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  1. Is there not also an earth from the carbs? or similar? Interesting the gapped sparks switch to normal made a difference - mine has never had gapped plugs and runs well. I reckon you have weak spark / something electrical?
  2. S1 or S2 exterior - possibly JPS. S2 seats. JPS wheel. Stephens chassis - GT3?, charge cooled turbo engine.
  3. A guy in the street next to me said he was going to bid - I wonder whether he did -
  4. Is it worth checking all earth straps etc. Not sure whether that could impact. I imagine they are pretty clean looking at your engine. Are they are all present as they should be? I am guessing rubbish in the tanks though / fueling...
  5. it was a nightmare. full Lotus position, upside down, head in the footwell.
  6. Good luck on the welding!! I think your chassis work is fantastic to watch... not to say the rest is not also fantastic, but watching you re-make the cradle was impressive...
  7. I switched mine to LED brake lights to sort this - mine used to burn out fairly regularly... (well it happened I think three times in my ownership)...
  8. Looks really great Giz - let's see anymore around Singapore... I hope to get out there again for work when we can travel again... 🙂
  9. I have bought an SJ one, they are fiberglass reproduction and so thicker than the original which I think was made in an ABS plastic. It therefore requires a fair amount of finishing to get it to fit well. I think if we could 3D print these with much more similar dimensions to the original, that would be very useful.
  10. Happy Birthday Sparky! I hope you are spoilt by She Who Must be Obeyed.
  11. I glued mine to thin ply and then it is sandwiched between the cant rails and the roof. Not correct perhaps but I think less likely to come off in hot conditions and also can be removed easily and re-covered etc.
  12. I think it can also be worth replacing No. 6 (available new from Rimmer Brothers) - as the silver reflective finish on the inside can deteriorate. Also the fibre optic lines can also be kinked / discoloured at the ends which can also reduce light. I am going to replace no. 6 and also the bulb with an LED one to see how mine look.
  13. Looks great Steve - how did you do the white lettering in the bumper? Also, when you replaced the rear light surrounds, did you include a seal between the black surround and the white body work - I think I can see one with your number plate mounting. I need to re-do mine and wanted to check. Thanks!
  14. Interesting - they might well have done - We need someone with an S2.2 to give us a comparison... Part of Lotus's process of continuous improvement... 🙂
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