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  1. 20m GBP or USD per year over a 5 year period that is still a lot of money!
  2. Thinking about it this thing is just too timely! Maybe I'm just paranoid or maybe TF doesn't own a low cost airline for no good reason! Pay up when you can cash in or renegotiate! Still, I want to know more about this!
  3. Hum! Is it me or somebody at Lotus HQ got the Evora Carbon out of the basement stuck the new 'corporate nose' on it and told Mansory to say it was their big idea! I like it regardless and if Cosworth could play with the Evora S a bit and transform it into a Evora SC (Supercharged by Cosworth) I would probably wet my pants thinking about it! Calling Mansory wasn't really necessary IMO as their reputation as a car tuner is dubious at best! But again why not!
  4. Yup Tony paid to get the name in due form from rightful owner! Now I guess Tony could have a thorough look at Group Lotus communication of late and start taking action! I want to see this thing settled in court not behind closed doors now! It's a bit too important cause it could lead to a lot more actions of the kind in the next few years!
  5. Ok Bahrain not happening means Melbourne gets its first gp of the season back! But for FOM it means they lose TV money! For the broadcasters it means potential loss of revenue! Personally I won't miss Bahrain but I'm craving for a Grand Prix!
  6. Ok don't mean to rain on a Lotus Parade but the fact that an ART GP driver wins a race is a non event! It's pretty much life as it was always supposed to be in GP2! Congratulations to the team! Besides helping in the development of Jules Bianchi, a Ferrari test driver is just completely beyond me!
  7. NedaSay

    Jerez Testing

    Ok so I think it's safe to assume that Nick Heidfeld will be Petrov's teammate for the better part of the season! Interesting to see that Team Lotus is in thick the pack by lapping in 1'21.7 and still having to iron quite a few problems with the car! This should be a great season!
  8. NedaSay

    Jerez Testing

    Heidfeld is a more experience driver! He can get Renault closer to podiums than Senna!
  9. It's now official Lotus JetAlliance is go for Le Mans! ACO has selected both car! here's the complete entry list LMP1 (17 cars) Aston Martin Racing : AMR 1 : Primat Aston Martin Racing : AMR 1 : Mücke OAK Racing (OAK-Pescarolo) : Hein OAK Racing (OAK-Pescarolo) : Lahaye Quifel ASM Team (Zytek) : Amaral Highcroft Racing (HPD) : Brabham Pescarolo Team (Pescarolo-Judd) : Collard Rebellion Racing : Lola-Toyota : Bellichi Rebellion Racing (Lola-Toyota) : Prost Team ORECA-Matmut (Peugeot 908 HDi FAP) : Lapierre Team Peugeot Total (Peugeot 908) : Bourdais Peugeot Sport Total (Peugeot 908) Sarrazin Peugeot Sport Total (Peugeot 908) : Davidson Hope Racing (ORECA 03) : Zacchia Audi Sport North America (Audi R18) : Kristensen Audi Sport Team Joest (Audi R18) : Fässler Audi Sport Team Joest (Audi R18) : Bernhard Back Ups : Extreme Limite (Norma) : Rosier Kronos Racing (Lola Aston Martin) : Ickx Rangoni Motorsports (Zytek) : Geri Boutsen Energy Racing (ORECA 03) : Kraihamer Pegasus Racing (Courage-ORECA) : Schell LMP2 (11 cars) OAK Racing (OAK-Pescarolo) : Barlesi OAK Racing (OAK-Pescarolo) : Da Rocha Team ORECA-Matmut (ORECA 03) : Ayari Strakka Racing (HPD ARX-01d) : Leventis Greaves Motorsport (Zytek) : Ojjeh Race Performance (ORECA 03) : Frey Pecom Racing (Lola Coupe) : Perez-Companc RML (HPD) : Newton Level 5 Motorsports (Lola Coupe) : Tucker Signatech- Nissan (ORECA 03) : Monteiro Signatech-Nissan (ORECA 03) : Mailleux LM GTE-Pro (18 cars) : Hankook (Ferrari F458) : Farnbacher Team Felbermayr-Proton (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Luhr Team Felbermayr-Proton (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Lieb Flying Lizard (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Bergmeister Jota Sport (Aston Martin Vanatge) : Hankock IMSA Performance-Matmut (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Narac ProSpeed Competition (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Goossens Corvette Racing (Corvette C6.R) : Gavin Corvette Racing (Corvette