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  1. So Caterham will become the engineering arm of Team Lotus in the long haul! Tony Fernandes is going the Clive Chapman way all the way except for the purchase of brands! His ethos is solid as are the business models of his companies! I've been traveling through Malaysia a few weeks now and I can say that the guy has room to grow and If you consider ASEAN the group will probably become the regional Virgin! He could do a lot more I think with Tune Talk, and his new car rental business! It's funny to compare his company to Richard Branson's Virgin Group! By the way guess which air plane I flew in when going to Borneo! Yup! I flew on Heikki's plane!!!! Geekin out!
  2. Funny how for some reasons the cars have orange stripes and not yellow stripes! The Lotus Evora GTE 64 in black and orange! Caterham official colors! Looks really hot though!
  3. Well this is a brilliant mess isn't it! Last time I checked when one was to take a picture of anything to use it commercially one had to ask permission to all involved! if you are a BMW dealer and you want to shoot a bmw car that you are selling you have to ask BMW UK or Corporate for permission! It's that simple! If you shoot the car in front of Buckingham make sure the Queen is ok with it and ask for the agreement on paper, you will also need the City of London to ok it! If you need a model, you'll have her agreement and the one of her agency or rep! You may still do it without their express consent and get away with it but if they don't agree with it just call your attorney! If it was not the case in the UK I think Tony Fernandes and his crew are clever enough to realize it and they'd take the case to Paris or New York! Team Lotus is free to paint the Caterham Super 7 in their colors! They own them! Are they allowed to put the name Team Lotus on the car that is for a judge to decide! Lotus is property of Group Lotus but if the mention of 'Team' was really obvious it maybe different, then again only a judge will decide on that! I do think it is not sufficient as it may still mislead people! Just the way people were mislead by Dany Bahar' statement on the rich history of Lotus in Motorsport! He should have put the emphasis on Group Lotus Le Mans and GT1 efforts not the F1 effort! That was at best a colossal blunder, at worst something that may cost the company a small fortune! We must also remember that back at Goodwood FOS last year Classic Team Lotus and Clive Chapman provided the car above! Thus the condition were realized Classic Team Lotus and Lotus Racing were ok to have this picture shot! When Ford sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata! Land Rover acquired both the Land Rover Brand and the Rover brand! As a result when SAIC bought MG Rover they realized immediately that they could only use MG and had to rebrand the rovers 25, 45, 75, Roewe in China! Today Tata owns the brands Lancaster, Daimler, Jaguar, Rover and Land Rover while SAIC owns MG, Morris, Austin! To simplify things Tata made sure that every company purchased is now the rightful owner of its brand! Tata doesn't own the Jaguar brand, Tata owns Jaguar Cars and Jaguar Cars owns the brand! This way things are crystal clear! My conclusion is protect your brand! Do it in due form! Do it as soon as possible! Don't wait 15 years to get it back! Group Lotus could have prevented the current problem years ago and they did not! I'm not blaming them, at the time they did not have the resources although Romano Artiolli probably had them! The Team Lotus brand should be part of Group Lotus assets however it is not! Tony Fernandes purchased the brand, he had every right to do so! Can he claim the heritage?! Well yes. the heritage is an asset of the brand. Can he set up a company called Team Lotus? Yes, although he did not set it up himself, Team Lotus Ventures was set about 15 years ago! Can he use this brand as he see fit! Well yes withing a few limitations I guess! Should he win the case in court?! Well the judge will tell us soon enough won't he! Note that Group Lotus also did a very botched up job with the domain name! When you buy domain you always buy most domain related. you just don't buy the .com! You buy .com, .net, .org,, .info, .xxx with a dash and without! You make sure that whoever wants the domain name comes to see you first!
  4. Caterham could bring back to life their very own 21 with a slight update! I don't see TF going the supercar way! Unless he could buy the assets of the company behind the Venom!
  5. And I hope they stick to that with the new V8! Keep the Lexus engine rework it to the tiniest bit ! Prove it on the dyno and on the road! Stick to a gearbox that can take the torque and revs! However for some reason if they where to come up with an all new versatile design that could accommodate various type of configuration 4cyl, V6 and V8 and they manage to sell/produce enough of them... But it seems like such a long shot in this day and age!
