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  1. Hi guys , I'm interested to fill the rear arch of my s2 with a couple of spacers, my car have the original 4 holes speedline allot wheels, someone have fit the spacers on his car? where I can find the right spacers for my s2?
  2. Hello guys, today we finally have for the first time tested my totally restored esprit s2 on road, after the test, we put the car onto the lift to adjust the dampers, but we have noticed an abundant oil leaking in both dampers! , I want to clarify that when we put the dampers the car was used only once, today! This problem is happened to some of you? Max
  3. I still waiting from sj the pipe to replace the center silencer, as soon the piece arrive I let you know the sound differences...
  4. Hi Pete, On the car I have found a good complete stainless steel exhaust system with centre silencer also in ss, the system is in a very good condition so I want to use this wonderful exhaust on my car, but due to this reason it is difficult to understand where this system came from , I have found from photos on the web some similar exhausts from sj and others supplier but I not shure who is the original supplier and manifacturer , so it is a risk to buy something that can't fit with this system, probably I need to make this pipe here in a workshop ,so after to build it, I'm interested tu ear some opinions from who have tried the car with and without the centre silencer, and what are the differences in performance/sound , now the engine of my car is total rebuilt, with new also balanced crankcase, special pistons and a lot of upgrades (but still 2 litres) now it's soooooo smooth and clean...without rattle, ritmical noises and so need a bit more voice from exhaust...
  5. What kind of set up you have on your s3 Colin? standard exhaust system without centre silencer?
  6. hi all, my car is finally at the end of a big restore, the engine completely rebuilted now run very clean and smooth , I'm very happy for this but a car like esprit s2 I think need more sound from exhaust, if I change the centre silencer whit a simple pipe (i think SJ have something in the part list) , it can improve the sound? there are some other solutions without change the complete exhaust system?
  7. ciao Lutz! sorry for late reply but I was on vacation! your car seems exactly my car! beautiful car!! very LRGP color scheme!,gold with a little difference. mine is manufactured on october 79 not 78, so maybe something can change also about the chassis number position, or maybe not, I can't check in the area that you have found the c.n. because my chassis don't need to be separated from the body, It is a bit rusted but I haven't found areas with holes or deep rust , so the only way to check the horizontal frame is to drill the glassfiber on luggage compartment or I can found it easily without drill or separate the body? the interior of my car have a strange history, I have found original red carpet and red leather seats but also a gold marcasite dashboard, that seems original because weary like a 30 years old dashboard...but from Lotus cars the Engineer Brian Hope have sended to me a document with the details of my car when new, and the dashboard was in black velvet for Lotus cars! My car is at the end of a big restoring and I hope to drive it i the next mounts ! I came from Basilicanova a little town in Emilia few km from Maranello...the region of Ferrari cars... ciao Max
  8. on my car I have found 2 fan, (no air con, inclined rad)
  9. Thank you Giorgio! Tomorrow I try to check in that area...I hope to find something!
  10. Hi all, I have found only 2 plates with the VIN NUMBER of the car, (mine is an 1979 s2) one on the front compartment near a wheel arch and a second plate inside the car near the front glass at the binnacle side, but I haven't found the number on the chassis , possible?
  11. Hi Pete! Thank you for the information, ok I have an order open with SJ so it is a good choice to' add also a complete front cooling System, It is the 4th or 5th order that I have done to Sj due a complete mechanical restoring of my car, a very big restore...anything is new now , engine, gearbox, brake system, clutch, and also the cooling system now...
  12. Hi all! I have a very simple question regarding the cooling system, I must to replace the radiator and fans because destroyed so there are some kind of replacement for esprit s2 radiator and fans (maybe from old ford?) or not? on my s2 there is an inclined radiator
  13. Giorgio, vedo solo ora che hai ripreso i lavori sulla meccanica della tua Esprit, grande! dai che le finiamo ste benedette macchine...
  14. Hello Nick, originally in my car I found a gold marcasite in bad condition, so I decided to restore the interior with a gold velvet similar to the original found on the car, after a few months I wrote to Lotus Cars for obtain the 1979 production document of my car where shows the data construction of my car, and surprise! in the document is cited: red leather seats, red carpet and trim in black velvet ... so I guess someone in the past have replaced the original black marcasite with a used complete interior in gold marcasite !, but I intend to restore the originality of interior in black and find 5 / 6 meters of marcasite black (or dark gray) or a material very close to the original.
  15. Hi all, in These days I'm thinking about rebuilding a part of the inside of my esprit, I discovered more recently through the help of Lotus cars that the color of marcasite I found in the car was not the same cited on the lotus production data, so the velvet was replaced from previous owners later from the original black to gold, so I'm are determined to restore the originality by replacing the incorrect gold with black marcasite clone, which tissue may replace the old unobtainable marcasite?
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