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  1. It is an "old" system, first went to market in 2011 and has been discontinued 2 years ago. Ideal ear candy for smaller appartements and gorgeous to look at.
  2. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Uh you mean SUV is of no interest to European buyers or english buyers... Because we in North America seem to like our sporty luxury SUVs quite a lot. I see a lot more Maccans turbos than Boxters and Caymans, I see a ridiculous amount of Cayennes and Mercedes "M" with AMG trims...
  3. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    They just attended Goodwood with a full line up of cars including a tribute car and 2 specials. They have been gearing up quietly but we have to realize that they now have a lot more might (not to say brute force) at their disposal. It is pretty much invisible as it is mostly not in England, yet they have now access to staff and ressources from LEVC in Coventry, Volvo and CEVT in mainland Europe and Geely in China. Lotus was down to around 800 staff to I think 1000 right now (@Bibs correct me please) and over 10,000 engineers scattered around the globe. They have access to quality components (Volvo) and a very solid supply chain (Geely). Higher ups at Geely have already mentioned the fact that the SUV will be partly engineered in Coventry at LEVC before being possibly made in Chengdu (Geely's main campus) So we may never even see a prototype before it hits the show floor if they don't willingly leak images of said SUV, when it will undoubtedly go for winter test at Volvo's facility in Trondheim. I'm not even talking about the financial aspect, but Geely is bullish on establishing Lotus on solid footing but taking their time to do things right in a similar but not identical way to they did with Volvo. That above, is a fluff piece as many people have more questions than answers and Lotus may keep us guessing for a while. which is not a bad thing. What i think we don't want is a repeat of the DB debacle, if we see a refreshed Evora next March it won't be a surprise it might be a very mild thing, just enough to keep us wanting for more.
  4. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Well we may have to wait until Geneva 2019 to see the first effects of Geely on the current line up. The brand is now secure financially thanks to Geely acquisition. They don't need to come with specials every other week but they may continue to do so just to remain in the limelight a little bit. No need to come out with a 450 right now, especially if the initial allocation of 430 has not ran its course either... I know Lotus has done weirder stuff before but really there's no need for a repeat. Getting a 20bhp powerboost only requires a chip retune, a change of gearbox. Whether they choose to remain with Aisin or switch to Getrag, they both have a gearbox (Auto/DSG) able to cope with more torque, the manual may still be a sticking point but it can be sourced too. They could go crazy with a new intake, cam, pistons etc. The GR-FE has been tuned to in stock form at 7200 rpm by tuners before, it has been pushed to 500 bhp.... But the engine is also at the end of its life, the GR-FE architecture dates from 2002 the 2GR-FE was introduced in 2004 and Toyota only makes it for their minivans as well as the Lexus ES. When will Toyota decide to phase the engine out is unknown to me but considering they are downsizing and hybridizing all the cars that used to have this engine, it may not be long. Will Toyota keep producing it solely for Lotus? I doubt it. They have a contract with terms, terms can be renewed and/or amended... Lotus could decide to switch to a more modern application of the GR that would fit like the 2GR-FKS or switch to a Geely unit. Anyway , If Evora is to be reinvented to be more appealing to the US market, I think it needs more of a cabin tech, ergonomics overhaul which may require the new loom, in order to offer all the gadgetry north americans are used to, that in itself does take time to implement, as the loom will be "bespoke" to the car. There must be already a lot of work going on behind closed doors at Hethel and elsewhere within the group to make the "Lotus loom" as flexible and cost effective as it needs to be. JMG hinted at it being derived from Volvo architecture, it is to serve as the spine of the future sports models and may be retrofitted to models that will remain in the line up a while longer provided the get a thorough refresh, These major refresh do take time.
  5. NedaSay

    Evora 450... ++??