  6. I spotted the new cap on some cat and I want one!
  7. Now almost official! 1 Malaysia Racing the holding company behind Team Lotus has registered a few new websites to help rebrand if necessary! I'm betting on Caterham Team Lotus which is pretty much perfect Tony should not have much difficulty to obtain a name change authorization from FOM without losing the benefit from their 10th place! Besides they may still triumph in court which would then require Group Lotus to rethink some of their F1 strategy! Regardless Tony and the Hingham team may stiick to the new names to generate a buzz around Caterham! On other news it appears that Team Lotus has been able to secure a new title sponsor: Sonangol Angola National PetCo! Purchase of Caterham Cars by Team Lotus Enterprise is now official!
  8. Stirling_ I meant 'affordable' and by affordable, more so than most future Lotuses! Why did you have to chose the RS 500! It is their most expensive car!!!
  9. The car looks good! and from what I heard and read performs well even though it's not as fast as the Ferraris and BMWs yet !Lotus Motorsport pulled it of! Their effort looks a lot better than The Jaguar Racing RSR effort from last year! Getting one of the best GT team to run this program is really good for the Group!
  10. Guys wait a second! Tony's plan would be to buy Caterham so that they can cater for the desire to buy an affordable sportscar in South East Asia! If Group Lotus plan fails which I don't want, what Joe says is that Tony may still want to buy Group Lotus! This way he would own a 'premium' brand and a 'sub' brand! Ferrari tried that with Dino in the past and failed but Caterham is already established and is in fact already a manufacturer of cheap sportscar! So with that in mind this may very well work! No car will be branded Team Lotus, we all know that Nobody in Hingham is that stupid, they will remain Caterham but they may be 'powered', 'designed' or 'engineered' by Team Lotus!
  11. Caterham Team Lotus would work as a new name I think! Now could they buy the rights for the current Elise/Exige/Europa chassis? That is the interesting question! a few years Caterham came up with a new model that they called '21' That was pretty much a modern Lotus Elan classic! That thing never made it to market I hope they have better luck this time.
  12. Sometime I wish that Lotus would ask Jaguar for customer engines (V6 and V8)! Just think about it! Jaguar engines are technically proven and carry enough prestige while still being technically cheap Ford tech! Lotus and Cosworth could then retune them and nobody would complain! The supercharged 5l V8 of the XKRS would fit the bill perfectly in Esprit, Elite and Eterne!
  13. More logical! They only have so much money and the Evora is really not a bad car! It's a grower and it is all they have now they may as well sell as many as possible and in 5 years time time will come to present the Evora phase two/Elan. The Elite, to make it into the showroom before 2014!!!! I'd say presented in validation prototype at Frankfurt 2013 for customer's version on sale in 2014 at either Geneva in march! That seems more doable but again the VVA allows fast forwarding development and essentially all electronic components will come from Esprit so why not! Some here will be really happy!
  14. I know that Bibs ! They had a nice presence in Detroit, then in L.A! They are runnning crazy product placement campaign on ABC and NBC shows! But at the end of the day Asia and more specially China is a huge market too... I've been in the country for a month and I've seen dozens of luxury sports cars! China is the future for all premium carmakers you can't pass on that!
  15. Me want to know if they are selling cars! And why NY over Shanghai?
  16. Well Lotus had no presence whatsoever at the Shanghai autoshow! And if the city is crowded with Porsche, Ferrari, Aston and Maserati dealerships - Hell I've even spotted the brand new, not open yet, Spyker boutique... I haven't seen the lotus dealer! It was all New York New York and the chinese millionaires will keep on buying Porsches and Bentley by the dozens in a foreseeable future! most activation I spotted at the grand prix was around the Russian sensation of LRGP!
  17. Both cars are at Le Mans today for the test days! Fresh of the trailer after the Snetterton private testing! Both Lotus test drivers, Mowlem and Rossiter have been added to the Jetalliance Racing line up for the classic!
  18. So next Caterham aquires the rights to Elise Exige and Europa!? tweaks the design a bit get new engines! And go selling! Oh what the hell game on!
  19. Any news on the team merchandise yet?
  20. Waiting for the team to be rebranded Proton Renault GP!
  21. Just one of the most exciting race in a while and I was right there at the track on the perfect afternoon in Shanghai! Webber blew me away I didn't see him coming back from back there! Button almost had me on my butt when he stopped at RBR! Amazing passing all over the place! Kovi passing Maldonado, Trulli fastest lap is faster than Alonso! Kick my ass!
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