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  1. At 11 sec into the teaser, we get a very intriguing view of what I think is the dashboard... That screen is big, really big dare I say Tesla model X size. And the upper section of the dash appears to be split behind it...
  2. Actuated screen. I assume it is the infotainment screen. They've added a lot of actuated stuff (front vents, rear wing, lidar, TFT screen) The double contrasted stitching on the dash looks very good.
  3. Emira got the full A45S powertrain, they just tuned it to suit the purpose of being the entry model. Most german buyers maybe tempted to get their brand new emira to Brabus or Carlsson in the first week after purchase to get the powertrain ECUs reflashed to offer the full potential of said powertrain. I think the i4 only in China is sensible, Lotus has a rather weak brand recognition and Geely is gunning to make Lotus an EV luxury sports car company. the younger buyers will associate the engine to AMG which is no bad thing. if China gets a a special tune for the engine, that's quite ok in my book, especially if they end up paying V6 FE money for the 400bhp tune. European buyers get euro tuned on most cars they just don't know it. Case in point, way back in the day, the BMW Z3M (clown shoe) came with 320 bhp in Europe vs 240bhp in America, it still sold like hot cakes on my side and it was the top version.
  4. Logic would dictate friday in order to get some trending time to the previous post, a teaser post every 3 or 4 days is kind of it right now.
  5. It is lower to the ground than its direct competition, it has been mentionned before that conceptually it is more crossover than SUV.
  6. Geely was supposed to have worked on that and gotten the brand back I guess they haven't ironed out that deal yet. Sad.
  7. Couldn't it have been behind the windshield instead of on the roof and actuated which adds weight and is sure to damage the aero.
  8. Here's the thing with the interior for me , it lacks texture, it lacks layers, as much as the exterior of the car reveals a lot of intricate details and fantasies, the interior is bland. Yes, there are good quality materials, probably, but it lacks in layering, it feels like an empty space covered in a swath of alcantara, when it should have been arguably a more multi tone affair, even if they have showed the JPS, arguably the most hardcore version, the leather on the dash should have been more flamboyant with a lot of contrast, the stitching should have also looked the part, double stitch at minimum, with contrasting colors reminding people that this car is "haute couture" but here it looks like off the rack "prêt à porter" and not exactly on a high street... Which is disappointing when you know the entry price is 400k. Also, I know it will be mostly a track car, but in which world won't a airbag be mandatory on the steering wheel of the road version. The image below looks much better thanks to filtering and carbon fibre galore but why don't they show us the real final steering wheel.
  9. As it is relatively high riding it shall not scraps kerbs too much...
  10. Ok I expected the interior to be spartan but here we verge on underwhelming in my opinion. I expected a more analog cabin, the Lotus Elige binacle is here as I expected and there's a sea of microfiber and the Lotus stick gorgeous stickshifter is on display but the TFT screens are just tacked on there yes this thing is underwhelming, No analog dials, not enough polished aluminium or brass and i find the two stop watches a tad tachy...
  11. Wait a sec... My wish was answered so uh Ok... Now can I get a one million canadian dollars (aka 1 million canadian pesos) pretty please?
  12. Yes my bad, you've corrected my mistake.
  13. The Type 132 crossover is the Porsche Cayman/ Tesla Model Y competitor in the upcoming Lotus range. Type 134 is supposed to be the Porsche Cayenne /Tesla Model X competitor.
  14. Expect it to have a lot of Geely-Volvo tech with a blend of alloys and ultra high strength steel, Lotus engineering did a lot of work on that vehicle. It is SPA based but SPA permits a lot, it shares some SEA concepts while not being all SEA. And no I'm not suggesting they will launch the Top 750bhp version first, only that the car on display for the digital unveil will have all the sexy carbon bits, because nobody unveils the base spec model of a new range of product.
  15. Since it appears they have chosen to go with at 600bhp for the base model and it is said to have retained a true to Lotus driving dynamics, we can expect it to go like stig and attack the corners in a way that will make most passengers slightly queasy.
  16. That's the plan, full car unveil before year's end, on sale by fall 2022.
  17. It will feel as good as any Polestar out there, if not even better... Which is a very very good thing. They are going to unveil the model in its highest possible spec form so evidently they are going to display the carbon fiber, this time they have to convince us and the rest of the world that the vehicle is true to the Lotus ethos.
  18. Here comes the hotstepper... "Elevo" is on time and so is its factory, it seems
  19. The polestar start retailing in the UK for 40K, Polestar 2 and Lotus are gunning for the same premium luxury clientele beside being in different segment with their respective models. The polestar is a hatch the Lotus is an SUV but they will share a lot of componentry... If polestar can build the car for as low at 40K and make a small profit(not that small I was told) then Lotus could again play the value for money card in the premium luxury segment all the while asking for a slight premium over the Polestar 2. I'm saying between 55 and 65k entry model and from there sky is not quite the limit but close...
  20. So Lotus is now known as a sino-british firm?! That did not take long.
  21. The future looks good : judging from that video below which is Emira specific but the shots of the factory are good to see. and they have tons of new machines or adult toys to work/play with
  22. I expected it, but after the Lotus Technology reveal, I think they are playing with timetables again. We may get an announcement late this year or early 2022 instead. Last I checked the Wuhan factory was about ready, at least the walls were up and most heavy machinery was in that was in June!! But it appears that they are getting the factory all to themselves things may have slowed down a bit. Geely has gotten the Zeekr factory up in the meantime. Zeekr (formerly Lynk&Co Zero) was supposed to share factory with Lotus but has gotten a Ningbo factory for itself which is now fully operational. So it is just about the announcement, E.T.A to market is still fall 2022 and the heavy lifting is being done directly under the supervision of Feng Qingfeng (Lotus Group CEO) and a skunk-works team in Shanghai. The initial design was a no brainer i just expect minor stylistic change due to the new front and rear fascia identity of the brand Lotus and Geely are done dealing with Changan and the previous partners of the ill fated Proton tie ups so no more need for Lotus NYO. The NIO investment should not have much impact on the first SUV which should use a version of Geely Volvo SPA/SEA 9 (so possibly double wishbones upfront and multi-link at the rear, infloor battery possibly ) but the second one may be based on the NIO skate.
  23. Nope, the layout of Emira is an evolution of Evora mid mounted transverse V6 and i4. The V8+ gearbox would not fit at all in that layout. reengineering the rear subframe would be possible but the car would no longer be an Emira and no longer be a "sportscar"... Lotus will not do that.
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