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  1. I would have a pair - does depend on cost of course so perhaps when you have a ballpark on this?
  2. Hi there, could you confirm the price of an NA full system now the group buy is finished. Thank you very much, Henry
  3. Hi Choppa, sorry if I missed it but where did you get the LED strips from? I have fitted footwell lights to mine (LED bulbs) but also wanted to fit to the boot / engine bay. My engine bay has a light fitted already which is collapsing so wanted to replace with LEDs. I have found having a light at night to check any hypothetical mechanical challenges, can be useful...
  4. They appear to be already unavailable? Do they on produce in small batches maybe?
  5. He is! - I have just fitted the set Steve produced for my S3 NA - they look excellent. I will take pictures shortly...
  6. I believe there is a guide on Lotus Esprit World as well to this - if it is just a case of tightening up the bolts (which are notorious for loosening off).
  7. Sparky needs no education in that department... lots of fun was had at Watford Exotics on Friday.
  8. I would like a set of the ABS door finishers for sure - mine are missing front and rear of both doors.
  9. Panasonic Cockpit RM610 stereo... to add further detail
  10. I use some white tire writing pens for mine - have to do it every few months... indeed a faff but it does look cool!
  11. Any update on this - would be great to get them lined up so I can start looking at new tires. Thanks v much, Henry
  12. I have Continentals on mine before Vreds - they were good. I think when I replace mine on the Esprit in the next year or so, I will go for Continentals again.
  13. Mine was the opposite and it was pretty amazing that the glass had not fallen out onto the motorway... however, from what I have read elsewhere the bonding material (solbit) was installed by being heated up via an electrical current - there are two electrical wires which hang out of the sealant somewhere - apparently usually at the bottom? An electrical charge of 6v is applied to warm it up. Apparently a copper wire runs through the sealant (according to the manual). Perhaps worth trying?
  14. I ran my amp cable through the handbrake cable route as well.
  15. Interesting - thanks all -
  16. Does anyone have any details about the aerodynamic enhancements made to the car? 'redesigned bodywork to improve interior ventilation and cut wind noise.'
  17. Mine has had an engine swap to the Excel SE engine - it was done because the previous one had been so badly bodged than when it let go, it was beyond repair. My plan had been to keep the original and have it re-built to HC specification so I would have the matching numbers element but more power etc. but it was not doable as the block was too damaged / bodged. The excel engine fits in but there are some changes which have to be made - I think mainly to cooling pipework. It also seems to sit very close to the bulkhead - closer than usual which means changing the cambelt is more difficult (altho
  18. Useful tip - thank you. I will use when I take it apart and re-assemble. It could of had it when it was first assembled but it is 4-5 years ago now I think.
  19. I did not install it so I am not sure - I have one joint that leaks even though the spring is in place to close the joint. I think I need to adjust other bits to get it to push into place...
  20. I have the same system and it does sound really great.... I need to sort a leak with one of the slip joints on mine.
  21. This is an excellent idea. I have bought some stickers and will take part on Sunday...
  22. S2 / S3 have a two stage switch for dim and normal dials lighting and a separate rheostat for the fibre optic lighting for the rear of the switches.
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