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  1. Everybody stop the banter or you'll give some ideas to the higher ups at Proton!
  2. Last I heard only Esprit was under development and Elise only in the early stage of planning! Elite, Eterne and Elan were just intent prototype and nothing much else! Note: morphing Evora into Elan would not require that much money anyway so Elan being on ice doesn't mean that much! Also worth noting an Evora Phase two has been announced recently by Autocar, with new facia and interior made by german SCI! I guess to get it to fit in more with Esprit! Another blog I read recently, stated that the marketing coup staged at the Paris Motor Show had for unique goal to make Lotus look pretty for new buyer! Possibly chinese! When MK was still head of Lotus his plan was to run a three tier range: Elise/Exige - Evora - Esprit! Considering that Esprit is undegroing development and Elise in early reflexion stage I'm tempted to think that MK is back on the table! The new goal being to reach 6000 cars with three cars before getting another 2 cars out! I'm not including the city car in my delusions!
  3. It could have been so easy If Bahar and Berro had stuck to their initial plan! Focus on non f1 racing and Production cars! Letting Lotus Racing create brand awareness and Group would have joined the circus in a few years! Instead of that we have a very messy situation that nobody but lawyers and F1 medias are happy about! Shame!
  4. Well They are using Proton's money so it's only logical as Fairuz has backing from that company! The team is struggling for money and Fairuz is coming with some! The deal is estimated at 18 M USD per season that doesn't cover much of the development for a winning car! If Genii can get more money out of Proton/Group Lotus They won't hesitate! They should really rebrand this team it's Lotus 'sponsored by Proton' Renault GP! Or more simply Lotus Proton Renault GP!
  5. Could they at least hire somebody who actually drove for the Team Lotus of old!?
  6. Let's hope that ACO still wants to see Jetalliance Racing on their track! More seriously I think the GTE category is insane! This is exactly the way the Evora should be used, taking on the big names and giving them a solid run for their money!
  7. Bibs I know at least two sports car companies which see no interest whatsoever in being in F1! The first is Porsche who apparently could not care less despite being the number one sports car maker on the planet! The second is Lamborghini who probably will never be allowed by their shareholder to get back to F1! When it comes to the situation that interest us I see it quite simply: One team will race Lotuses the other will race Renaults! One team has funding in place the other has Lotus sponsorship and probably not much else since they rely on a ridebuyer! One team is based in Norfolk the other in Enstone! One team is all young and fresh the other was sanctioned a year ago for race fixing! the management got changed since then! Then again one team is spending the money of a carmaker we all love! The other team is using the money of a Malaysian billionaire!
  8. Looking at the new livery I noticed that the car is sponsorbare other than Lotus, Trinasolar, IWT, Renault and Total! Therefore Lotus Renault GP was unable to retain any of the sponsors from last season other than Trinasolar! That doesn't bode well as I think Lotus money only will not be sufficient to take the team to the next level! if the rumor reported by Joe Saward is true - Lotus now being majority shareholder not to say sole shareholder - Dany Bahar will have to work marvels to get sponsorship on the car! As for renaming the car not only will they have to face the natural opposition of Team Lotus but they will also have to convince a Williams, a team formerly sponsored by Air Asia! Ferrari where Dany Bahar left a lukewarm souvenir and Redbull where he also left a not so positive impression! I hope he can pull it for the sake of Group Lotus but getting the authorization to change a chassis name requires unanimous vote! Don't think that McLaren will be to keen on helping them either now that they are looking at cutting their own share of the sports car market! In addition, at the moment the media is still calling the team Renault! Worse getting Jean Alesi - a Ferrari stalwart - to be a Lotus ambassador for the T125 Exos program is a poor joke in my opinion! Dany Bahar, Gino Rosatto and Claudio Berro are pushing it very far! This is my opinion!
  9. So the award doesn't go to Force India this year! After all we've heard I'm kinda surprised the award did not go to HRT F1 Team! Well the thing is even if they pay late they do pay! Now I would be the boss of the supplier I would just not agree to get paid at 180 days! 90 is acceptable in business but They are pushing it a bit! The Team Lotus of old did worse if I remember correctly!
