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  1. So it appears that the trim shop is back hey!!! they closed it last year and they are bringing it back now! Reality checks are always appreciated!
  2. There's no conspiracy here just Genii Lotus-Renault GP leveraging on Bruno Senna for sponsoring! They are short term deals that guarantee Bruno's seat until the end of the year! The team needs that money! Yes, they've been Bruno's sponsors for a long time especially Embratel and Gillette (Brasilian unit) but it's all in the timing of it and Genii had the timing right: first bring on Bruno, second announce the sponsors as team sponsors and not personal sponsors! The difference is so iffy these days that nobody will know better! As long as the cash goes into the right bank account everybody will be happy! That doesn't really change anything to the team funding in the long term! They are still looking for major sponsorships out there! Total must be loving seeing OGX on the car! Two competing Petcos sponsoring the same team! Well OGX is not a full fledge Petco, they focus on exploration and production not distribution or by products manufacturing, but still! However Total may end up refocussing their entire F1 budget on RBR next year so probably not a bad idea to get another one handy just in case!
  3. NedaSay

    MY12 Evora

    The cabin looks nicely polished and as anticipated the Alpine unit is out and the Pioneer unit is in still not the complete factory look one will look for but the Pioneer will also be an improvement! Funny how the car exterior hasn't been touched! After Donato Coco's comments, I expected him to fiddle a bit with air intakes and side skirts but no not at all, Russell Carr's design remain untouched on the Evora and Evora S!
  4. I think Aabar cause it's Aabar doing all the legwork still owns some Mercedes shares, Tesla stock, some Ferrari shares ( I know they used to) and probably a bit of Aston Martin too as they helped David Richard! Aabar represents the interest of IPIC and their portfolio is quite extensive! They own the Falcon Private Equity bank and Nova Chemicals that's been sponsoring STR since the beginning of this season and they also own Cepsa as of this year and their plan would be to raise Cepsa's profile in Europe ... STR should be rebranded, some bloggers have mentioned the name Team UAE! Anyway Iook forward to another red car next year on the grid probably a red and gold car!
  5. Oh well I guess their team really needed this to happen! But can Renault really hope for fourth in the championship now, I really don't think so, they are 30 points behind 4th place Mercedes and 33 points ahead of Sauber! It looks like they'll finish 5th or worse to me now!
  6. Latest rumors are bringing back David Richards in the mix at LRGP! I know only rumor! As for the rumors saying that Team Lotus will be rebranded... The Enstone team has always tried to operate on a more sensible budget! Even when they won their two championship they only had the 4th or 5th budget of the championship! However in the more recent years this budget has proven way to tight by season's ends, they were on fumes while the other were able to get extra cash somewhere somehow. Hence the request for a cash advance on their TV money last year! This year looks pretty much the same except for the fact that Gillette and OGX are now sticked to the car which would mean that LRGP gets some money from Brasil which is a good thing especially if Bruno Senna can match Vitaly Petrov Level of performance! But then well I see a conundrum in the future of LRGP management: as Robert Kubica will be back next year, they will have 3 drivers for 2 seats, two drivers do bring sponsorship but one was a race victory and championship contender before his accident. What do you do then!? So you have that and then you have the name change to deal with. And I don't think that Tony Fernandes will give up on the name that easily he may use it as leverage but not for MAS cause lets be honest MAS has been struggling for a while so Tune Air has had the upper hand for a while and has been able to pretty much obtain what they wanted from the Malaysian Airways authorities. I do see TF giving away the name but he'd probably require a share of Proton. So yes the name LRGP may remain provided the current ownership structure remains in place and we also know very little about that! GenII just merged so we'll have to wait and see what the new board of directors will have to say about the F1 business!
  7. This is good, no this is more than that this is great! GTE for Europe is awesome, I have to talk to a friend of mine who was thinking of a GT3 rs ( the lucky brat) and now has a better option.This car should be considered as Batman discreet ride! A new 1.8 Supercharged for Elise is better than good, a 1.6 SPS is very good for all the drivers who are stuck in traffic in L.A 5 days a week and still want to have fun on week ends on Californian back country roads. Uh wait! They've received 114 orders for the GTE from China alone! I thought they could not sell more than 300 cars in China in 2011 because of China import and sales rules. So how many cars has Lotus been selling in china lately? I knew China would become a big market for lotus but at this pace they are overtaking both France and Germany for 3 rd most important Lotus market! With the Evora, the Evora S, the Elise and Elise S, the big Exige and IPS and SPS options for all these cars... I think 5000 cars sold in 2012 are a given! The Elise 1.8 S should return to North America along with the big Exige next year! The expanded dealer network should start paying off too so well done to every body at Lotus !
  8. KVRT is set to drop Lotus after they decided to opt for Judd instead of Cosworth! However Lotus is talking to Newman Haas and at least another team according to various Indy centric website! It would be funny if after a two year sponsorship and a ridiculously big announcement last year, Lotus would walk away from Indy! It would be good for their finance but not so much for their image! Well then again Indycar awareness is so low in the US right now that only Indy hard core fans will be bothered!
