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  1. Geely has a very vested interest into making sure that they don't loose part of their workforce to that thing... Wuhan is where they are building their Luxury Lotus factory... I don't mean to take anything away from this initiative it is great to see companies step in this way.
  2. I wonder what was discussed, selling outlet redeployment? Turf war between established dealers and upcoming ones? branding? Q.A and aftersale new escalation policies...
  3. Slightly more related : The latest piece on Popham... Is it me or Popham gets more press than the company itself... And it is more of the same all the time ; still talking about Vision 80, getting the company into gear and still no info on product other than Evija and the fact Lotus will go where it hase never been before. Just so we're clear that means SUV and luxury sedans even if Popham said himself to EDP a few weeks ago... Hello smoke screens! Do we know if Lotus is attending Geneva this year? It would make sense to showcase Evija to the public and not just the happyfew.
  4. I think it is fair to say that Porsche is also producing new EV vehicleS that do allow them to offset a fair chunk of their CAFE obligations... And with their people carriers doing their job - the Cayenne hybrid is selling like hot cakes and the Macan upcoming EV version will assuredly do the same as the Taycan - they are now free to go back to 6cyl. I think they also noticed that in terms of emissions and fuel consumption a tuned to kingdom come turbo 4cyl is much more stressed than a NA 6cyl, the gains are not massive if they ever are gains when you try to get high HPs. Hence the decision to leave it at 4 liter cap, this mill a detuned GT3 mill, less stress, less emission and slightly nicer on gas than the GT4 so CAFE acceptable now that they have EV. Hopefully the upcoming Lotus ICE sportcar has been package protected to receive both a V6 and a 4cyl. I can see how a 4cyl can serve a purpose as an entry level model while the V6 would still have the top end role to play. There is a rational to bring a new V6 sport car to market as there is a rational to bring a 4 cyl and and EV. Hopefully the powers that be are fully aware of this.
  5. "The boost in revenue was attributed to a stronger presence in the markets, and more sales in emerging markets. At the end of 219, Japan was named as the brand’s biggest market, followed by the brand’s home market of the United Kingdom, and the USA, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and China also making large sales contributions." Sales revenue are up 12% for 2019.
  6. I find it surprising that Mercedes is not stepping in on that one... but Aston strategy has been somewhat baffling of late, developing their own engine while at the same time developing their own EV tech alongside a partner that dropped out and then alongside Williams. Insisting on developing the Rapid-E which is sitting on a twelve year old platform instead of using the new architecture then dropping the project... Their sales are below expectations... But it is mostly R&D that is kiiling them, they have been investing so massively in recent years and they should have anticipated being caught at the jugular much earlier Geely is still cashflow positive and their collaterals are more than solid. Still I'd rather have them pass on this opportunity and dedicate themselves 100% to raising Lotus' profile. But they are duplicating VW expansion strategy so it would not be a surprise if they decide to step in, in some capacity. The play made by Stroll make sense he needs the brand for F1.
  7. I'm actually wondering if it is a bad thing. This car according to some here - who are really well connected - may very well be the last of the analog kind from... if it is only a transitional with a short to medium lifesplan then it will be a collector pretty much like "Every" Lotus purchased in the past 20 years is a bit of a collectible. Just give it 20 years. I live in Canada and over here 10 y/o Elises, for some reasons, are selling above their MSRP as they are so rare.
  8. They don't look like updated Saab that much. That SUV looks like an BMW X3 clone, the sedan looks like a first gen Audi A4 to me. But uh other than being electric what is the link with LOTUS?
  9. We should define what is playing it safe here. A well executed car with an original stand out with design cues from Evija seems pretty daring to me. Also, considering that the capacity of Hethel is still limited and will only be upped - at first - by the number of shifts they can run, I don't see the existing cars being maintained in production any longer than they need to be. If we are guessing correctly the first one to go should be the Exige, which is the best seller of the company. However the new car could also mean the end of the road for the Elise since it uses the same core chassis. While the Evora will share its chassis with the "interim" next sport car, therefore Lotus could keep it in production for a while longer, especially with another significant refresh as in F458 to F488... So Lotus could find itself with only two "world cars" plus variants (open top, hopefully) in production, bearing in mind Evija is more of a special which production should not last too long. By the time the new sport car will start production at Hethel, the Wuhan factory should be complete and we somewhat know what it means.
  10. With the current regulations on bumper and headlights don't hold your breath on that one.
  11. Lotus could totally produce an esprit but pinning organic growth on a Esprit class vehicle is a stretch. Pinning organic group on a slew of cars using the same skate and sharing componentry like never before and starting with the midrange model does make sense. The range is bond to change especially if the next sport car is a "more capable" Exige class vehicle, I do think that this car will help Lotus produce an supercar class vehicle down the line.
  12. And how is Lotus supposed to offset its CAFE emissions? I know they will soon be able to offset theirs by having access to Volvo/Geely CAFE credits but not sure it's already the case. Also Geely purchasing Lotus wasn also a case of demonstrating their tech on the world stage. Okm they did not say it overtly but the fact that within weeks of the purchase a skunkwork team was assemble in Shanghai should leave very little doubt ... the chance of seing a GM in a Lotus car has come and gone... IMO.
  13. So you pretty much want lotus to produce an Esprit here... and to very likely to make them 210k + when the current goal of the company is to bring an entry model. You also want to get a lower weight than the current car with a big lump of a V8... You sure you are not in the market for a Macca? Cause you just describe their 600LT.
  14. Merry Christmas to all, I hope you all added lightness to your sleds and are sliding them with gusto.
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