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  1. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Hypercar should/would/could/may/might/ought to be presented in concept form this year.
  2. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Well if Geely decided to stick by JMG's timetables that would be 2020, assuming that the hypercar has taken precedence I would assume 2021, that is not quite enough time to reengineer the Exige doors to welcome side airbags and churn out the number of cars necesary to recoup that money. One of these sport cars is supposed to be an Esprit successor, the Exige was hinted at because JMG hinted at keep the Elise around a bit longer alongside the Evora... Both cars would be VVA based and therefore be globally compliant.
  3. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Yes we are supposed to get in rapid fire mode a ultra expensive hyper EV car, and two sport cars based on the Evora platform, one of which is assumed to be a replacement for the Exige.
  4. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    They can't it's not just front passenger airbags any more you need side airbags and this is not negotiable at all... The Exige simply cannot be reengineered without very significant expenditures and I believe the exige replacement is just a few months away.
  5. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Welcome @CharlieBrown, yeah that marketing campaign was a fail on this side of the pound I don't even think it was really addressed to North America... Nor to anyone outside england actually.
  6. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    The other party: Etika would also have to chip in at least symbolically, and may not have a say whatsoever in how the company is run... Etika got the shares to facilitate the deal between Geely and DRB... I think Geely is going to buy them out at some point. It is more than likely that Etika is just bidding their time to get a bigger payday. Geely got the first 51% for what almost looks like cheap change I think the next 20% are going to cost about the same amount as their initial purchase. In a way Etika Automotive is a vehicle that will allow DRB to recoup some of their "investment". I wouldn't be surprised if a "no paper" agreement was signed in private so that five years from now Geely can purchase part or the totality of the 49% shares currently held by Etika for a lot more money. Geely won't care much if within five years they see that their "gamble" with Lotus is working.
  7. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Agreed agreed and agreed again. I think a good first step for Lotus would be to reach the 15/20k vehicle produced. I think a SUV with Lotus DNA and with proper support (marketing, dealer network, sales andaftersales) can get Lotus to that first milestone with the current line up of sports cars properly updated. They should remain light, they should remain about the driver's enjoyment, but I feel that with Volvo and Geely assistance they need not remaining as spartan. I said it and will say it again with a proper electrical loom, access to the Volvo parts bin, proper integration and the fit and finish that Lotus has put on display under JMG, there's no doubt in my mind that they can pull some seriously compelling products at very competitive price point. These updates need not put current Lotus and prospective owners out of contention. I do hope Geely saw this. I do think the decision to go SUV first is an indicator of that. if it comes to the market and is the size of an XC60 then it would be difficult for it to sell for over 150k cause it will compare to the Maccan. Lotus/Geely do know they can undercut that vehicle on value and sportiveness. Back in 2010, I liked the conceptual take of DB - don't kill me yet - on what could be an Elise successor. It was still below 1000kg, but able to cater for a lot more people in terms of ease of use. Daily driveability they call it, as of now the Elise is a bit too much of a third car, a pure week end car. Add just a little bit to it (shoulder room, head room, creature comfort) and you have a second car to complement the family SUV nicely that can be used a lot more often. It can remain a manual and they can now provide the car with a dual clutch gearbox or the most advanced ICE. They just have the means to do the car they always wanted the Elise to be. Same with the Evora it could become what they always wanted it to be even if the GT430 is pretty close to it in my opinion... But on the marketplace it cannot be helped it needs a few more things and a lot more support to exist and I think thag very soon the car and the brand will be where it needs to be.
  8. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Well that's the thing isn't it ... Geely have said many times they were extremely ambitious and wanted Lotus to compete with Porsche ( so mass produced machine to subside the sports cars) and Ferrari (high end supercars) all the while being big on EV (overall group strategy). That leaves a lot of room but makes thing a little harder to read. Hopefully we get to keep one or two cars at accessible price point. Let's say below 50K USD. I believe that by leveraging everything entry level that they have in the group, it is possible for them to generate a profit even at that price point. As for the electronics and cupholders, they are coming, the electronics if only for the sake of packaging reasons and scales, the cupholders because... I like my cupholder in my SUV when I drive from Calgary to Revelstoke to go skiing goddamnit! It's cold out there. I need my tea to keep me warm in the winter. I need my seat warmer to keep my bum from getting numb, and I really need my HVAC/AC to work to keep my windshield and windows from fogging the F...up. Arguably a sport car is not the best car to go that route comes winter... But the Rogers pass in the summer is actually a lot of fun.
  9. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    17 others? The only other "new" car Lotus has been selling is the 3 Eleven...
  10. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    True that, but then again with two cars that cannot be sold on the biggest sport car market on the planet, a variant that never came to fruition, a marketing budget that was a simple line with only one or two zeros. I don't think he did poorly. He had no development big development budget to speak off and yet he managed to get it appears two upcoming sport cars in the pipeline... Now I'd rather focus on income and profit before or after taxes than sales number, sure with investment being made the profits may not be all that because of the expenses generated by all the new stuff they are working on... But presumably these 1600 were the most profitable cars Lotus has ever produced in its history, I wonder how much they made for the company.
  11. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    It could have been a better year, had they been able to deliver the GT430 in the US. While having an Evora roadster would have pushed sales way up, I think. But coulda woulda shoulda.... Good news all the same... Funny no mention of Lotus car sales in mainland China yet...
  12. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    This is not a blip, the Chinese car market has been slowing lately... Geely's shares like all other Chinese carmaker are taking a bath right now. US-China trade war is/was not helping. However according to analysts, Geely remained a buy as of September 2018 Geely Group (ZHG) is still set for global expansion with Lynk & Co still poised to enter both the European market in the next four years and the US market shortly after that. Proton is gearing up for Asean re-expansion while the Geely 's own brand is also expanding in Latin America, the middle east, and Eastern Europe. Volvo is also in rude health, they just ended 2018 with a third consecutive record year... So for the long term, the big picture is still quite good.
  13. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    they have actually updated a few pages on the website... the career centre is finally using the template of the rest of the site and not longer the DB era template. When you read some job vacancies, it seems that at least one current car will get a significant upgrade (see posting below) And If we go by these indications and follow the logic they've used at Volvo, the Evora could be set for another revamp focussing on the cabin and electrical loom, leaving the body mostly untouched except for maybe yet another set of bumpers. This is what was done for the Volvo S and V60, the V40. Geely had to get rid of the Ford powertrain and the Drive-E ended being used on the older models while the newer cars were still in drawing or prototype phase. Sort By: Title Date Posted Location Chief Engineer - Electrical Systems Manage and lead the development of all systems in the Electrical Systems domain - electrical architecture, package, wiring and software. In conjunction with the Senior Electrical Management Team, realise the short, medium and long term objectives of the Electrical Department. Responsible for the engineering of all systems in the Electrical Systems domain for our current and next generation sportscars... Chief Engineer - ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Manage and lead the development of all systems in the ADAS domain In conjunction with the Senior Electrical Management Team, realise the short, medium and long term objectives of the Electrical Department. Responsible for the engineering of all systems in the ADAS and Safety Systems domain for our current and next generation sportscars; Autonomous ... CAD Engineer (Current Engineering) Key Role Duties and Responsibilities: To support the Lead Engineer for current products within the Body Engineering Department. To help resolve line build issues, cost down opportunities and quality improvements. The role provides the opportunity to experience the implementation of a varied range of advanced engineering technologies into Lotus products
  14. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Ok hum any special events on the schedule this year? NEC, Goodwood, Shanghai?
  15. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    And that means more waiting for the first tidbits of the future coming ...