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  1. Autocar is a bit late to the party but the opinion piece is not uninteresting
  2. So I guess it will only have one or maybe two motors of the Evija instead of all four lol. Just kidding Lynk and Co (the Zero is rated at 530 bhp) and Polestar ( #2 has over 400bhp) already have access to engines able to produce mostly irrelevant amount of hp. Actually with electric power, I don't thing speaking in hp makes any sense... The smallest electric motor is able to produce senseless amount of hp these days. Lets not even talk about torque because it makes things even more irrelevant. However ease of use ( charging speed, range or autonomy, ability to handle cold weather, ea
  3. In my opinion, i do think that the Chinese article contains some misinformation regarding the architecture of the future vehicles to be manufactured at the new Wuhan factory. This misinformation is pretty classic when one has to inform a government body of things to be done in one future factory or place of business. It is not a straight out lie but you tend to inform them based on available information at the time, that in turns needs to be updated 3/6/9 months later. I do think that the architecture for the future EV of Geely group premium/luxury brands (Lynk & Co, Volvo, Polestar,
  4. Ok I found the source article for the dutch piece: And i used google translate (this thing has progressed by leaps and bounds when it comes to chinese to english translation this past few years, it's impressive) so the articles says that: The piece displays what looks like a leaked spec sheet with the numbers above. They are very lardy to me a 2.2 tons Lotus... hybrid or not is excessively heavy for a Lotus, it's a 100kg less than the benchmark Cayenne but still. I cross checked with Gasgoo China Automotive News which is the
  5. The skeleton is no more: It only took nearly 8 years 3 different CEOs (DB, JMG, PP) and a new ownership...
  6. What the what ?! The SEA platform is the group newest electrified platform, it is going to underpin most thing EV Geely is going to produce. That does include Lotus upcoming SUV whose "clone" - dare I say - has been unveiled already: Lynk and Co Zero concept : SEA is super scaleable, it is pretty much a skate with only one fixed point and all of Geely companies can play around it to make it fit their need as it is open source... Volvo can have McPherson struts while Lotus can go double wishbones... It promises more than adequate range( 400miles) and performance usin
  7. Musk's Distortion Field... The overall perceived quality of Tesla product is not the best, but they make for comfy rides, wow factor and it feels good being part of the people who are doing something to lower nefarious emissions... That's what i get from the all thing. Still when you sit inside and see the panels gaps...sigh!
  8. The Cayenne and Maccan have been carrying Porsche for years. And if the Cayenne was funded partially by VW at the beginning it now shares an undisclosed number of parts with hum : the Maccan of course but also Touareg, Q7, Bentayga and Urus... The Cayenne is a cash cow, the entire VW group has been enjoying it for years. In my mind if the SUV shares anything in the upcoming Volvo XC, Polestar 3 or 4, Lynk & Co Zero or Geely's own brand while still retaining visual Cues and the dynamic prowess. It is a win.As said, the factory should be nearing completion these days but despite China
  9. It is alive they are just running it in the background, and a lot of work is being undertaken away from Hethel... Lotus has a full contingent of engineers working from the new Greater Shanghai R&D and engineering centers and the new Geely-Lotus in Wuhan must not be too far from completion... Still I do think it is due for a 2022 release not a 2020. Also the specs in the article are vastly different from the ones initial hinted at by the previous management, then again the current leadership has played it pretty coy ever since Lotus will realistically share the platform with a n
  10. By the look of it the skeleton building outer shell was almost complete at the time of filming this piece and so is the new gallery, museum, cantina, offices next to Factory 1, and As planned the watch tower is gone as is the old motorsport building. However the new customer experience centre is nowhere to be seen, only a green mound with an excavator stands near where it should be... Interesting considering that building was supposed to be delivered this summer, and was the first to have its building permit granted. Other than that Gavan doing his thing and doing it well. Gosh t
  11. And yet it is funny how much Lotus does not get away with any of it... as opposed to all the brands named above. Yet I agree Lotus is in excellent company.
  12. WAE is not wholly owned by Williams family but by an equity firm, Williams only retained a minority share of the company. WAE is dealing with a bunch of OEMs including some of the most highest profile... That does not look good when Lotus has not yet managed to get the full allocation of cars sold and just announced further delay, which is fair in the view of Covid, but still, this is bad news, of the kind the prospective customers will steer clear of the brand and the media will cover at length.
  13. WTF happened? The program should be in very late stage of development right now. Why are they stirring shit now, they do not need bad press, a mutually agreeable parting of ways would have better than the shitshow that is about to take place in social media.
  14. Well just looked at the spec of the car on the website, the weight went up to 1750kg from a target of 1690kg but Popham now mentions way more power possibly exceeding 2000bhp so there's that.
  15. Uh how many drivers have had poor luck with their hybrid you think? And also how many of these drivers have busted their infotainment systems with greasy fingers... Not to put the blame on driver/owners but Volvo is still ranking very high in North America for reliability... I've been driving a previous gen V60 T5 for the past little while and it is definitely on my list of runabout for replacing the Saabaru, when the times comes. When it comes to the interior of the future car... it is poised to have a manual version, possibly another improved version of BG6 which is made by
  16. Without trying hard this carbuzz piece is a lot more accurate than the AutoExpress... these Elan 2010IP are still stunning to look at. However between the Exige and the Evora form factor there's not so much to play with. I'm guessing the car will be a strict 2 seater but closer in size to Evora than Exige if not bigger than Evora. That would generate the extra creature space that have been mentioned.
  17. The AutoExpress rendering is a ripoff DB intent prototype Elan... They are pretty happy with it but I think it is not going to look much like that at all. When it comes to the architecture of the thing I can't wait to see how much of the chassis they have really changed, and how much of the Geely group they have infused... Volvo carbon spine comes to mind amongst other things.
  18. Yes there's a V6 in the Geely Portfolio, codenamed JLV-6G35 and 35 stands for 3.5l displacement good for some 270 bhp in standard guise. I hinted at the fact that this engine looked like a GR-FE clone, and the fact that it was codeveloped with Volvo. Today this V6 is only used on a few Geely Emgrand models and mostly it seems on the middle east markets as Geely has shifted its homegrown status "Bo Rui" class vehicles to hybrid. Now another interesting tidbit, the guy in charge of the car that was first fitted with this engine is none other than current Group Lotus CEO Feng Qingfeng. The
  19. Yeah there's very little love or consideration given to Gavan Kershaw, I understand the lineage behind the Love for Matt and Roger Becker. But Kershaw joined the company at that same time and he is still here knocking the dynamics of the Lotus cars out of the ballpark...
  20. This car is/was part of JMG's expansion plan that is the only other thing that Popham took forward. It was supposed to be an Exige replacement strict 2 seater. so smaller than Evora but roomier, so more room for the niceties. Not designed to replace Evora, as it is supposed to soldier on as the other global car of company. The new car would replace the Elise at the entry level potentially with the four cylinder and go beyond the performance level of GT430 at the top end. That was my understanding of it. the new platform was designed to spawn multiple cars originally, I guess the model will ha
  21. Between the few purchases they've more of less discretely made and the collection on display at Classic Team Lotus which they could have access to. the gallery should look quite ok, I just hope they keep it dynamic not only having cars able to make it to the track but also rotation of models on display.
  22. That design is the best design of any car in I don't know how long really... Regardless of being an EV, an hypercar, a mid-motor layout or a bank robbery in the making. It is a masterpiece.
  23. Oh I know, rest assured I know!!! But i'm not in a market for one so my opinion does not matter, however the LM rendering above makes for one hell of a bedroom poster.
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