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  1. Mine had as combination of stainless pipe and hoses at either end fitted by PO - hoses look like they will need replacing fairly soon for sure -
  2. Yes, you will need to give it some revs in 1st or it will stall.
  3. How many fingers am I holding up?
  4. Amazing. I will just line up my lottery win so I can snap this up when you are finished. Might need a little sound deadening and a stereo for use in London of course.
  5. I am being conservative on the timing - the re-build will commence properly in August so on the basis that it is done in early September, I have said October to allow for extra time...
  6. An update! - The engine is stripped and cleaned and being inspected. First reports indicate that crank, pistons and liners should be ok (crank to be polished etc). So it will be mainly head work - new cam carrier required but I am on that. Current target completion date - some time in October hopefully....
  7. Nudging this to the top of the list again team! - Still on the look out for a cam carrier. I believe that some might be being re-manufactured but would love an original if possible - Exhaust Cam carrier for a HC 912 engine (non turbo). Thanks all!
  8. I bought my one from Rimmer brothers - I also think some people are 3D printing replacements as well -
  9. I think it is important to connect from the get-go rather than waiting until the rubber hits the road.
  10. I think I would like to compete on the beat my bodge thread as well... although sadly no flip flops found yet!
  11. Sorry to see such bodging on my old girl - but I am sure it will be engineered much more effectively when it goes back in... I am now awaiting what the deal is with the engine itself and starting to order some parts. All such fun! Thanks as ever to the guru Sparky for fighting his way to this point...
  12. Whole engine might be a route - I am waiting to hear about what is needed for sure and whether I need to help sourcing parts - I know that a cam carrier is needed for sure, hence the start of my search for that...
  13. Thank you so much for looking Andy - it is very much appreciated - I would like to see this cave of lotus delights on day - let me know if anything does turn up!... And yes, I am already funding a special new therapy course for Sparky entitled 'Deviations from Lotus factory specification - a metaphysical exploration'.
  14. They don't seem to have any either and are also re-making - I think I will have to most likely go down that route but as ever I feel there is a slightly higher risk of having to fettle parts to get them to fit when they are not original...
  15. Thank you Peter, I saw these - rather steep on cost so I was hoping for originals but if nothing else is available I might have to take the plunge...
  16. Nudging on this one - surely someone must have one squirreled away in their 'secret Esprit parts stash'... will go to a very good home...
  17. Well some of you may have read about my little, um, incident with my S3’s high compression engine… I am now in need of a replacement cam carrier or cam box for the exhaust side. And also ideally a cam shaft as well… cam carrier / box is the most necessary. This is the later cam box design. If anyone can help so I can get my baby back on the road, please get in touch! Thanks so much, Henry
  18. Exhaust was purchased and fitted a decade or so ago from one of the usual suspects. I think it was mainly fitted as the engine was out. It has been off once before for a head rebuild (around 8 years ago I think) - head rebuild could well be part of the issue now! - and it was never quite right after refitting. It leaked etc. and various other challenges as Sparky mentioned. I loved the noise it made though! For me I have always wanted to go back to a standard twin pipe outlet in anycase - so will prob go for another more easy to fit and remove system. Needless to say, last time it was removed and re-fitted, copper coated nuts etc were supplied by me but not used…
  19. Lunch it!!! I love the noise but will swap for something which fits a lot easier… We all want to see the reciprocating saw at work anyway…
  20. I have heard of the followers letting go - so agreed, would be sensible. Anyone know where you can get a new exhaust camshaft? Assume it is a 107 one as the engine is HC...
  21. Ahhhhhhhhhh…. Looks like we will need more than wood here.
  22. I am currently making sacrifices to the Lotus gods for it to be head only... which I am sure can be whittled from oak?
  23. By mongrel he means, a specialist combination of excellent high performance parts… Once again, Sparky steps up to perform his magic….
  24. As far as I remember, S2s had satin black 'ears / scoops' as well as front spoiler and sills.
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