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  1. "Pumping the accelerator pedal will not aid starting" = you will flood the engine and have to wait in the service station with lots of people saying 'Lotus stands for 'lots of trouble usually. etc...' Watching Ian's video would make me think that we should turn the engine over a little to get oil pressure up before pumping throttle to start (thereby hopefully negating piston ring damage as above?) then don't leave it to idle but keep the revs up / drive it as soon as possible?
  2. You can get them re-built I understand - and then you get to keep the original damping which everyone says is the best / how Lotus wanted it - so maybe worth researching this - perhaps one of the S1 gurus can help?
  3. Mine had as combination of stainless pipe and hoses at either end fitted by PO - hoses look like they will need replacing fairly soon for sure -
  4. Yes, you will need to give it some revs in 1st or it will stall.
  5. How many fingers am I holding up?
  6. Amazing. I will just line up my lottery win so I can snap this up when you are finished. Might need a little sound deadening and a stereo for use in London of course.
  7. I am being conservative on the timing - the re-build will commence properly in August so on the basis that it is done in early September, I have said October to allow for extra time...
  8. An update! - The engine is stripped and cleaned and being inspected. First reports indicate that crank, pistons and liners should be ok (crank to be polished etc). So it will be mainly head work - new cam carrier required but I am on that. Current target completion date - some time in October hopefully....
  9. Nudging this to the top of the list again team! - Still on the look out for a cam carrier. I believe that some might be being re-manufactured but would love an original if possible - Exhaust Cam carrier for a HC 912 engine (non turbo). Thanks all!
  10. I bought my one from Rimmer brothers - I also think some people are 3D printing replacements as well -
  11. I think it is important to connect from the get-go rather than waiting until the rubber hits the road.
  12. I think I would like to compete on the beat my bodge thread as well... although sadly no flip flops found yet!
  13. Sorry to see such bodging on my old girl - but I am sure it will be engineered much more effectively when it goes back in... I am now awaiting what the deal is with the engine itself and starting to order some parts. All such fun! Thanks as ever to the guru Sparky for fighting his way to this point...
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