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  1. NedaSay

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    I really don't see why not. it wouldn't be that expensive to build and would be a pricey option.
  2. Oh what could have been... if DB had had half an once of business acumen... We would have had the Esprit out for nearly 5 years now... Instead of that still a year and a half to go...
  3. NedaSay

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    It is available with a touring pack I believe that makes it pretty much a 400 without the glass tail lid
  4. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Bring on the heavy machinery.
  5. It is time I think for TLF to evolve into the NOS market provider. Or better yet as Aston Martin, Lamborghini Porsche and the likes are all doing it these days, time to get Lotus to go back to making NOS.
  6. All of that and plotting even more moves with Polestar and Lotus, every Geely brand is set to get its own motorsport program.
  7. NedaSay

    Evora GT430

    ^^^ Our CEO has indeed been really quiet for a while ...
  8. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Ok to be fair at 163 kg the GR-FE if not the ultimate lightweight V6 is by far and large not lardy at all... There are kits out there with exotic material to get its weight way down I read somewhere that it could shave up to 15kg but that means a whole lot of titanium. the Lotus HWA V8 was going to be 170kg but that was pretty much a race engine detuned. A Drive-E based engine would be necessarily turboed as the entire architecture is turbo centric, with a max rpm output set at a low 6000 rpm because the goal of that engine was to comply with Euro 6c and also gulp gas or diesel with minimal change to the engine block and head. Now when it comes to the placement of said engine... Yup if we remove the leg room that was dedicated to the +2 configuration you can centre masses even more aggressively but you still need the space dedicated to the gas tank and you may want to make said gas tank a bit larger, a 70L capacity would be a minimum. Still as we said there's plenty of weight to be shed by doing a bit of reengineering to the Evora chassis: some alloy castings here and there instead of plain extrusions and doing away with anything steel on the car to lower mass even further. Now when you say adding to doors (à la AM Rapide) do you mean having a four door, four seater rear mid engined sports car??? You lost me there.
  9. I did not see this one coming... Or did I read about it somewhere already any way here is a potential new venue For a Lotus Driving Academy
  10. NedaSay

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    Interesting, I see the models now while last time i did go on the UK website it did not show them, could it have been a bad update on the website or possibly my browser... That would not make sense... Confused and intrigued.
  11. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Hum let's be optimistic, first Lotus gets to fiddle with Geely's own V6 to get something positively perky about it lets say 550bhp, down the line Lotus gets Geely to bankroll a V8 block on which to slot two banks of the Drive-E 4 cyl with the turbo and electric supercharger - 4L and some 800bhp on tap - to which you had one or two electric motors to get to a ridiculous amount of bhp... considering they have a carbon chassis in development that should offset the lardyness of such a unit.
  12. NedaSay

