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    meeting in the south of france

    afer a small trip from aix en provbence to le luc en provence, will be here for a dinner
  2. for us, all was perfect ( exept may be the eyes of bibs)
  3. congratulations slept 1 hour during the night of saturday........ you like tired at 12h when i saw ( your eyes looks like a russian rabbit)....................but what a succes...................again congratulation for all the things you do and you ll do in the future

    1. Bibs


      Thanks ever so much mate. It was a hard weekend but well worth it in the end. Very nice to meet you at last, I'm glad you and your friends had a great time :thumbup:

  4. for all the things you do hurray hurray for bibs
  5. Oh!!!!!! its not one ticket per car ( 2 people on it ) ?
  6. have you got an idea of the barbecue starting ( not finishing) hours
  7. nothing in the mail box for the moment
  8. Hi bibs you made a mistake we appears at 31 to 33 and at 67 to 75 !!!!