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  1. 1981 Dry Sump project

    I have a chrome window washer on my s3 (1981) - so I guess they switched over at some point...
  2. Help Quick PLEASE ! 78 Esprit S2 Key Lock Stuck

    I had issues with my ignition lock and had to replace. It would randomly jam and then I couldn't start the car. It might be acting up. Try lubricating the key and try moving it up and down in the lock and you push it into place - this might allow you to move it.
  3. As far as I know, early cars had all four on. It then became a legal requirement in the UK to only have two dipped and then four main? I might be wrong though - mine has been modified a fair amount in its time!
  4. I have been through three switches. I think that the earlier cars which have all four lights on on both dipped and high beam put too much current through the switch. On mine the black plastic internals which press the copper strips down to close the connections, melted. But the aftermarket plastic ones are also not as well made - the plastic bits which press the copper switches are thinner and break more easily. I managed to find a genuine new switch recently which is much better quality than the cheap repro I had before. all in all, I would add additional relays to reduce the current (or get an auto electrician to do it?)? and keep an eye on ebay for an original switch.
  5. People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    The thing which amuses me most about ownership is the number of people who claim they used to have one. Considering the production run of Esprit's, they have must have been changing hands very quickly for everyone to have had one for a bit...
  6. Further to my post, according to LEW, the dampers can be used with earlier cars - Anyone have any experience of doing this?
  7. So, now we have new ownership for Lotus and I would hope appropriate funding and an appreciation for the importance of the brand's heritage , do we think there is any chance of getting this back off the ground? I seem to remember that the specification for the suspension was finalized using Gordon's car? It would be great to have new suspension available for the Esprit (especially for the front). In fact, is the post '85 suspension able to fitted to an early car? - I seemed to remember reading this somewhere? In the pictures on the SJ site, the dampers are shown without spring platforms attached?
  8. I had the same with my pro-techs as well - I don't think they are great. The knobs on mine have come off altogether. Would be much happier if I could convert to the later spec fronts instead...
  9. 1986.5 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC

    Believe it is a Bosch K jet - similar system to a golf gti mk2 16 valve I think. It has a non standard exhaust on it by the look of the back box (single tail pipe instead of twin) - first thing to do as everyone says is change the belts - this can be done in situ - also worth checking fuel tanks for corrosion and change lots of the rubber bits (especially the fuel hoses). If it is a K-jet system, I would also change any sensors.
  10. "burglar protected" stickers

    Arrived yesterday - thank you so much. Henry
  11. "burglar protected" stickers

    I would love a set - let me know how I should pay. Thanks, Henry
  12. Also the headlight switch itself can act up as the terminals get hot and melt the plastics in the switch - try cleaning up / jiggling the switch to see if that helps. I have been through three headlight switches...
  13. Applying for Previous owners from DVLA

    I have also witnessed the collection with my own eyes... all very very original cars. beautiful S2 is my favourite.
  14. Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Going on the Sunday and looking forward to it!
  15. Charlie, on the storage front, you can sometimes hire garages in London from your local borough council. There is normally a waiting list but they do come up - not sure on costs but they are not too bad. When I get mine re-sprayed, I will get hold of one... Somehow...