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  1. That red S3 - 1981 - has had a replacement front bumper and bonnet by the look of it? - as the bonnet has two air vents (which only came on the HC car) and the later indicators / bumper design on the front - so it is not original but not the end of the day of course...
  2. Sits quite low as well - not on standard suspension?
  3. haha, well, not yet. But might have you look at it at some point if you are available... looking forwards to seeing the condition of these tanks when you remove them!
  4. I shall take a look at that S1 tomorrow. My S3 will just be in the usual car park! Sadly not as exalted company...
  5. These fitted easily - the power packs / transformers / black box of tricks? fit neatly into the back of the pod and the bulbs just swap over. I have bought a pair for my lancia delta as well as the headlights on that were comically woeful.
  6. You can also buy just LED bulbs and fit these rather than the whole unit - this preserves the look of the older light units (if you prefer). You can buy the bulbs in either warm white or the more modern blue white. They are much much more powerful and far less current draw. I got mine from Classic Car LEDs. They are more expensive than the units above though.
  7. At the moment Super Unleaded will remain non E10 in the UK. There are also various other threads on this topic floating around, so might be some further details on those as well - not sure how to link!
  8. How did you speed match the pods? Is it just the older sluggish one went to be replaced by newer faster?
  9. Sparky: Important. You must replace the cambelt before starting the engine. Just some useful advice for you. (I will send my usual invoice, payment in gin).
  10. I think this has to do with the angle of the arm which comes off the motor to the lift rod? If it is the wrong angle the arm rotates down a little before pushing the lamps up. The rod can be adjusted to suit the changed position of the arm. Mine does this on one side slightly and it means the pods are slightly out of sync. I shall try and sort this weekend...
  11. I believe they changed the hinge design on the bonnet after the S1 which meant they no longer needed this?
  12. I hope to sort this next year - as my car should then be inside the 40 years rule - it was registered 1 August 1981.
  13. Mine has always bounced all over the shop... anyone else managed to sort this without fitting an electric version?
  14. I saw this one up for sale - looks very smart. As am thinking of getting mine returned to its original colour of black, it is good to see a black one like this. I hope to see it for real at some point soon! There is something very cool about driving an esprit around the Docklands and seeing the reflection in all the glass...
  15. Sorry, I cannot join on this date - but looks like it will be fun!
  16. Or Rimmer Brothers - who do Landrover bits etc.
  17. Is there not also an earth from the carbs? or similar? Interesting the gapped sparks switch to normal made a difference - mine has never had gapped plugs and runs well. I reckon you have weak spark / something electrical?
  18. S1 or S2 exterior - possibly JPS. S2 seats. JPS wheel. Stephens chassis - GT3?, charge cooled turbo engine.
  19. A guy in the street next to me said he was going to bid - I wonder whether he did -
  20. Is it worth checking all earth straps etc. Not sure whether that could impact. I imagine they are pretty clean looking at your engine. Are they are all present as they should be? I am guessing rubbish in the tanks though / fueling...
  21. it was a nightmare. full Lotus position, upside down, head in the footwell.
  22. Good luck on the welding!! I think your chassis work is fantastic to watch... not to say the rest is not also fantastic, but watching you re-make the cradle was impressive...
  23. I switched mine to LED brake lights to sort this - mine used to burn out fairly regularly... (well it happened I think three times in my ownership)...
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