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  1. Interesting Nello - Barry's picture shows without the equalizer module, so maybe you could specify if you wanted that version. 5000 for that RM310 is crazy money even boxed. Usually they tend to go for around 700 upwards - for a non boxed one / incomplete one - around 1000 for better condition / with box - maybe stretching to 1200 or so for boxed and everything. I have seen / heard that a cockpit stereo was also fitted to one or two Countach's so that might also have pushed the cost up!
  2. This was part of a range of roof stereos created by Panasonic at this time. Someone once said to reflect the success of Starwars and all things sci-fi. Very expensive and well built from accounts of those who work on radios. The range had various parts, which it is very difficult to get full information on (although copies of relevant adverts and the workshop manuals / installation manuals are available on eBay etc. The model you have was not fitted to a Lotus. The model above in the range (the RM610) was fitted to the special edition 'Essex' Esprit (launched in 1980) and was apparently a very expensive option at the time. The 'Essex' edition Esprit celebrated Lotus's F1 sponsorship deal with 'Essex petroleum' and also was the launch of the new turbo-charged version of the Lotus Esprit (and all of the additional mechanical and cosmetic upgrades added to the car). All Essex Esprit's (of which there were a very small number built) had an RM610 installed with a separate amplifier in the passenger footwell and a four Panasonic speakers fitted. They also had a unique essex metallic blue paintwork, red ruched leather interior, silver and black compomotive alloy wheels and Chrome and red 'Essex' decals and a unique number. Lotus then started to build Lotus turbo esprit's without the Essex livery and these had the option of having a RM610 roof stereo as well, so a few do have these. But due to the high cost not many were fitted. The stereo models as far as I know are: RM710 (super high end - seen on or two in Citroen SM cars) - silver in appearance and with the most 'digital' features. Tape deck, radio, graphic equalizer - separate amplifier. Green digital display for radio frequency and green lights for buttons RM610E (more brown / black in colour) - Tape deck, radio, separate amplifier and also includes a graphic equalizer panel which is blanked in the RM610 fitted to the Esprit. No digital display for radio - (back lit tuner strip instead) - green backlighting to this and red lights for buttons. Three pre-sets for radio. RM610 (same as above but without graphic equalizer module) RM310 (built in amplifier, tape deck and radio but no presets system as with the above two models) RM210 - I think this exists but not seen much detail on it. the RM610 fitted to the Esprit did not have the equalizer as far as I can see - it was also shortened to fit the Esprit roof - to the dome light on the end is removed and the frame cut to fit. Overall the RM310 is a good unit - it can be repaired - I bought my one repaired and operating - it now has a line in so I can play my phone / other things through it. The RM610 I have does not have a working tape deck but also has a line in and works well for that. That is fitted to my Esprit. Others will no doubt have corrections for some of this...
  3. Different colour pinstriping and wheels as well....
  4. I like the slightly slash cut pipes though - the slash cut pipes look similar to one or two S1 exhausts I have seen (including press pictures of the white original car) but they do not stick out that far! Ideally you can trim it but keep the angle?
  5. I am going to start panic buying airfix model kits and glue so I don't get bored... Or I supposed I can work on the giant airfix kit parked outside...
  6. I will continue to run mine on super. You can choose to fit the car with up-rated fuel hoses, filters and fuel tanks which won't rust (it seems that water condenses from ethanol fuels more easily and this is primary challenge). You can also buy additives which apparently mitigate the potential side effects. I am not sure about carbs though and what you would do here - replacement rubber seals with ethanol resistant ones etc.
  7. On mine it just clips to the bottom of the switch body and bulb and bulb holder slides into the cylindrical shape on the metal clip. The bulb then sits behind the symbol for headlights.
  8. If I can work out how to upload I will post one. I put in an RM310.
  9. Hell yes. I have an RM 610 in my S3 and a RM 310 in my Lancia Delta...
  10. Happy Birthday Sparky!! You look fantastic in that dress.
  11. Hi Andy, they do look good... May I have a pair in primer so I can have for my Esprit... Also, I would be interested to see how you actually mount them on the car when you have done that - also interested to see how yours end up Fabian... I ideally want a solution where they are not bolted permanently to the tailgate...
  12. I have one on mine made from aluminum sheet - home made by previous owner.
  13. I think it is apparently a little less clearance generally but we (I mean Sparky!) struggled with the bolts for the triangular alternator bracket as they were right up against the firewall.
  14. So I have an HC engine from an Excel fitted to my Esprit. Seems clearance is tighter between the engine and bulkhead and there will be some probable fiddling with cooling system pipe work. (Sparky was cursing when changing the cambelt a couple of weeks ago)... I think mine ended up with the alloy thermostat cooling pipe from an S4 for example. Mine has the lotus bits exhaust system and a lightened and balanced fly wheel and it pretty quick now. Sounds great too.
  15. I think there were some videos of this on youtube -
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