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  1. NedaSay

    Lotus SUV...

    That is just lazy design, this is a GTC lusso propped up on big fat tire. Thanks for digging up the thread.
  2. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    I think it will be as reliant on screen as the new Volvo cars are, no more and probably no less.
  3. Ferrari keep producing these limited uberwealthy only supercars and this time I think they have out done themselves. Behold the SP1 and the SP2 , one and two seaters respectively. Ok it is not a 166 barchetta or 166MM but considering these are pure museum pieces not for us common mortal and this is... not for the common mortal either but It is maybe the best looking effort of Ferrari special commissions departement And yes it is based on the already amazing 812 Superfast, so considering there's no windshield the owners will have to either never put pressure on the right pedal or wear a full helmet because their face will become a graveyard for mosquitoes if they don't.
  4. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    There are similarities indeed, lets just hope the dash of the Lotus SUV will not suffer from the same buttons rash. I think the massive display will be there to help with that.
  5. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    I think we'll get there eventually, voice activation will be the rule in a few years probably working alongside a head up display. It is surprising to me that automakers haven't used heads up display much actually. I was looking at a video with the Senna recently and was thinking why did they had the weight instead of having a configurable HUD that could be even less invisible then their track mode display.
  6. Geely Motorsport group just revealed that Link & Co and Cyan Racing are working on a new racer, Lynk & Co Cyan Racing will very probably race a Lynk 03 in next year WTCR with the Thed Bjork and David Cheng. I know it is not Lotus but I think it may very well be the end of that Lotus Cyan Racing program in its current guise. It doesn't really have to because Cyan racing is really big these days and has turned into lets say the Geely Group equivalent of HWA for Mercedes Group so very capable of running multiple global programs from their home base. But it could mean that Lotus will get to run their soon to be announced - Mr Popham hinted strongly at it - racing program from their homebase.
  7. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    So From what I was told having flush screen often means a lot of glare on said screen, a floating screen a bit deeper into the cabin resolves that especially when they allow for some tilt. As for the obsolescence problem it all comes down to how updatable the UI can be... At the end of the day this is another place where manufacturers will be able to generate money or already do, like Mazda who has provided updates to their ICE or Tesla that has been providing their owners with over the air update. Geely group onboard tech has made leaps forward, they are now connected to Chinese tech giant Tencent, both Volvos and Geelys have had their ICE UI overhauled and both have provided carplay and android auto on their latest cars. In itself android auto and carplay integration will do a little to contribute to diminishing that programmed obsolescence. The screen in the patent drawing bodes well for Lotus first "massmarket" vehicle not being outclassed on release. Remember that it is not just Lotus playing big here, Geely is pretty much betting their reputation, they really want Lotus on par with Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini so I expect no less than at least Volvo levels of quality. Considering the premium they will demand from their new customers, these customers will expect nothing but AAA perceived refinements.
  8. NedaSay

    T43 iStream Superlight

    It looks like a nice bit of kit.
  9. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    I should have said current Lotus binnacle lol. Yes it is a much upgraded interior, it is interesting in the sense that it gives a few pointers as to what we should expect more largely across the range to come. This interior is made possible by the new electrical architecture provided by Geely and as anticipated Lotus had a free hand when it came to designing something completely bespoke with the compulsory integration TFT display and ICE as sole constraint. It will have the latest tech like all Volvo/Geely products tend to do, it should have good ergonomics. The question will some products currently on offer will gain that new cabin tech... My reasonning is that at this point in time Elise and Evora are set to stay in showrooms with Exige getting replaced and another sport car added to the line up. For the next two years Evora is set to be the only product on offer on some markets (namely North America). As it has been mentioned elsewhere the 400 production has ceased and the GT430 production limited run has been sold to the dealers which means that technically speaking it is high time for a new and possibly final non limited model to get on the production line. A completely revised Evora base and/or top model, using the GT components and with a revised/upgraded interior would be a more compelling option on the US market. Could we be getting a new Evora variant with this tech at Geneva next year ?
  10. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Lotus SUV cockpit patent sketches: If the finished product looks anything like it people may say that this interior borrows quite a lot to the intent prototypes from the DB era (Check the gearstick integration and the steering wheel) Still this looks like a completely bespoke cockpit. It shows a huge instrument binnacle by Lotus standards which indicate that the SUV will get the Volvo display, but the Sensus UI would go panoramic and not portrait and could just float on top of the centre console, an effort has been made to keep round air vents and the sacro saint cupholders are there to put mind at ease. Very convincing in my opinion.
  11. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus

    Luxury comes into play cause we are very likely not to get just one but 2 SUVs and a luxobarge before 2030. So far Geely is implementing exactly the same strategy has what they have performed with Volvo, Considering that these models are very likely to be assembled at Lotus future Coventry factory from modules made in cost effective Geely factories. Lotus could undercut the likes of Porsche while providing same if not superior levels of build quality if again Volvo is any indication to go buy... All the while generating interesting margins. However it all comes down to Lotus stealing market share from the like of Porsche, which is a tall order... However there again Volvo is going to be the template. Volvo has pretty much done the unthinkable in my opinion. In the past 5 years they have managed to steal market share from Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, and they are well ahead of Jaguar and Maserati-Alfa Romeo in sales volume... When Geely purchased them they were going nowhere selling barely 100,000 a year, They are now aiming at over 1M premium cars sold by 2025. More importantly Volvo has changed their image completely. This is exactly what is needed for Lotus and I think that so far all the moves made by Geely are indicating that they are going to do nothing but that.
  12. NedaSay

    Future of Lotus A return to motorsport would beconsidered... Really it is still a conditional at this point? Other then Hypercar markers Pagani and Koenigsegg which sportscar maker doesn't have at this point a work or semi works sport programs? The way I read the FT piece Popham will be running the day to day while Qingfeng will handle Engineering... The upper management of Lotus is now quite beefy.
  13. NedaSay

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Most definitely and I do think that all GT430 have been sold to dealers but dealers still have some slots available , however considering the number of GT430 that seem to have sold in the UK alone options to get one must be pretty limited these days for those with the cash and the interest, lets hope this article has done a little bit to haste sales, I really want to see what will come out of Hethel next. Our North American GT430 version will be quite different it seems, in effect it will be a GT410 with an extra 20 bhp, the R.O.W will forever have a more special car... Is there anyway to know how many GT430 have made the trip to Japan?
  14. NedaSay

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Tidbit of info I retained the mention that the 430 is now sold out which should clear the way for another special sometime soon. I thought the article was nicely balanced, and lately the Lotus/Porsche competition seems to have been reassessed with the cars being now adequately matched up ; Cayman will deal with the Exige and the Evora is the natural competitor for the 911, the way it is supposed to be. That in itself is a positive step forward I believe. Now the conclusion of the Evo article was foregone conclusion, but I'm confident that behind closed doors at Hethel in a room that doesn't exist on blueprint a skunkteam is hard at work on the next iteration of the top flight Evora. And that this next version will again give Porsche something to think about...