C6.R) : Beretta AF Corse (Ferrari F458) : Kaufmann JMW Motorsport (Ferrari F458): Bell Lotus Jetalliance (Lotus Evora): Lichtner-Hoyer Lotus Jetalliance (Lotus Evora) : Eckert Luxury Racing (Ferrari F458) : Ortelli Luxury Racing (Ferrari F458) : Beltoise BMW Motorsport (BMW M3) : Priaulx BMW Motorsport (BMW M3) : Farfus AF Corse (Ferrari F458) : Fisichella LMGTE-Am (10 autos) : JMB (Ferrari F430) : Rodrigues Flying Lizard : Neiman Larbre (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Bourret Robertson (Doran-Ford) : David Robertson Proton (Porsche 997 GT3-RSR) : Felbernayr CRS Racing (Ferrari F430) : Ehret AF Corse (Ferrari F430) : Perrazzini Gulf AMR Middle East : Aston Martin Vantage) : Giroix Krohn Racing (Ferrari F430) : Krohn Larbre Compétition (Corvette C6.R) : Bornhauser Back Ups : Robertson Racing : David Murry ProSpeed Competition : Paul van Splunteren Tolimit Arabia : Sascha Maassen Young Driver AMR : Tomas Enge BMS Scuderia Italia : Romain Grosjean The GTE pro/am category is going to be absolutely bonkers! It's pretty much battle royale in la Sarthe Except for the logical absence of Jaguar XKR RSR,- these guys just burnt themeselves last year - all the big guns are here! I don't think the plateau has ever been more richer than this! Lotus JetAlliance is also commited to the full season in Intercontinental Le Mans Cup and will compete with Ferrari and BMW in the GTE pro category!
  10. I hope Robert will heal quickly! For the Renault team I think they can call it a day! Without him they don't really stand a chance of winning a GP! The alternatives would be Liuzzi, Heidfeld which are good drivers but not of Kubica's level! Besides logically they should promote one of their reserve driver! Senna failed to impress me last year! Grosjean did not do that poorly but he will fail to attract sponsorship! Worse than that the team is now without a leader!
  11. It looks like one fast Team Lotus F1 car! Therefore I like it! As expected we lost Maxis and Proton as sponsor! Interestingly the car stills sports '1Malaysia' markings ! LR8 is now known as EQ8! Overall the livery is a very nice effort compared to the Lotus sponsored car! Can't wait for them to get the kers so that they can compete with the best of them!
  12. Ok so the exhaust will be copied by all teams if it works! Now let's talk money shall we! Lotus, Lada, Renault are now all involved in one team! Wow this is good marketing! GenII is now appearing on the sidepods! After begging for their 'own' money last year they decided to inject more in their team this year! Or did they put a sticker that is clearly saying space for rent !? Gone are HP, Diac, Snoras Bank...!!! Do they really need four test driver! Three of which will not touch the car at all! Or did they recruit Grosjean, Fauzy, Senna and Tong to put pressure on Petrov! Let's be logical for a sec the only drivers who could hope for a race seat are Fauzy thanks to his Proton connection and Senna thanks to the Telcel money he must be bringing! Really I'd like to believe that this team has a shot in the championship but really!
  13. Everybody stop the banter or you'll give some ideas to the higher ups at Proton!
  14. Last I heard only Esprit was under development and Elise only in the early stage of planning! Elite, Eterne and Elan were just intent prototype and nothing much else! Note: morphing Evora into Elan would not require that much money anyway so Elan being on ice doesn't mean that much! Also worth noting an Evora Phase two has been announced recently by Autocar, with new facia and interior made by german SCI! I guess to get it to fit in more with Esprit! Another blog I read recently, stated that the marketing coup staged at the Paris Motor Show had for unique goal to make Lotus look pretty for new buyer! Possibly chinese! When MK was still head of Lotus his plan was to run a three tier range: Elise/Exige - Evora - Esprit! Considering that Esprit is undegroing development and Elise in early reflexion stage I'm tempted to think that MK is back on the table! The new goal being to reach 6000 cars with three cars before getting another 2 cars out! I'm not including the city car in my delusions!