  9. Yup it has a big federal ass! It does look like an Elise on american issued steroid! I wonder how light it will be!
  10. Well this is kind of a big announcement! The best in a while I'd say! Is Gordon Bringing is prototype car and factory to Lotus Cars?!
  11. I keep hearing the same thing! But I sort of stopped paying attention to it! Not that I'm totally bias and TF is my new god! We know just enough about David Hunt to know that if he hadn't received payment there would be a lawsuit right now! So I think that TF either paid cash or DH received equity of a company or another! In all fairness New Team Lotus is no continuation of Team Lotus of old but in all fairness LRGP is not it either and I doubt it will ever be!
  12. Nice perf in Qualifying for him let's see what he'll do in the race!
  13. Okay everybody hold your horses I believe some journalist may have been fed a little pile of crap and didn't crosscheck their sources!
  14. Regardless of its outcome, nobody will come on top in the hearts of mainstream fans! Some will say that some childish kids were given access to toys they should have never played with in the first place! Question is now, Can Lotus Cars keep a Formula 1 team afloat for long!? The budget of LRGP is around 200M! Most of the money coming from TV rights and the rest of it from sponsors and owners! I don't really expect Total or Genii to stick around, neither do I think Suncore, Japan Rag's, TW Steel bring big buckets of cash, Lada, I don't want to talk about it!! Lotus cars have a title sponsorship worth 18M a year so they still have to come up with something like 80M to balance the budget if they chose to raise the option to buy the team from Genii now. So far this year they've utterly sucked at fundraising but they've been spending a little fortune on their marketing. In the meantime TL has had a not so impressive second season but considering various factors it cannot be described as dismal or at least not yet! More importantly they have raised funds through various B to B deals that should make Team Caterham a viable entreprise in the foreseeable future! Dell and GM stepping in is no small feat! Lets get back to LRGP, It's going to be up to Dany and his crew to deliver on his promise now! He wanted a F1 team and he's going to have it I really hope he can come up with the extra cash in this dismal economy! Basically Genii failed and I hope to seen them out of the F1 circus for good after this as they brought pretty much nothing! I'm looking forward to seeing an easy to read and understand 2012 grid! I'll keep on cheering for the little guys at Caterham regardless of what's been done! They played their hand, they played it well and they played long and hard! They'll be my small team fav, while Lotus may become my go to team even though I can't stand supporting the heritage of Flavio Briatore and Renault!
  15. Genii merged with a Brasilian company called WWI for World Wide Investment! Bruno and Genii management have been reported to look for sponsors for a while in Brasil I guess the second best thing after a sponsor is an equity partner! I'm sort of wondering where this team is going! They say they want to be fourth in the championship but then they replace their lead development driver by someone who has had an ok parcours in junior formulae and hasn't race in a while! Well the team can rely on Petrov even though it's been more difficult for him lately! I'm curious to see if Renault can improve their position in the championship with these two behind the wheel!
  16. I'm with you on that one! the carbon was a complete looker! But at the same time the carbon look is not too hard to reproduce! on any evora! The GTE front end is pretty much as mean as the Porshe 911 GT3 RS nose! The only thing that bugs me is that ridiculous Mansory branded rear wing!
  17. Dumb move on TF part! I guess someone had to do a solid to BE!
  18. Tit for Tat hey! TF is rumored to buy into QPR so DB gets GL to sponsor NFC! Well GL and Proton were sponsors of NCFC in the past! The Premierleague is not a bad investment and they actually get to be associated with Aviva in that deal, really not bad at all for Norwich and Lotus and are only providing cars to players I guess it's ok right! Congrats to Norwich City FC on their return to the Premierleague by the way! Obviously Lotus Cars are now sponsored by Petronas! That would be good news for Lotus Jet Alliance Racing in ILMC! I wonder if that partnership will extend to F1!
  19. NedaSay

    MY12 Evora

    Minor cosmetic changes, gearbox overhaul and cabin improvement are all that is needed, so provided Dany B. and crew listened to their owners, the media and forumers... It should be a pretty good car! The Lotus Evora GTE Road Car that will be presented at Peeble Beach is said to have an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) racing gearbox I'm wondering if that gearbox is the one Lotus Engineering has been working on!?
  20. Hum ok, If they make it and I think they should make it could they put the wing of the GTS car instead! It would top the Evora range adequately I think!
  21. Well just look at next year's car! it's a better looking car and in two years it will receive a Lotus Motorsport aerokit!
  22. I like your thinking... a lot!!! hum is there a photoshop artist that could clean the camo so that we can really have a look at the car! The front seems like more bestial version of the new Elise front end! A bit Artega looking!
  23. I liked the Europa basic design but I didn't like the fact that they never finished the job! The front end and rear end looked like they had run out of budget and had to fit whatever part they could land their hands on! The interior was nice but still way to close to the Elise/Exige and the engine was somewhat disappointing especially considering that the Astra VXR and other hot hatches had more powerful engines! I never understood how it never got more than 220 bhp!!! Europa was supposed to be a mini grand tourer but was too limited it could have been an alternative to the Cayman but it seemed like they did not really try!
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