    Should they just replace the gearbox, or get Geely' support to get a bespoke treatment on the BG6, then they could push the BHP and torque numbers. They don't need to change the internal. Just upping the rev limiter to 7200 rpm should push both numbers way beyond 450 not to say 480. Little reminder the current engine as is but with the Xtrac gearbox did push over 460bhp and 525nm of torque. They did not make this version road legal because, the gearbox demands rebuilds at very regular intervals. It is all about the bottleneck and the main bottleneck is gearbox maximum torque imput. I believe the AISIN AW8G45 could be used on the evora soon and that 8 speed auto could allow a powerhike as it can cope with over 480 nm. Lotus has access to it through Volvo and Geely's recently partnered with AISIN Seiki. Now that 8 speed would not bring solace to the manual drivers around here but it would essentially make a 450+bhp variant quick and easy to bring to market. As to modifying the internals, until recently I would have said they are not going to just because of the cost to order the engine from Toyota, getting it delivered fully dressed and almost ready to be dropped in, only to then open the plenum and changing the innards, it would have been too expensive, under the previous ownership, they would have never done it. Now they have a bit more leeway, but does it make sense to do it ? They could also just take one of Geely's own powerplant. They have GR-FE V6 clone that is Euro VI compliant, and the new boss of Lotus did work on that program. It would make sense to drop Toyota now I think. It would not be too difficult to get Lotus to redesign the engine internals and to get the Chinese factory to produce the redesigned bits. They could then ship the engine fully built or partially built and Lotus could apply the made and engineered in Hethel vanity plate on it. It would be more cost effective and Lotus would not have to pay Toyota any longer.
  6. Completely lust worthy. This thread is just pornography for audiophiles. I just acquired my first medium to high end sound system a Focal bird... I can't imagine how these speaker sounds.
  7. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    We can only wish!
  8. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    And Lotus will be present at Goodwood with their own stand!
  9. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Nice move indeed
  10. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    I'll keep my opinion about what you just said to myself... But find it saddening that you think that a version cannot be recreated or updated because you don't buy the PR. Back on topic.
  11. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

  12. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Hum no! GT4 rules are clear engine is to be spec, by spec I mean it is the road homologated engine end of the story, position in engine bay must remain identical to road spec, GT4 is not GT3 nor GTE, GT4 is anybody getting his sports car homologated for GT racing. You don't change the engine position in a GT4. You get to play with it a bit, but you must retain engine block, engine mount, some internals can and will be upgraded to fit race purpose. Here is a pic of the GR-FE in GL spec (360bhp) in its craddle. Lotus obtained a waiver for the Original Cosworth GLA as the engine was in its original type and position. However they increased displacement to 4.0l as they could do it without changing the internal layout, the engine was normally aspirated and received the big Cossy airbox and the car were fitted with Xtrac gearbox that was derived from WTCC in order to match exactly the original layout of the Evora. They still had to obtain a waiver for that. As per SRO Motorsport Group - 2017 GT4 European Series (available here) On my side of the pound VSA Motorsport has upgraded their GT4 to 400 spec by the end of last year. They can race with the Edelbrock supercharger as it is chargecooled and is deemed "spec to the car". As is the car can race in SCCA and World Challenge GT4 category because the engine is set as spec - Just like the 570S can race with its twin turbo setup - they don't race due to lack of budget which saddens me. As for all the other parts needed to build an Evora GT4 based on the GT430, I believe they still have all the stuff they need to build them at the factory. The motorsport shop is still standing as far as I know and they still have the guidebook to build the cage. Lotus Racing (aka Motorsport under DRB) used to sell the GTN kit to whoever was willing to buy it back in the day, the brochure for it is still available on the web. Now homologating the GT4XX to GT4 spec again is not a simple walk in the park but the only things really needed here is intent and funding. The Evora GT4 was an Evora chassis fitted with a FIA rollcage, a lightweight body, a Cosworth GR-FE, an Xtrac gearbox, a Sparco race seat and a cabin stripped of everything safe for the extinguisher. But the Chassis was an Evora chassis, it was not the monster chassis that Ycom built in record time for the 2012 Le Mans 24.
  13. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    You over read... I said transform the GT430 into a GT4 and homologate. According to GT4 rules, it is totally possible to homologate a GT4XX because GT4 only accept engines in their for sale spec configuration.
  14. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    In my humble opinion they could just reopen Motorsport. This would be the perfect way to celebrate ah and paint a pair of GT430 in Lotus racing green, do away with all the cabin non essential, homologate the car for GT3 or 4, slap some Shell stickers on it along with some Michelin stickers, and go compete! Perfect way to celebrate in my opinion. That and a huge bash during the Lotus Fest and the presentation of a new variant of the Evora at Goodwood preferably a top less one but maybe I'm asking too much. They mostly did this thing to up the ante on Geely's brand perception in Europe. Geely is gearing up for a global blitzkrieg in the next 3 years they are going to attack in quick succession the EU and US market. Geely is just letting us know that they're coming and it's a very cheap way to do it, guns blazing but still holstered kind of thing.
  15. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    So we had a Geely R&D chief appointed CEO with the aim to facilitate integration of Geely Group technology in Lotus cars, I'm curious as to whether that tech will come to the current crop or if we'll have to wait another year and a half to have a preview Also congrats to Bibs for this very nice aerial picture. But hum, what is that new building being built south of Classic Team Lotus... I don't think it is a Group Lotus estate is it?