 1/4 full of gas (eek) but considering washing the old girl in preparation for the weekend. Gin pending...
  6. Well yes, you are looking at my car next weekend.... 🙄
  7. If only Goodyear would make NCTs again. Or at least sell the moulds to Longstone or similar...
  8. I use NGK BPR7ES in my S3 with a HC normally aspirated engine. The same go in my lancia delta which is turbocharged.
  9. That is looking very shiny...
  10. That red S3 - 1981 - has had a replacement front bumper and bonnet by the look of it? - as the bonnet has two air vents (which only came on the HC car) and the later indicators / bumper design on the front - so it is not original but not the end of the day of course...
  11. Sits quite low as well - not on standard suspension?
  12. haha, well, not yet. But might have you look at it at some point if you are available... looking forwards to seeing the condition of these tanks when you remove them!
  13. I shall take a look at that S1 tomorrow. My S3 will just be in the usual car park! Sadly not as exalted company...
  14. These fitted easily - the power packs / transformers / black box of tricks? fit neatly into the back of the pod and the bulbs just swap over. I have bought a pair for my lancia delta as well as the headlights on that were comically woeful.
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