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  1. When in Montreal, one does have to dress appropriately to go shopping...
  2. This configurator is not for us, it seems. non buyers will not be invited to play with it and create the Evija of their dreams but i do hope the tech will be applied to all future cars from the company. It looks gorgeous.
  3. They do...but people don't mention or even seem to know about it... While other journos are totally oblivious to the fact that Geely group can engineer their own powertrains... My bet it will be an all new to Lotus engine based on a GeelyVolvo existing block. Also does this car sports 21 or bigger at the rear... this tire/wheel combo looks massive?
  4. That is one ugly render... just my two cents. I would not call it Esprit either, but I would chose a name to evoke it so I would go with Etna, but then again I'm not in charge.
  5. Actually Lotus did work on a tech that was similar... Back in the early 2000, just saying
  6. A little Side note, in 2019 Lotus parent company, Geely, racked in nearly USD 46B in revenue for a debt of USD 8.1B and the company is now investing in its own satellite facility to bring forward total connectivity to their cars...
  7. ^^So a 48v battery is no big deal in terms of weight, you can offset it quite easily. However it does require some planning and I don't know if Evora has room anywhere to put it as part of a retrofit, or maybe they just sacrifice the bootspace. Please do note that they did not even bother to bring Phil's special with an updated auto, which at this point is, I think, the easiest update, and it would be big for Lotus as it would bring Evora's emission back below 235g/mile of CO2. Also I'm only suggesting 48v because it is the most cost effective and weight sensitive option out there right now. But these views are mine and mine alone.
  8. That was JMG initial stop gap plan, two cars before the next generation chassis architecture: one in the Exige slot, one above the Evora slot (quickly renamed new Esprit). But then Popham was put in charge and it all got murky because Popham doesn't say much and then the one car got delayed from late 2019 to late 2020 and now to early 2021 and the other car was mothballed or delayed even further... Which would make it part of the all new generation of cars. The funny thing is that the next gen chassis architecture will be more evolution than revolution, still aluminium bonded and riveted extrusions, still Versatile Vehicle Architecture. Probably even more aluminium intensive. The big difference between stop gap and next gen maybe more in propulsion system but chassis. JMG wanted to package protect his next gen cars for EV and skip hybrids altogether, and now we hear of hybrids (of unknown type) being the next gen...
  9. Ok lets indulge this thing... The Esprit is back, and it will getV6 hybrid engine, homegrown using Geely-Volvo tech. It is very feasible and has been discussed before. The engine base does exist and Geely would probably more than happy to provide it o Lotus with the spec they desire. V6 twin turbo or possibly twin electric superchargers because Volvo has been this tech for a while. In fact, at least two options are possible: the seasoned Geely JLV 6G35 (originally developed with Volvo) comes as a 3.5L V6 normally aspirated, for some 270 bhp... adding a couple of turbocharger or supercharger, reworking the internals and putting a mild hybrid 48v battery setup would get this thing in the 600 to 700bhp without too much of a fuss and limited weight gains. Or - and that is more out there - They could have taken two 3cyl 1.5 Drive-E heads and bolted them on a new and bespoke V6 block. This engine would make - on paper - a 3L twin-turbo V6 with 360bhp before you start tuning it.Cyan racing have been tuning the Drive-E engines to kingdom come reaching over 500bhp on the 2L 4cyl version of the engine same architecture and they made the thing road legal somehow! Regardless, the important thing here is that Lotus has access to its own engine factory Yiwu, Zhejiang province. They can prototype things in Hethel, tweak available designs to suit their needs and send the spec to Yiwu where they can be produced to "Volvo" standards. The engine will be bespoke to Lotus but based on Geely-Volvo components ensuring cost effectiveness and reliability. The question is longitudinal or transversal layout... logic dictates the first layout for optimal weight distribution, but Geely-Volvo products have been all using transverse layout for a while now. it doesn't really matter has Geely is a client of AISIN AW so they can get the best they can offer, 6MT and 8 AT or even Geely's own 7DCT if Geely said yes to provide Lotus with a bespoke version of that gearbox. With VVA + using even more alloy and exotic materials and being a strict two seater, it may be within Evora weight range. Now the autocar sketch on the cover makes me think more of a competitor for the Alpine a110 than a full blown supercar, but that is just me.
  10. They could also be considering producing more and better NOS for the classic cars and maybe even open an "Aston Martin Works" workshop to cater for the happy few owners willing to have their cars fully restored to a better factory spec.
  11. Using Geely-Volvo tech to go hybrid is easy though. But Hybrid is worst option in terms of driver dynamics...
  12. You are indeed very late but welcome anyway...
  13. I'm curious as to whether the new factory - atelier really - is a refurbished part of factory 2 or is housed in the " DB skeleton" that Lotus has been working for a little while now.
  14. The SUV or high riding crossover does make sense, it make even more sense if you make it an EV... the Lotus ESUV development may take place in a remote location and we will probably only see it when they are good and ready to go with the validation engineering prototype. That ESUV alone can prop the company into the 10,000 vehicle sold range while staying in the same price bracket has the vehicle on sale today.
  15. Very nice video, and is that another prototype i don't know if it is the same as last year as a few things appear to have been tweaked in the cabin. Nice to see the assembly atelier is about ready too.
