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    1971 Ford Escort with 907 Engine
  1. Hi guys Due to spinning the big ends on my HC engine i'm in need of a crank and rods. I'm in the Essex area Can anybody help?
  2. Hi guys Ive just had my head rebuilt as it was flipping out the shims. Now i've got the head back and i'm reassembling everything i'm not sure if the cam carriers to head had a gasket or just silastic/permabond. Can someone confirm please Many thanks, Darren
  3. Mornin all I've been lurkin around these forums for a while now in my quest to gain knowledge on my beloved cars engine Its a 1971 Mk1 Ford Escort GT, powered by a 907 engine/W58 Toyota box I have got some problems with it at the moment and it needs to come out for some work and i'm finding this place very useful!! Tried to post pics but cant seem to be able to
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