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  1. ok, slow progress, but exhaust on, brakes done, most of the wiring sorted, can drive it and stop! new carpets arrived so on to the interior.still got to refit glass, doors, bonnet tailgate, paint and fit the turbo spoilers. Looking for a series 2 engine bay cover?
  2. More problems!, the series 3 exhaust wont clear the body, looks like i will have to cut a hole in the floor. anyone done this conversion before?
  3. there are two wires on the earth side, they both disapear into the loom, how can i tell what goes to the dist, the only wires going to the dist are connected to the ign module- does the round terminal from the module connect to anything, if you let me have your e mail i can send a pic, thanks for your help and patience mick
  4. thanks andy, but youve lost me a bit, there are two wires coming out of the dist and go to the power module, is it one of those?, ther is no wire going direct from dist to coil. regards mick
  5. earth strap is on ! i tried putting a live straight tp the coil but still no spark. The ignition unit has 2 wires going to the coil, there is a 3rd wire with a round terminal, should this be connected to anything, it doesnt look like it ever has been, i wonder if there is still something left over from the alarm? still connect. should the coil body be earthed? can i put a live and earth direct to the coil? thanks guys ign module says ducellia i have put live and earth straight to coil, if i touch earth wire on/off i can feel voltage so coil ok. how can i test ign unit or distributor?,
  6. rebuilding my s3 2.2 n/a. put it all back in and during this time removed the "selmar" alarm/imobiliser (remember them with the pendulum inside!!!) now i cant get it to spark, the wiring is so old and the colours faded its hard to be sure they are correct. Can anyone send me a pic or advise what to check for lives, earths etc live in nazeing essex. regards mick
  7. i have bought new black side trims, i did think about removing the join but decided to leave this feature.
  8. i have added pics to pistonheads web, cant seem to send to here, what am i doing wrong/ update attempt and again
  9. i have bought replacement washers for the bottom of the fuel lines. recieved two copper and two steel, what order should they be refitted in please
  10. starting to put the old girl back together and found a selmar alarm!!started removing the wiring and found this on the engine bulkhead behind the drivers seat, is it part of the alarm or part of the original car? refitting the fuel tanks and bought new washers, one steel and one copper for each tank, what way order do they go.? should get painted next week, engine back in the week after? thanks
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