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  1. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    Uh the sport and cup version can and will easily be lighter, there could be carbon fibre off course, but there can also be a lot of deletion too. Delete ADAS save kg, delete electric seats save kg, swap exhaust system for titanium muffler and silencers, swap engine bay glass-lid for Lexan. When it comes to the engine bay, one of the limiting factor for the GR-FE was heat, if heat sinking has been resolved, then they can open the tap a little bit more on the engine, GR-FE have reached 450bhp+ reliably with no internal mods. The other limiting factor was gearbox, and there again Lotus can gain a bit by replacing a cog or two as they open every manual transmission that comes anyway to install their own ratios, especially with the gearbox cooler now having to do less work as the engine bay itself is a few degrees cooler. In terms of budget, Emira did not break the bank at Lotus. as much as Evija may have cost pretty penny to bring to market. Emira is first and foremost very clever design, very clever mods to a tested and true platform. It is very good use of a parts bin from Geely ; when it comes to it Geely should be really satisfied of how much of their tech has elegantly made it in the cabin and elsewhere. It is also goo procurement now facilitated by belonging to Geely group. Ulterior versions of Evora will cost money to develop but they will not need 2B to bring them to market. The road-map of the car lifespan is already known at Lotus, it is all about phasing to optimize revenue. 1st Edition Emiras owners will need to be satisfied then there will be regular Emiras (that will hopefully be my group ) Then the first variant Sport will come with a minor power bump, and in 12 to 24 months we should have Cup/R/GT version. The vehicle attribute team must be having tons of fun right now with so much to play with. The segmentation of the range will be very interesting, because the 4cyl is not outgunned by the V6, even if the V6 will remain the top dog. The 4cyl exist so that the car can compete with the coxster, be cheaper and compliant on some specific markets so the marketing guys probably have their work cut out. They brought the Sprint moniker back on the Elise recently, they may have to use it again to maybe distinguish between a 4cyl and V6 powerbump : Sprint 4cyl and Sport V6 or something, it is going to be interesting.
  2. ^^is this factory 1 in the picture???
  3. The chassis of Emira is obviously different, people who have sat in the cabin have noticed the headroom but also the shoulder room is significantly increased, the cabin in wider. The mounting points for the suspension and the cinematics are ever so slightly different, the mounting points for the engines hardwares are also different. The sills are lowered yet, which clearly indicates that they must have made more tweaks to the chassis but also, maybe because they decided pretty early to take a pass on the roadster, to place some of the stress on some core body parts (the passenger cell : "A pilar" and "Roof")
  4. We may get the SUV announcement by this year's end. At least that's what MW has been hinting at, it would make sense, the factory is ready, the chassis spec must have been frozen for a while now and when it comes to motor spec, we know they are not going too off script at this point. So with a design language that can do no wrong at the time being and interior tech that has been really well received by the media, potential customers and fan alike, they are in a good place. Beside we know they have trademarked Elevo, so we may get the first teaser in the early fall. Considering they now have access to what they wanted most: financial resources and a parts bin that seriously elevated their game in addition to enjoying total secrecy with most of the development taking place behind closed doors and private grounds at Hethel, Wellesbourne, Gothenburg, Shanghai and Chengdu ; the lead time between the SUV announcement and the production start may be much shorter than Emira's, they could be good for a late 2022 start.
  5. They just evolved and rebranded the platform, the seals are even thinner than the latest version of it in Evora. The internal codename for the architecture is now Elemental but externally it is now known as the Sport Car Architecture to distinguish it from the Lifestyle vehicle architecture
  6. Yup, Lotus is set to multiply production by almost a tenfold - year on year - which is amazing. Bringing on a triple shift is not always a good thing except for the bottom line at the beginning. it brings its lot of challenges to overcome with staff training and scheduling as well as supply chain issues sometimes, but again Lotus has brought on some people that are more than up to the task to take on all of that head on. Double shift is a no brainer and that is almost 10000 cars per annum made in Hethel. if you add to these 15-20000 cars made in Chengdu (China) Oh and also Lotus is only using Factory 3 for Evija and Factory 2(the skeleton) while factory 1 is being refurbished even further from what I gathered, so that they can start the EV sportcars production in 2024. Bibs feel free to correct me on this one.
