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  1. It works fine on my mac, a bit laggy but nothing not to be expected as they are probably going to scale servers up in time for the upcoming supercar. Until then the configurator is going to be a work in progress , they have used the Volvo Cars configurator template to good effect, They have switched the app dashboard from right to left, and simplified it a bit, I'm glad they have put it up online in time for the "confinement". I would call it a good procrastination tool.
  2. Indeed, It is still basic but it's neat and it works, and it is a clear signed of things to come.
  3. the crisis started at the launch of evora really and then getting a loan became very difficult.
  4. Come to think of it... Is Lotus' bad luck is kind of legendary? Every time that they try to grow, the company is hit by mean adverse events. it happened in the late 70's, to a lesser extent in the early 90's. then it happened in the early 2010 with DB antics and the financial crisis remnants and now that they have a strong backer for the first time since GM and Toyota, the world economy goes to shit again...
  5. IT'LL BE WORTH THE WAIT What will be worth the wait??? Are we talking Evija, Covid 19 vaccine or first drive post confinement, or an upcoming model here?
  6. Uh in my case I do... A, it is sort of a nice drive, B, we can still sort of do it, C, from 1.17 to 0,90, on a F150 or even my Aero i'm going to save more than a few cents on a fill up.
  7. I'm at 1.179 CAD because I live in a mountain resort town in British Columbia but people living 1 hour away enjoy much cheaper gas, 94.5 cts in Salmon Arm and as low as 73.9 cts in Prince George. in the meantime, people from Edmonton (Alberta ) do enjoy 58.9 cts but it is all a big joke as nobody can't go anywhere.
  8. They have more than the patent, the gearbox does exist and comes with a whole bunch of models However, at the time being that DCT is for front engine transverse application, and is focused on more pedestrian engines mating, with max torque input set at 330 nm. It doesn't mean that a new casing for longittudinal application cannot be created nor that the torque can't be raised... Lotus do have a patent for a a high torque 7 speed DCT, they also have the blue prints for a lightweight V6 engine, they've also had the ability to get the chassis out and about as per the spyshots and we know that chassis has seen a longitudinal lay out before. For the rest we'll have to wait and hope we are still here after Covid...
  9. The fact that Lotus can engineer a longitudinal engine bay and have it ready is a no brainer... The idea that Lotus an AM shall share an engine because said new engine looks cool not so. The idea that interim may have a longitudinal engine seems logical we should see it next year. The AM engine is set to appear in a car for the first time in 2022. AM is doing all they can to remain in the news right now. the fact that Lotus has been integrated by Geely-Volvo in the new powertrain company is another indicator of where Lotus will get their new engines
  10. Have you zapped the part when Geely did make an offer for Aston and got turned down!! Also both Lotus and Geely have the capability to engineer an engine, Lotus has had a NGE on the shelves for years that does pretty much have the same spec.Geely has a V6 that does seat on shelves to and they want nothing more than to put this engine front and centre, I don't see why they wouldn't do it... Many pundits do mention the Toyota engine GR-FKS as the next engine of choice for the interim sports car. I find this mind-boggling, when it would mean that Geely and Lotus have to pay royalties to Toyota, when they have a completely suitable design seating not only on design shelves, but actually being produced at a slow rate right now! The next gen of Lotus, i.e not that new top end car, are likely to be powered by a 4cyl turbo possibly hybridized, because this is where the market has been going... Before EV do take over, Yes top end versions may receive the V6. the thing is, Lotus is now part of a group and will play the group card has often as possible ; it's already visible on a very few elements of Evija (most notably the seats). Also, we know Aston is hurting for cash flow right now, and stranger things have happened, but essentially they would be sharing this brand new engine with a direct competitor of their upcoming Valhalla... I know Lamborghini and Audi have done this, but here's the thing, it's all VW group.... It would be awkward to see Lamborghini giving Ferrari an Engine don't you think?! Same way, McLaren is unlikely to prop Aston and yet their engine is ready to be dropped in any car there is. We are talking about luxury cars here, nobody needs to produce or drive a V6 but people and companies do build them for the prestige and also to showcase their technological ability. In the case of Aston they also want to stop paying royalties to Daimler-Benz just Like JLR are developing a new 6 cyl to replace the old V6 and V8 that they still to this day get built at a german Ford factory. Companies want and need to control their destinies in the context they evolve in, paying royalties will be avoided, tech colabs will be favoured but group logic will be the paradigm in which they operate.
  11. the new aston V6 is longitudinal the engine bay in current lotuses only allows for transverse lay out. So nope.
  12. When in Montreal, one does have to dress appropriately to go shopping...
  13. This configurator is not for us, it seems. non buyers will not be invited to play with it and create the Evija of their dreams but i do hope the tech will be applied to all future cars from the company. It looks gorgeous.
  14. They do...but people don't mention or even seem to know about it... While other journos are totally oblivious to the fact that Geely group can engineer their own powertrains... My bet it will be an all new to Lotus engine based on a GeelyVolvo existing block. Also does this car sports 21 or bigger at the rear... this tire/wheel combo looks massive?
  15. That is one ugly render... just my two cents. I would not call it Esprit either, but I would chose a name to evoke it so I would go with Etna, but then again I'm not in charge.
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