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  1. That design is the best design of any car in I don't know how long really... Regardless of being an EV, an hypercar, a mid-motor layout or a bank robbery in the making. It is a masterpiece.
  2. Oh I know, rest assured I know!!! But i'm not in a market for one so my opinion does not matter, however the LM rendering above makes for one hell of a bedroom poster.
  3. hum dark color are going to work best and uh useless wing, skirts, louvers wide body kit and front splitter just convinced me... LM version please.
  4. For some reason the lines of the car leave me cold, if they were to be compared the Evija would win the contest on that point. The car is still a thing of beauty, the interior looks like an amazing cockpit and the engine... Can Cosworth derive a V6 from that? It looks bonkers, it's good to see an old fashion engine with cutting edge tech. another 2.3m +tx of unobtainium but what a tribute to a car and a man by the man himself.
  5. these look almost suitably lightweight, more material should have been removed around the lower jaw.... Just checked the new website, it looks the part, very modern looking and the return of motorsport being significantly featured with the Lotus Cups. Very nice to see... for some reason I can't configure the interior of my dreams Evija.
  6. Mitsubishi need something to happen, I was/ still am a Pajero owner but never get to use it as its fuel economy is awful and even though the outlander phev is truly amazing... it cannot by itself keep the company afloat on any market...
  7. What the??? Lotus partners with FCA Bank in Europe? and not Geely Group VFS? This is not something I expected, nor do I fully understand the logic behind as Geely brand have been really keen on greater integration behind the scenes and in back offices. Although it also show the level of independence given to Lotus and FCA's offer might have been more aggressive than VFS. In a way it is a good thing as it shows that Lotus has finally the legs and is taken seriously by major players of the automotive financial industry... But the deal in only for Europe so Lotus still needs to work on it's North American arm, as well as Chinese and Japanese markets.
  8. One thing us for sure the future will not be presented at Geneva 2021:
  9. on an unrelated not how about that for a last ICE motorsport hurrah.
  10. The Aston Martin business model of former CEO Andy Palmer, did remind me of DB's plan, a product blitzkrieg funded by a loan with low interest and a market floatation. It could have worked, had the market stayed up and confidence stayed high, but the product planning and expenditure looked pharaonic. The market induction was poorly timed and Palmer should have known that from that moment on that he was on borrowed time, the guy planned a brand new factory, a new V12 and a V6, an SUV, 3 mid engined hypercars & supercars, relaunching Lagonda and propping RedBull to the tune of 20m USD per season for the past 4 years... I actually like the fact that Lotus is keeping it all secrets for as long as they can. it may be too slow and not proactive enough but better slow than too soon, too fast and poorly executed...
  11. Most recent video piece I could find on Evija
  12. The future will come soon enough but shall we remind ourselves of the present:
  13. This car is awesome looking in any colour.
  14. The fast chargers are available at Nurburg already and I'm sure most worthy car club motorsport tracks will get them fitted before the end of the year.
  15. I almost went with @stephenwhyte but then the blue seemed like a very worthy livery imo. my-Lotus Evija.pdf
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