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  1. Oh come on! you are pulling my leg right!?
  2. Chrome red!?
  3. under two tons, lowest possible weight for the entry level would be quite a feat, that is nearly half a ton lighter than an Urus 3/4 of a ton lighter than a Bentayga and over half a ton lighter than a comparable Model X.
  4. Nope they won't be, they are hinting at low 4s, it will take the Sport/ R or GT model to go below 4sec.
  5. Just spotted a posting on instagram of the Emira key keyless off course, i don't know if it is a prototype or not pic makes it look unfinished.
  6. Lidar testing ? this SUV is low to the ground in the pic... air suspension determined right height.
  7. NedaSay

    Emira GT4

    The engine spec sheet of the Emira GT4 looks very close to production spec compared to the Evora GT4 of old... They have just unlocked the torque limiter and 7200 rpm red line. is interesting the 400bhp max are definitely "regulations" limited
  8. NedaSay

    Emira GT4

    It would not be illogical... Brabus showed what could be done with that engine and a simple ECU remap. Then again the V6 is capable of producing silly power numbers and Lotus has just showed that they are able to get beyond the physical limitation of the BG6 gearbox with the Radford project... Emira GT5XX is not impossible.
  9. Come to think of the parallels between Lotus under DB versus JMG, PP and MW. is the absence of the Lotus brand in high profile Motorsport program. while DB got Lotus involved in LM24 GT and LMP1, Indy 500, Formula 1... JMG did not run any program, nor did PP and MW only did a bit of it with Extreme E and Lotus Engineering for just a season.
  10. Damn it this is exactly what i was thinking... The big difference is this time the CEO has the means to actually do what Dany promised and is way less showy. But the parallel is unavoidable.
  11. The re-calibration of the brand is in progress. It is probably their most cohesive brand video ever, The Roundel has lost its green though...
  12. In the early Emira photos... The bhp number displayed was 481hp. I don't think it was a mistake, Lotus can get these number either with The V6 or the i4. The Emira GT4XX is also going to be way lighter, however it is still some time away into the future, don't hold your breath.
  13. So if the teaser are true there is a Emira GT480 in the wing... This would give the 718 GT4-RS some bone to chew on.
  14. That is because it is.
  15. Ok this is nice. But where is the Emira GT4?!
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