  16. Electrification may mean adding a 48v battery to transform the car in a mild hybrid with very little in terms of weight penalty that cannot be offset by using cast alloy and more aluminium panels elsewhere... it may mean package protection on the new car to fit a full EV package on the car... bear in mind Lotus has already package protected the Evora some years ago 414E will probably ring a bell with some here. With technological progress, the packaging of batteries would allow for a trunk today... Electrification may also mean a modern loom with a full electric pack with god forbid electric seats, electric steering column, simulated gearshifting, auto start stop, lidar, ADASS level 3... The lot... And yes Lotus has been on hiring spree to fill position on all these key areas.
  17. Uh they were not set to be in Geneva, but by the look of it they may not be able to attend Beijing either. Do we know if they are going to attend Goodwood? it has sort of become their default event.
  18. The limited edition Elise is Australia only and possibly a request from the Australian importer... Phil's Evora is possibly the model that they should have never discontinued. Exige is still the biggest seller in the range. The recent ad in a step in a possible direction but they will need to up the ante something fierce to get traction...
  19. I, for one, sort of couldn't, over than synergies, AM was just a pile of debt to take on, AM is on very thin ice with huge sums immobilized everywhere and not enough cashflow to cover it all. And SUV or not, they are still going to be piling on more debt as they are trying to finish developing Valkyrie, and Valhalla and new Vanquish, and Lagonda SUV and the replacement for the Rapide which is also in their pipeline... They tried to do all of that while building a factory and a new engine without having a automotive group to really lean on since the acquisition of Lotus by Geely Aston is the last pure player, all other premium/luxury/sportcar makers are either way smaller (Morgan) or are part of car group producing in excess of 2m cars par annum.
  20. Well well well I guess, the redbull Aston Martin sponsorship is soon to end... Racing Point may be rebranded in 2021. And Geely will remain focused absolutely on Lotus
  21. So not directly connceted to Lotus but it may have an impact on lotus down the road. Will Geely acquire a 20% stake in Aston Martin? Said 20% are reported to cost around £200m to put in perspective of the $65m Geely spent to acquire 51% of Lotus. Aston Martin appears to be in dire straits, and in urgent need of a cash influx, and as you have probably read elsewhere only 2 bidders are left in the running to prop the company up: Canadian billionaire, fashion mogul, Ferrari collector and F1 team owner Lawrence Stroll, and ZGH Geely. It has been reported that Stroll is making a plaY to acquire the brand for his F1 team and will snap even more than 20% of stock on the open market if his offer is retained by Aston's board. Crazier Rumours also connect Stroll to a buyout of Mercedes Petronas F1 team by its current management. which could lead the team to be rebranded Aston Martin Racing as soon as 2021 with the team retaining the Mercedes AMG engine. Mercedes-Benz has nothing left to win in F1 and is - according to some - eager to lessen the load of non critical business units, the F1 team - in the big picture - is not seen as strategic anymore and expensive to prop. Hence a sale of the team could be in order, all the while maintaining ownership of the engine side of the business which is profitable with no less than 4 teams contracted with the company (current Mercedes works team, Racing Point, Mclaren and Williams) and still be involved in a high profile series with Formula E On the other side is ZGH Geely. They would be interested in tech that could be shared with their other business unit (Lotus) which is funny since Lotus did provide Aston Martin with the venerable VH platform that put Aston Martin back on the map and a bunch of engineers amongst them a certain Matt Becker... Oh and Aston is still using the VH architecture today they just refined it with a lot more cast alloy parts... but the philosophy is the same as Lotus VVA. The thing is Aston doesn't have that much to offer, imo. The have a strong brand and another one that they have be trying to revive for a little while. They also have a V12/6cyl engine unit, a new sport car platform and a brand new SUV platflorm as well as a factory in Wales and cherry on top a pile of debt. A huge pile of debt. The current management has leveraged the company big time in order to build the new factory, design that new engine, and SUV architecture, there's is also the F1 sponsorship, and the Valkyrie project which should come to fruition next year. However they do need access to Mercedes Benz parts bin for everything else and their EV projects are on ice after their Chinese partner defaulted on them. Oh and with the new LMDh retained by ACO for Le Mans 24 and the fact that Aston Martin will have to face Toyota, Peugeot, and now possibly Cadillac, Mazda...Aston's dream of winning Le Mans outright just got a bit more difficult to achieve. Aston is sort of all over the place and nowhere near their objectives. However from Geely's point of view, 200m for the brand may be worth it if they can get synergies for Lotus, both companies are aluminium intensive in the chassis construction, both companies will need help with future tech. Personnally I'd rather see Geely focus entirely on Lotus but I may see their point. At £200m and limited exposure in term of stock acquisition and their desire for a technical partnership, they are a solid partner who just sold a grand total of 2.1m car globally. While Stroll is probably able to bring way more than £200m but will probably shake up the management top to bottom and the company would still require a technical partnership down the line to keep going and face the music in the next few years.
  22. I'd say 3rd quarter... after the deliveries of Evija start.
  23. This has everything of a snatch and grab, it is a nice package that they should have probably never discontinued in the first place. Same old switch gear - which probably means the Evora will not get the Geely loom - surrounded by nice polished alloy instead of painted surfaces, the return to the glass lid over the engine bay. Somebody at product management just made me go gahh, they made the regular GT430 the most intense Lotus car and now the GT410 is the entry model... Lotus needs to decide what GT means for them cause in less than 3 years they have slapped it every where and diluted its value, imo
  24. Looks like a 400 with the 410 engine and the GT front end... And the Lotus website was caught out napping...
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