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  1. Dammit, missed the tickets totally as on holidays. Ah well. Hope it is lots of fun.
  2. Fabian, what colour wiring is used for your door lights? Thanks, Henry
  3. Henry, have you got any cockpit stereo original fitting pictures you could post? I'm interested how Lotus fixed it. I can work a solution but I prefer to copy the original. Thanks. Hi Fabian, sorry, my car did not have it fitted originally, I fitted it myself but perhaps one of the genuine dry sumpers might have some pictures?
  4. skiing

    skiing's S3

    Well, another day, another visit... And the annoying knock which has plagued my car for the last 4-5 years has gone... New Avo dampers fitted has made a enormous difference... The other huge improvement is ever since I have owned the car, I have had issues with the wheels touching the top of the arches under heavy compression while laden... this has now gone with the car much quieter, better controlled over bumpy roads and riding so much better! (NB, I had replaced the shocks with pro-techs and put new springs on when I bought it).... so so pleased and all thanks to Sparky again for his work, attention to detail and careful fettling (ahem) to get everything to fit properly. Every time I take the car to Watford Exotics, it improves... More gin to follow!
  5. The important thing (if you want it to be exactly the same as the old one) is to get a real Lucas one as opposed to be a reproduction. The original has a ribbed (ahem) top to the switch and seems higher quality. The reproductions just have smooth plastic. The switches are also quite easy to take to bits to substitute different parts if you have bits remaining from the old one / other ones. I usually try and source originals from eBay. I think ideally there would be a relay to avoid putting so much power through the switch (which usually leads to them failing). Also, earlier S3's and S2's had the switch function in writing, later ones had an icon. I managed to find on ebay a set of labels (there were listed as TVR switch labels) which have the correct font etc.
  6. Ahem. Interestingly for those who are interested in roof stereos - there seem to be four models I can find info on. the RM700 (which seems to be top of the range), the RM610 or RM E-610 which is the Essex car fitment. There is the RM310 and then also one called the RM555 which I have seen one picture of on a blog - This seemed to allow you to select components for your stereo including cassette deck, radio tuner and graphic equalizer. This looks an earlier model and a bit more analogue than the RM610 or RM700.
  7. Interesting the bond car one does not have the small plastic panel which finishes off the last part of the stereo where the dome light has been removed. Re. graphic equalizer, it seems there were two models the RM-610 and the RM-E610 - the latter coming with the equalizer. I once saw the equalizer as a stand alone component for sale on eBay and tried to win it for my RM.. sadly missed out.
  8. skiing

    Hello, after some info.

    At one point on Retro rides there was someone trying to fit a turbo engine like this to an Elite. The project was I think sold on before going very far.
  9. I would have taken someone from this forum to examine it... no guesses for who would be the first candidate...
  10. This is excellent news! Count me in - would be great to do the Friday and Saturday if possible! Hopefully at Dunston....
  11. I remember watching the Spy Who Loved Me and seeing the white wedge in profile coming off the ferry and thinking what is that?!
  12. skiing

    Suspension refresh

    Very interested you did this Smithy - I am replacing my fronts with Avos but tempted to do this at some point as well...
  13. skiing

    any other lotus/other seats fit an Esprit

    As far as I know, someone in the US fit Elise seats into an esprit by changing the seat rails / bolting them directly to the floor - this was to increase headroom for a taller driver.
  14. skiing

    TE fuel tank replacement

    Wowzers. Surely it must have smelt like a refinery?! Probably lucky the owner is not a smoker. Or at least I hope they are not a smoker....