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  1. Believe it or not , I have a pretty good condition front being used as a posh hose reel in my garage/workshop. Left over from the days on 350 ownership. I may part with it if someone was in desperate need. Ahhh my first post for ages............feels good !! Rich
  2. Hi Bibs, Would you mind resetting the password or changing the email address on record as I cant remember my password and no longer have my old email. New one is [email protected] Cheers Richard
  3. Yes Bibs , after selling my last Esprit I couldnt bear to be without anything plastic so I bought a boat...a proper one with sails ! Seriously though I would guess some sort of aeriel booster for a GPS plotter, or even for the DSC radio.
  4. Hi, thanks for the welcome. That would be great I think! would it mean I would have access to all my old posts etc ?
  5. Hello all, I have opened a new account after being away for a few years and I couldnt remembeer my old one! I have been very fortunate to own 5 Esprits in my time and 1 Excel..... My Interest started in 1975 when my uncle then owned the Lotus main dealer in Ipswich and my mum had a new Elite in metallic purple, with almost white interior! I was only 10 but it wasstill a squeeeze in the back and I was never forgiven for getting mud off my rugby kit on the new seats.. Move on to 2001 and after a series of porsches and stopping motorsport I bought my first Esprit. Over the next 7 years or so I had; 87 G shape in black - 20th from last made 86 Turbo in white - Gorgeous 86 G shape in Metallic blue mated to a GT3 chassis and engine - It drove but needed work! Sport 350 Nr32 - Rebuilt after accident inc £1700 exhaust! - Sold too cheap, blown up at the ring by next owner and rebuilt again by Mike S and sold to a chap in Germany. 94 S4 ltd edition to commerate the BritishGT Championship - Blown up by next owner. In 2008 my business went down , and since then I have just managed to keep my home and life afloat. Fast forward 2012 and I have just got to a stage where there is a light and disposable income on the horizon. Of all the love and especially hate relationships I had with my Esprits , they were the best cars I have owned. Ive been looking at Nobles but they are not the same. So whilst I am here to reacquaint myself , as I left because I couldnt handle not owning one , I am also here because I want to buy another. I am in no rush and will wait for either a Sport 350 , 300, 94 British GT commerorative or cheap V8 that I can modify. Anyway Hello again Richard
  6. Well, The car drove off this morning. They look fantastic driving away ,infact you forget how nice. Even at the last minute I thought about changing my mind ,but reality is reality and I'm going to have a bit of 60's fun in the sun for a while. The new owner has got a bargain and was chuffed. On the down side I took a bankers draft which was fine (hes a barrister,and I 'm not daft but...) I didn't realise until the everhelpful tiller in Nat west infirmed me, that they still take 5 working days to clear.That doesn't bother me in itself as there are so many fakes about, but given that it has left his account yesterday that means Nat West have that money for 8 days...Nice. Still onwards and upwards. Good bye for now, Rich
  7. Ok, I'll re phrase that. It just feels that compared to running a series of Esprits the boat just seems so cheap.......... Maybe....
  8. Hi Sean, You are right .The Esprit is a classic ,but anything but the older cars are still depreciating. The chap who bought mine was honest and had looked at 5 .All of them up in the
  9. Guys Thanks for the messages. It wasen't what I wanted but it was a sensible figure to accept. I have already called the two places restoring my other cars and I am looking forward to having a bit of fun finishing those. My Spitfire has Esprit v8 pistons in it and V8 injectors (modified Toyota twin cam with emerald ecu and throttle bodies),so I still have a bit of Esprit with me !!!!! Rich
  10. MGFCrasher


    Well thats it! My last Esprit is sold. I was going to buy an S2 or S1 with part of it but I have now decided to finish the 2 unfinished restorations I have and enjoy those. The new owner has looked at a lot of cars,mainly S4's and GT3's and he is chuffed. My car is off to a good home . I'm not going to disclose the price but it reflects the current market place,and he has a car with all the common S4 faults sorted recently. Thanks to everyone who has given me advice and listened to my ramblings over the past few years. There is an S1or 2 somewhere with my name on it,so I'll be back. I always was more of a classic car man than a modern guy so I won't miss the S4 but I will miss having an Esprit. Au revoir for now. Richard
  11. HI Andrew, Just my 2p worth. My sport 350 was Cat D,and thats not as bad as a Cat C. Be very very careful. I had previous experience of this sort of thing and I would never again,at least not an Esprit. Not meaning to sound negative but you can knock up to 40%off for cat C in todays market place. So if the car is average and up for say
  12. Hiya, Welcome. I am just over 6 foot and have loads of room in the S4.Even my G cars were fine. Have a look at my car. Its a sensible price .If you like it make me an offer. I'm not desperate to sell but more interested in a hassle free sale. Ebay250266594579 Rich
  13. Last update, The Electric chargecooler pump was a straightforward job. I have filled the system and bled it through and all looks good with no leaks. All in all a good mod with the peace of mind that its reliable. Even if it isnt it is an easy job to replace the pump with out taking half the engine apart again. Result!! Except someone else will now get the benefit..... Doh!!
  14. Hi Paul, Your generosity impresses me.Throw in a Beegees CD and a Laura Ashley lampshade, and a case of Pino grigio and you have a deal. Looks like its either going to Holland or a dealers forecourt. Happy days.