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    KERS would be a packaging nightmare but a 48v battery may work... However if they do revamp the car I doubt they'll touch the engine bay... The engine bed was not engineered with a straight 4 cyl in mind only with a V6 or 3 cyl. Possible scenario they drop the Toyota V6 for the Geely V6 and let the R&D and engineering divisions loose on it. This engine has the same base line spec so I would expect the same kind of output with the supercharger, but of course being made by Geely it can be "finessed" internally if they feel like it, global homologation and certification being a lot less of a problem considering Geely can foot the bill on it and pair the engine with their chinese Luxury models this generating some economies of scale making the project less of a ballerina. Still remains the issue of finding a manual gearbox to cope with more torque. I do think we'll get a 410 Sport with touring pack making it the new 400 (rear seat, glass lid instead of louvres, regular suspensions, supersport or Cup 4 tyres instead of Cup 2) 8 speed gearbox to replace the 6 speed auto. They could also revamp the interior with Volvo Geely-tech, if a business case can be made for it...
  13. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    @C8RKH your GBP to "my" colonial USD( not using CAD as it is mostly irrelevant in global trade) I think we are in the same price bracket if we look at currency conversion rate. I do think Lotus will be priced just as Volvo is on their market segment i.e value for money. I think they will benchmark with Porsche first, then Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini but also Alpine and Maserati, naturally they will benchmark the other germans. However trying to outprice a BMW M2 is almost impossible im my opinion if we think about scale. As to the fit and finish of the new cars, if the SUV cabin does inform us, and the recent hiring spree both at Hethel and in Shanghai suburbs is anything to go by, we are set to see a new generation of dare i say luxurious high tech interiors in future Lotus. Now luxurious should not mean heavy... They should be in the same vein as the Evora just even more polished and with bespoke user interface, derived from Geely group U/I but tuned and redesigned to fit the Lotus philosophy/positioning. No more aftermarket or outdated Ford parts bin stuff. Lotus is appointing a buyer that will be based in Stockholm...They are getting Volvo's tech in theses cars, I expect the loom and all the stock, toggles and switches to be Geely-Volvo CEVT branded products. Get ready to say hello to HD widescreen with a Lotus skin on the Volvo Sensus U/I, get ready for Sparco electric cooled and heated seats, phone wireless charging craddle, USB ports galore, HUD, multizones AC unit engineered by Volvo. Get ready for driver assistance... One of the possible favorite option people will tick maybe the delete option. Now the range is going to be interesting in terms of positioning, JMG said before he left that two new sports were coming but they would not be replacing two cars in the line up. Because it is the oldest car in the range, we first thought it was the Elise that was getting replaced before JMG spoke again and said the market was elsewhere and the attention got shifted toward an Exige replacement. We all assume the other car is an Esprit successor or halo car. Essentially that leaves Elise and Evora to soldier on before they are eventually phased out with or without replacement. In two years the line may look just as @C8RKH presented but segmenting the Lotus range will be somewhat tricky. I assume the new Exige will go toe to toe with the Boxster/Cayman and that leaves very little room for an entry level Elise. I assume the Evora is going to get another mild make over in order to keep hunting the 911 forever and ever. I assume the Halo car will slot above the Evora and hunt everything else... And everything else is a awful lot these days. this segment is crowded and it is getting worse with Corvette and Aston Martin both bringing new read mid engined cars in the next 2 years. If you are just looking for a mid engined supercars right now, you have never had that much of a choice amongst the established players and the price span is daunting too, from around 150K USD to near or beyond 300K USD it is maddening. I wish the very best of Luck to Popham and the team to position the car. Should they go to the lower end Audi R8, McLaren Sport Series or Should they go to the upper end 720s, F488?
  14. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    I'd rather think Lotus will match Porsche toe to toe with a starting Elise replacement at around 55k when it lands. Just basing this on how Volvo was benchmarked against Mercedes Benz and how they are systematically cheaper. Going way upmarket with a sports car base model at 100k is not really sustainable, Lotus needs to build equity, the brand is an unknown quantity in China but European buyers American buyers have a certain notion of what Lotus is. Jumping straight to 100k+ is a stretch that could be somewhat dangerous. It all comes down to the new Esprit pricing... it will be the top end except for potential Eleven limited runs, will probably start somewhere between a 570S or a 720S. Whether it is close to one or the other will inform on the positioning of the lower end models. In my opinion there's room at the top end but also at the lower end of the market I believe. Especially if the first generation of Lotus under Geely is still based on internal combustion engine.
  15. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    You are I think absolutely right, but lets not kid ourselves Loti are not cheap, they haven't been cheap in a long time and I do think that the new line up will pretty much mimic the price structure of Porsche at the low end and should undercut Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and McLaren at the top end. So if one was able to afford an Evora or an Exige V6 recently that same person should still be able to afford buying a Lotus in the future maybe not the top end but the exige replacement will not price out most current buyers. Hopefully, they will be produced in much higher numbers and this will cause the second hand market to have hopefully lower prices allowing humble people like me to be able to buy an Elise... Oh yeah in case you don't know the Elise still sells for around a whopping 50k CAD... Yup 50K for a bare bone generally over 10 years old car... Depreciation my arse!!!!