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  1. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirror is a game Lotus is very adept at. if they keep that V6 it means they have unlocked a lot of trickery, it also means Toyota will keep making this engine for the next 5 to 10 years which is a bit hard to believe considering the GR in its FE guys has been around since 2002... And the fact that Toyota is only using said engine on their minivan (Sienna), SUV and light duty pick up trucks on some South East Asian markets and the engine is no longer compliant with stricter emission rules in the EU, US,UK, Japan and even China from 2025 onwards. And I don't r
  2. So were we all I think. The only thing is Hamilton never exceeded the track limits while overtaking. Then again he did very little overtaking during the race. I really don't get how Verstappen was not able to overtake him after that his tyres were still rather fresh and his car was considerably faster.
  3. I'm not so sure that Perez won't trouble Verstappen, his car has been problematic all week end, he was out of luck in qualifying, and yet despite all of that, he manages to pretty much give a clinic on overtaking manoeuvres, in order to score some big points for the team. For what was hist first weekend with the team.... He's not the same Perez who blew it at McLaren years ago. The only thing that will stop him from annoying max is his team that will probably intervene if push comes to shove. I think Aston Martin will regret his decision to oust him to make room for Vettel. SV has been of his
  4. The right outfit for the job, me thinks.
  5. Uh did you read the multiple pieces saying that Lotus was now part of the Geely/Volvo powertrain joint venture? No!?Ok here's one:
  6. A while back, under the previous management some words were given... Due to the switch to a turbocharger and a flatter torque curve located lower in the rev range... the bhp number were to start where GT430 maxed out. Yet at around the same time The GR-FE by Lotus, in pretty much standard internals, was brought up to 7200rpm reliably on the dyno... That was good for numbers that would have been more than good enough for an Esprit... They could not do it because no gearbox on the market could cope. That was before the ownership change. Regardless of the choice of Engine supplier for 131.
  7. Why do you think that the AMG engine is an option for Lotus? Why would Lotus pay royalty on this engine? While it can get an engine that will be royalty free, more powerful and that will not require extra additionnal training at dealerships! I don't get where the AMG 4cyl idea come from. I don't know why people rave about it, when Volvo Polestar has an engine that has some 30bhp on it in standard guise and a 120bhp in its most extreme incarnation. As far as we know Lotus will either keep using Toyota's engine for this last run of combustion engine or more likely as they are stakeholders in Ge
  8. I like them both, but AMF1 has to be commanded on their ability to sign sponsors on this one. McLaren new orange and blue livery is not bad either.
  9. Less buttons and more voice commands inside cabin of Hethel's sport cars:
  10. Uh the tech director was none other than former and current HWA engineering director...
  11. I agree, the cars have been in gestation for long enough. Now they will look reactive instead of proactive, but it is not just McLaren, it is also Maserati and soon Ferrari. They are all coming down with V6 twin turbo and hybrid. if Type 131 is indeed 2 cars a 4cyl and a V6. I'm afraid the V6 has been upstaged already. The fun thing is that JMG wanted that 3.0L V6 twinturbo supercar out in 2019. By that point they had been working on it for almost 3 years. They were really happy with the design. Geely was bringing the parts bin, the change in leadership and the strategy review delayed things
  12. McLaren definitely poached pages of the playbook and a lot more than that when they started their road division. The tech spec of that Artura is very impressive. The design leaves me a bit cold as most of the work is in the detail but the overall look is an evolution on 570S. Still the implementation is very McLaren, clinical, beautiful but somewhat devoid of passion. And yes should Type 131 be in the price bracket mentioned and well executed. it should represent 95% of the value at a fraction of the cost.
  13. fun story and cool looking poster, the return of the Deltawing.
  14. Well i hope we don't get to wait 9 years to see Lotus get back to racing. Considering their deal with Alpine they have an easy path to LMDh racing and I'd bet that making the upcoming Hybrid PU compatible with that categor would be privcey but doable. Still that is a fun little story to fill a page or two.
  15. How did they manage to make the Evija looks to big? Is the engine in the cockpit?
  16. Pfff They are not and I mean not messing around... That car, under the wraps, looks sleek tiny and light I wonder if it is a scale model, definitely Elige class if it is the real thing. That change in global footprint is mighty.
  17. Uh the AMG 4 cyl is probably out of the equation as the deal between Geely and Daimler was signed way after the development team froze the spec. Beside Volvo has a very potent 4cyl that does fit the need for a lightweight mild hybrid (48v battery) sport cars and also a PHEV (the SUV), and has it come from within the group there is no license fee to pay and dealership staff can easily be trained to service it.
  18. The V8 was put on dyno but its IP belongs to HWA I Believe, it was good for 600bhp + in base tune... They could have gone with any number of gearbox as the engine bay set up allowed mechanical, automatic and DCT. So a hint of a truth at last... An Exige class and an Esprit class to replace the Evora and leaving the Elise to posterity. Hum it really is JMG's masterplan.
  19. Yes, it would be unprecedented in a way... Except that McLaren has been doing it ever since the MP4-12C and everything Sport and Super Series up until 720s has been built on the same core chassis. Technically very doable for Lotus even more with VVA or VVA+, so if you add to that Volvo and Geely experience on the matter. If lotus had access to everything, as I believe, they had access to literally everything - and they did not need that much : a loom, and powertrains to work with - and you consider that Type 131 has been in inception for a little while (2015 give or take a few months) th
  20. Some guys on Lotustalk and elsewhere have an interesting theory regarding the term sport car series and the visual used by Lotus. What if Type 131 was not one car but one chassis able to accept 3 different bodies?
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