  15. The guy coming to look at it tonight has just cancelled.Glad I rushed home last night and finished the chargecooler pump etc.......................... I,m letting the auction run. Someones going to get a bargain.Theres a new bidder and its up to
  16. Hi Dave, I have replied to your p.m I have been honest about the car previously ,but it is a well sorted car now. Apparently there are only 4 of these left in the country,which if true is good. Anyway I'd agree things are slow. The chap coming tonight and the reason I rushed to get the chargecooler pump done has pulled out so I am seriously thinking of letting it run on Ebay. Its up to
  17. Hi Paul, This is my wifes Ebay account,I have another with a 700 rating.The trouble is I just get idiots on that too so it doesn't really matter which you use nowadays. I have two serious buyers interested ,one in Holland and one here who is looking at it tomorrow night. I'm not going to go bankrupt if I dont sell so we will see. I will pull the add with 12 hours to go if it isn't up to 12k so please don't worry. And I'm fully aware that Gillypops 2 is a waste of time (one of the bidders),as I have him blocked on my other account,but I can't be bothered here. The chargecooler pump is done and the car is running lovely. My wife says she won't take it personally that you think Maria Carey is crap and that only tarts wear Laura Ashley coats.....that is what you said isn't it Rich
  18. Just to keep everybody amused/In tears I am posting my replies to the stupid part exchange offers I am getting on Stupid Bay.Please see the listing. So far funniest is a shite old Merc ML and a grand....... Is that a real indication of its market value...I hope not! Rich
  19. Hi Toby, Power, a bit of oil and gas.........nuclear sssh! Same wavelength. I'm at ECH. The hatches are battened down,the trouble is we need to be careful not to talk up the storm as well. We should do lunch! Hi Mat, I won't take 9k for it but I'll see where it goes.If it sits there then I will stick it in the barn until I can afford to take it out. I think Ebay is a waste of time but its worth a shot. Theres a chap coming to look at it again on Tuesday who is a serious buyer.He has looked at 5 so far and mine is by far the cheapest apparently.He wants to make a decision next week.So that may wel be a better guide. Right I'm off.Lets see what its at on Monday. R
  20. Interesting Toby, I'm an associate partner (Chartered Surveyor) with the 3rd largest Q/S world wide . I head up part of Aviation within our infrastructure sector. I wouldn't plan any expensive holidays if I were you. Maybe we are being pessimistic but half my team will probably leave after their reviews next week. True we made record profits last year globally and in Infrastructure,but moving forward we are all very nervous.Ferrovial who own BAA now are getting rid of 80 %of BAA'S construction staff ,and they are postponing a lot of large projects. The only thing that is steady is Highways but this time next year who knows.Anyway could go on all day about infrastructure but I can feel people nodding off so ...... Tony you are abolutely right.I will lose at least two Q/S's next week for the sake of in one cash
  21. The Economy has got me No not out of the closet, but out of Esprit ownership for a while. Its crunch time,I did my teams pay reviews yesterday with one of the senior partners at my firm(well he gave me the letters and I will have to cascade them down) and they are shite. Most of my guys are getting 3% or less and minimal bonus's. These are chartered surveyors in the Aviation Industry and I will lose half of my guys next week. I felt physically sick driving home last night. I had mine as well and got a well rehearsed speach about putting money away for a rainy day.I got half what I was told I was getting and a 3.1% increase. After the tax issues like Tony that I had in April I am now on the defense! Interestingly the std covering letter with everyones bad news details our record year of profits,turnover up 25%,profit up to
  22. "consider yourself lucky you are on a K code, they could take it all in one lump if they desired, and if you think you are hard done by then think about what you pay out in bills per month is less than some people on this forum earn per month..... " You have a point Howard,although I think most people live to their means whether they earn 10k a year or 100k. What is hard to swallow is that they can and do take it in one go. Surely a little communication wouldn't go amiss. R
  23. I can understand if we haven't paid enough tax for whatever reason,but the bit I don't get is the fact that they can take this in one lump. Surely the paye system is designed so that this can be spread over the next Financial year. I mean for some people it could literally mean the family starving or them being evicted if they rent etc etc. The bit about keeping at them may help ,but in April I was told by my payroll that the public line we had to dial had actually been put on a loop system to a voice message as they physically couldnt deal with the amount of calls they got. It took me a month to get through and when I did I was just told it was too late .The girl even had the cheek to ask how I had survived the month if I was so broke..... i wrote in and we are now in July and I have not had a reply. Andy, I agree that most mortgage companies are very helpful,however I for instance have a fixed rate that ends next January and with the rate increase we have had I am facing a payment I cannot afford.If I am in arrears then they will not offer me a new deal. Its a no win situation. If I didn't know better I would say the IR are doing this because of the amount of personal bankruptcies there are now and people walking away from their debt!!! They take it when they can so they don't lose out. R
  24. This is odd! I had exactly the same thing in April. I have been self employed for 10 years and do self assessment for my personal tax. I started working on paye a year ago and was put on a BR tax code by my employer,despite having been issued with a code by the IR. In april I was issued a new code and without warning lost
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