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  1. I know. I am sorry... but duty calls. Or rather my employer.
  2. I am in the US otherwise would be happy to help!
  3. Early S3's had no cut out on the rear tailgate. This was introduced with a range of other minor cosmetic changes later on in production.
  4. Mark, very sorry to read this, thinking of you and your family.
  5. Let me know if you get to the bottom of the creaking when reversing - mine has always made some strange noises when reversing on lock.
  6. They were put in by the previous owner - stainless I believe. I have had the tank tops off before but not tanks out.
  7. That far!! Sounds like you need someone to take it off your hands
  8. Thanks Fabian - I have new tanks which I know are slightly smaller for ease so will have a look at what is doable.
  9. Lovely, thank you - at some point I need to put some in - is it a tanks out job or would they fit with the tanks in?! (trying to make my life easier...)
  10. How did you attach the Speaker boxes in the engine bay? Just glued or screws etc? Thank you!
  11. Lovely colours and spec this car.
  12. Everytime I see your car @silverfrost, I want to see more pictures!! perhaps a video? Any more of it? I think it looks ace...
  13. I did it with white gloss as well. Lots of masking to get it right. But I need to re-do my bumper in any case as it has had a couple of knocks...
  14. There is also someone on Facebook who has built a tubular version of the Esprit backbone chassis for his racing Turbo Esprit - not sure of his name but it looked pretty interesting... Not that I can find the link of course. this guy I think.
  15. I know this is probably sacrilege but I do quite like the rear louvres... I would love a set for my S3
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