  15. It could have been so easy If Bahar and Berro had stuck to their initial plan! Focus on non f1 racing and Production cars! Letting Lotus Racing create brand awareness and Group would have joined the circus in a few years! Instead of that we have a very messy situation that nobody but lawyers and F1 medias are happy about! Shame!
  16. Well They are using Proton's money so it's only logical as Fairuz has backing from that company! The team is struggling for money and Fairuz is coming with some! The deal is estimated at 18 M USD per season that doesn't cover much of the development for a winning car! If Genii can get more money out of Proton/Group Lotus They won't hesitate! They should really rebrand this team it's Lotus 'sponsored by Proton' Renault GP! Or more simply Lotus Proton Renault GP!
  17. Could they at least hire somebody who actually drove for the Team Lotus of old!?
  18. Let's hope that ACO still wants to see Jetalliance Racing on their track! More seriously I think the GTE category is insane! This is exactly the way the Evora should be used, taking on the big names and giving them a solid run for their money!
  19. Bibs I know at least two sports car companies which see no interest whatsoever in being in F1! The first is Porsche who apparently could not care less despite being the number one sports car maker on the planet! The second is Lamborghini who probably will never be allowed by their shareholder to get back to F1! When it comes to the situation that interest us I see it quite simply: One team will race Lotuses the other will race Renaults! One team has funding in place the other has Lotus sponsorship and probably not much else since they rely on a ridebuyer! One team is based in Norfolk the other in Enstone! One team is all young and fresh the other was sanctioned a year ago for race fixing! the management got changed since then! Then again one team is spending the money of a carmaker we all love! The other team is using the money of a Malaysian billionaire!
  20. Looking at the new livery I noticed that the car is sponsorbare other than Lotus, Trinasolar, IWT, Renault and Total! Therefore Lotus Renault GP was unable to retain any of the sponsors from last season other than Trinasolar! That doesn't bode well as I think Lotus money only will not be sufficient to take the team to the next level! if the rumor reported by Joe Saward is true - Lotus now being majority shareholder not to say sole shareholder - Dany Bahar will have to work marvels to get sponsorship on the car! As for renaming the car not only will they have to face the natural opposition of Team Lotus but they will also have to convince a Williams, a team formerly sponsored by Air Asia! Ferrari where Dany Bahar left a lukewarm souvenir and Redbull where he also left a not so positive impression! I hope he can pull it for the sake of Group Lotus but getting the authorization to change a chassis name requires unanimous vote! Don't think that McLaren will be to keen on helping them either now that they are looking at cutting their own share of the sports car market! In addition, at the moment the media is still calling the team Renault! Worse getting Jean Alesi - a Ferrari stalwart - to be a Lotus ambassador for the T125 Exos program is a poor joke in my opinion! Dany Bahar, Gino Rosatto and Claudio Berro are pushing it very far! This is my opinion!
  21. So the award doesn't go to Force India this year! After all we've heard I'm kinda surprised the award did not go to HRT F1 Team! Well the thing is even if they pay late they do pay! Now I would be the boss of the supplier I would just not agree to get paid at 180 days! 90 is acceptable in business but They are pushing it a bit! The Team Lotus of old did worse if I remember correctly!
  22. Ok so the new Elise will look awesome have a stunning cockpit and enough power to weight so that a Lambo Gallardo owner will have nightmare of seeing one at the redlight! All good really but if you are into raw performance what about the Elan/Evora class car!? Cause the Elise will undercut it big time! I'm glad thew car will be under 1000 kg I'd like it to be under 950 kg by the way! Will the car share engine architecture with the Esprit if yes: a V4?! That would be great! However considering the commitment to a 2 liter engine I'd like to see real life number regarding fuel efficiancy!
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