  7. It seems AMG already had it figured out: Besides there are no less than four ducts (side intakes) channelling air from the side of the car to the engine bay. Lotus could dedicate one or two these to turbo cooling specifically and just like they added a gearbox cooler to the V6, they could have designed a cooling apparatus for the turbo too. I'm not worried this is not Lotus first rodeo and now they have the full might of the Geely group behind them so using one or two supercomputers to run simulations or leaving an engine on a dyno for months to see how it is going to work out in the long run is not an issue. The news is that Emira is a launch success, orders are coming and pushing MW to have a look at bringing forward decision that they wanted to make by year two of production. If they can go double shift from 2022 that means about 9000 thousand Emira alone and with the first lifestyle vehicle now just months away Lotus is set for a massive leap in terms of production numbers. I heard they expected 15-20000 sales a year for the SUV alone
  8. They have only mentioned the DIN weight, which does include all fluid and driver weighing 75kg if i understand the stuff. which means the car is actually lighter than they advertised. I do think that they wont commit on clear spec as long as the work on some interior bits get fully specced. There is 80kg difference between the 4cyl powertrain and the V6 powertrain. the sad thing here is that unless they have worked a little more magic dust on the BG6 which is notn impossible as they do open the thing to set their own ratios in there, the bg6 is torque limited. However it has been said that the engine bay has better passive cooling and venting, if so the torque limit on the manual could be lifted past 430 nm in potential future iteration. I think we've all seen that screen capture with 478bhp number. They may actually can the V6 auto early as the 4cyl DCT will be pretty much better in every regard except may very long distance cruising. But then if you do mostly long distance cruising the V6 manual would be 30kg lighter than the auto and have the exposed linkage.... Personally I like the idea of a "sensible" 4 cylinder with 8 speed to get crazy mileage will cruising and have enough left in the tank to have a bit of fun once Vancouver is far behind me and the highway gets twisty.
  9. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    ^^That is if they give the full fat 415bhp to the 4cyl but at 360bhp it would still be good. But as said this is still a prototype or at least a work in progress with specs that can change a lot between now and spring of 2022.
  10. So, it all started with Radford motors unless it really started with JBXE Racing. Then an Evija purchase was officialized. Then he was the 1st driver of Emira outside the staff of Lotus and guest personality of the Emira launch. And now Lotus and Jenson annonce a collaboration between Jenson's Léger bike brand and Lotus for the development of a new bike using British component and bike maker Hope tech to boot. Lotus and JB are all in it appears.
  11. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    Nothing internal was done, it was all ECU, intake and exhaust. Trying to keep the engine bay temp low, so as not to cook either gearboxes hence the gearbox cooler on the most potent spec. Some have pointed to better cooling on Emira, so possible gains to be made there but we won't know really until they release S and R versions
  12. I'm really curious to see the final specs and wonder if the car will not be 10kg lighter at least in 4cyl guise or if the V6 will be 40kg heavier. I will opt for the 4cyl because it should be pretty incredible on fun but also fuel economy and so very true to Lotus DNA. Yet I'm deadly scared of a post warranty issue with the 4cyl engine... because going to a Mercedes dealership to get it fixed will make my eyes water. I want a darker shade of blue, the red and green liveries are beautiful but midnight blue is still my favourite, so pretty happy that they are a few months away. Also I think I will be good with the base seat, my spec will be pretty frugal as I'm pretty happy with what I think will be the base interior or maybe depending on budget the tan interior upgrade. I think that considering that this interior is very parts bin, they have done a wonderful job of integration and personnalization for the brand as it doesn't look parts been at but bespoke despite the Geely entertainment screen and toggles. And the Kef audio system is an awesome cherry on top Now I'm wondering how long the US NHTSA and its Canadian counterpart will take to get the car approved cause that was not great for the 400. I know the car is made to be global and with airbags are no longer in the seats but the doors along with the fact that Lotus can crash test as many cars as needed, should help. But I sadly remember a bunch of 400 seating at port for months... .
  13. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    Emira is technically speaking benchmarked on Cayman so no need to provide the 400bhp from the get go, also in order to meet regulation they probably needed to tune the powertrain for fuel efficiency and lower emissions so that with Euro VII regulation they can keep this powertrain relevant as Metcalfe points to in his video. It is still the 2GR-FE which I find shocking as Toyota is keeping it in production solely for Lotus at this point. I get that this engine shares its base with the newer Toyota V6 engines and that the complete powertrain is probably cheaper to buy for lotus than an updated 2GR-FKS with the 8 speed to match but for Toyota to keep it on the production line for some 4000 units... Also to kind in mind I think, they just presented Emira 1st edition, this is no S, no R and certainly no GT. There is plenty of room to go more hardcore and for marketing lightweighting on ulterior versions. One thing they haven't talked at all is the body of the car, I guess it is more composite than alloy due to the complexity of some lines but not a word on it anywhere. They really put the emphasis on the AMG connection, somebody pretty high really wanted that engine which is great and all. but as a one off collaboration... I don't quite get it in terms of group strategy. Then again Lotus clearly has leeway and if one higher up said this engine is better for engineering or marketing reason. I'm OK to eat crow. I just wonder what people at Geely powertrain group are thinking, not that they have a say in the matter obviously. My other thing is how Lotus did not commit on spec at all... Some Journalists have said that the V6 was the top spec, while other have said that the 4cyl will be the top spec. If Lotus got the AMG engine to tune it to 360 bhp and to make it less edgy than in a CLA45... Some will be pissed. But then if they give it the full beans, it is more powerful than the V6. So how do you build the product range together cohesively. Especially on this side of the pond.
  14. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    Bibs videobombing Harry Metcalfe shamelessly priceless!
  15. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    So, under 60k for a supercharged V6 that you could take to Komotec and transform into a freaking monster for less than 12k?!
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