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  1. I think it was the goal, and should be quite easy to do as the car was mostly an evolution of the previous GT4, There was a slight evolution in the engine bay but as it remains pretty close to stock form it should be homologated without too much of a tussle. We know it should run in China, Hopefully it will run in Europe too, Maybe the factory will field a week end warrior team or will find a dealer partner to field a car or two. Then it is all about selling a cars and providing support.
  2. Geely products leave not much to be desired already, early reviews on their western offering point to perceived q
  3. Agreed the powers that be at Volvo and Geely do know what they are doing. Even with an event horizon darkening somewhat in the short to medium term in mainland China, there have been no knee-jerk reaction, just adjustment made and profit warning issued in a timely manner, long term goals remain achievable using the current plan and decision like these make so much sense.
  4. It will take you long to trust Chinese or Japanese built product?! Wow... Where are your cellphone and computer made? Murica?
  5. Well Volvo seems to be doing fine with cars made in China. Apple is having no problem whatsoever to shift pricey phones and laptop made in China also your tv, and white goods and many parts bin stuff and other major component on your car is probably coming from China... So what the heck are you on about? Design and engineered in Hethel that is the only thing Lotus needs to write on the parts coming from china, then they just need to Q.A the stuff to no end... I am not worried about that because Volvo already does it, and last time I checked Volvo along with RollsRoyce have the most feared QA inspectors in the sandbox.
  6. ^^ Keep in mind that V6 would be revamped by Lotus and has undergone a Geely-Volvo redesign and did spend some time in Trollhattan. This engine has never been tested by europeans motor journalists but the journos from the middle east have and the emirates in particular have been positive about the level of refinement the cars equipped with said engine. Now if ee consider that Geely saw fit to make this engine EU6 compliant, it makes for a good base for Lotus to fiddle with it... Forged internals, turbocharging, new ECU map could all be redesigned and reengineered in Hethel, before the changes could get implemented back at the Chinese factory. A bespoke engine with a trusted and somewhat mass produced V6 base... I say somewhat because this engine is only available on the Boyue and Borui (aka Emgrand GT and X7 in china). And it seems Geely is starting to phase out its "oldest" engine platform in favour of the Drive-E engine, which as we know has been the workhorse of the Volvo range, so maybe Lotus sticks to boosted to 4 cyl but for some reason I can't explain, I don't quite think so... Now I have a question for our UK based contributors and more specifically our Norfolk dwellers. Can anybody share any info about where they are at with the renovations of Hethel? Not a single pic has leaked over than on a few videos showing the old control tower not looking its best...
  7. Recouping information is what I do for a living . By the way I did not say the SUV would be based on this platform I did say that the SUV will be using this powertrain. The vehicle platform or chassis will be "bespoke" to Lotus.
  8. Looks like the SUV skate is ready, Volvo just unveiled its CMA based XC40 full EV, this is in essence the base of the upcoming Lotus SUV who should borrow exactly the same powertrain architecture if seriously spruced up Volvo and Geely will retain McPhersons strut and multilink at the back but I do expect Lotus will stick to its sporty true and tested double wishbone at the front and possibly at the back if the wheelbase of the prototype last spotted in July 2019 is anything to go by. To make matters simple for Lotus, Volvo and Geely saw fit to build an aluminum craddle for the the battery pack : "the battery is protected by a safety cage which consists of a frame of extruded aluminium, and has been embedded in the middle of the car’s body structure, creating a built-in crumple zone around the battery." So building an aluminium chassis around that should not be too tricky Also, this Volvo sibling is going to be loaded with the latest tech in driver assistance and by just looking at the position Lotus has been trying to fill recently, the Lotus SUV may very well get its own bespoke version of this driver assistance package.
  9. They can use the lotus name all they want, Lotus has been registered by many companies as their brand. Lotus is a common name, the number of companies in China alone using Lotus is mind boggling The only things Group Lotus has registered are the CABC Lotus roundel and the Lotus Cars moniker, and even there, there are a few problems...
  10. Uh They don't need to solve world issues... They need to finish developing a model that has been in the pipeline ever since the previous CEO was in charge. JMG showed up at the gate in 2014, this car started its development in late 2015 or early 2016, spec got frozen way before the current management showed up... It was one of the 3 options JMG had planned. Geely called the shot on which model they should come out with first under Quinfeng. But by that time they knew exactly what the car required, chassis wise and engine wise. I insist It is a VVA platform car, essentially an Evora Plus or Minus depending on what design they went with. The only thing they have had to sort out at is the integration of the loom and parts bin. I believe JMG preempted the sale to Geely by acquiring a few Volvos to get the powertrain template. This is not rocket science this is project planning. The fact that Evija got delayed consciously by a year to get a thorough propulsion system redesign is fine, but this time we are talking good old internal combustion engine. if they decided to go with Geely V6 and not Volvo 4 Cyl lead time would not be longer as the Geely own V6 is a VVTi clone of Mitsubishi own V6 which is GR-FE doppelgänger, If anything having Quinfeng in charge of this one would accelerate development as his team oversaw said engine development in the first place. I get that they want to have a winner right out of the gate
  11. Delaying the launch of the new sport car to 2021 would be underwhelming, especially considered it is a VVA car. they have the chassis core ready, even if they use more castings instead extrusions it should not take them long to do the engineering on that, then Geely Group components should not take that long to integrate, they are using true and tested componentry, The car will not have Evija crazy level of bespoke parts... The powertrain can either be a 6 cyl Toyota or a 6 cyl from Geely or a 4 cyl from Geely/Volvo, all are transverse compatible all are mated to gearboxes cases Lotus is used to . The delay cannot be linked either to the factory retooling, as this car will be built on the current assembly line and not the new assembly hall that will be all Evija for its first year. a soft unveil in Geneva or more likely Beijing later next year before a roll out early in 2021 is the maximum some people will wait and in order to get that they better give Evora another quick raft of minor upgrades IMO.
  12. Popham has a way to recycle his interview talking points...
  13. I guess so too... Maybe with a few new hires at both cars and engineering and some careful allocation of funds, Lotus will be able to justify getting a purpose built or overhauled facility that will allow them to bring eveybody under one roof again. Maybe on one of Geely properties in North America, the new USA HQ is in a very non descript single floor building in an industrial park for the time being.
  14. Uh can anyone tell me when Lotus Cars North America entered its new HQ in Plymouth. Last I checked Cars and Engineering shared a common roof in Ann Arbor. I just learned that Car sales are now occupying a new building in Michigan.
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