  10. Ok so the new Elise will look awesome have a stunning cockpit and enough power to weight so that a Lambo Gallardo owner will have nightmare of seeing one at the redlight! All good really but if you are into raw performance what about the Elan/Evora class car!? Cause the Elise will undercut it big time! I'm glad thew car will be under 1000 kg I'd like it to be under 950 kg by the way! Will the car share engine architecture with the Esprit if yes: a V4?! That would be great! However considering the commitment to a 2 liter engine I'd like to see real life number regarding fuel efficiancy!
  11. Hey guys I think we all should read Joe Saward latest bit on the Lotus Renault GP affair if you haven't here is My link It appears Genii could be already out of the picture! Dany Bahar has found the money to buy the F1 team already?!
  12. ... Team Lotus Ltd or Tune F1 Team! Finally got my 'S' Now I feel complete! 250 posts!
  13. ^^^What he said! I'll keep a Look at Renault's results and will do the same for all other teams in F1!
  14. According to the news it will be powered by a Proton 1.6L Turbo! I thought the campro was a 1.5L! What goes round comes around I'd say this say was originally a Proton before Proton decided to offload it on Lotus desk! Now it goes back to Malaysia! it's a bit of a nip/tuck botched job! They have modified the front and rear bumper but didn't put money to change the lights and did not add a rear diffuser!
  15. Now that's more like it! Jetalliance Racing will be the development team for the Lotus Evora GT2 in 2011! The team will operate in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup! Which means that they want to have a go at Le Mans immediately! The GT2 category will be one to watch at Sebring and Petit Le Mans! With Porsche, BMW, Corvette Lamborghini, Jaguar, Ferrari and Lotus all represented by factory supported teams! My link
  16. Oh now what?! Clive was genuinely happy to have the name brought back in F1! He was ecstatic to have Lotus Racing showing up at Snetterton! This is just childish and starting to get seriously annoying! We'll have two team next year one racing Lotuses one racing Renaults! That's the end of it!... ...For now!
  17. True Lotus and Renault were on the same car but back in the day Lotus was the team, Renault the engine partner! Today Lotus is sponsoring the team! Yes I know they just bought equity in the team! Don't be so sure Lada won't appear on the car!
  18. Hum, how much would developing a brand new engine cost? How long would it take ? Can they make a business case for it if they don't manage to sell the design to other OEM! Their last shot at the V8 almost had the company going bankrupt!The engine was not so much the problem the gearbox was often incriminated if I remember well! I remember people saying that Lotus would not do this kind of things anymore without support from big manufacturer! I don't think Proton needs a big V8! I'm anticipating delays in the production of the Esprit now! No way they can develop a brand new engine and put decent mileage on it before 2012!
  19. This is OT bftd, there's something you need to understand! For many people in France the only real french team was Ligier/Prost GP and that team disappeared years ago! Renault F1 Team was seen as the Renault team yes but not as a 'French' team. It's just a culture thing for the team to be really french it would have required the factory to be based in France! It wasn't, part of it was! The worst thing was that the french side and the brit side were sometimes at war behind closed doors! The team never had much support from big french companies cause autoracing has a terrible image! Yes I know even with Loeb being 7 times WRC WC! Will Lotus Renault GP gain new history!? Yes definitely but people will only remember that a Renault won a GP or a championship! Lotus is a sponsor, Yes they'll have a say in things cause sponsors always do have a say! That will be it! The worst thing being that Renault will have very little to do with it! Still their name will stay in the statistics and history! You want my opinion, untainted one. I don't blame Dany Bahar he's doing thing the way he sees fit! I don't fully agree with it from a marketing standpoint it looks like it's all smoke and mirrors! However I like what he's done in building the most solid mgmt team! I like the prototypes he put on display in Paris! Now I would like these prototypes to come to dealerships but it doesn't look like it. It looks like they are changing their mind on the engine which will generate delays! At the Paris Autoshow it was said that Esprit would hit the streets in 2012, now the word in Lotus PR is 2013! Elan was supposed to be 2013! Elise should be 2014 and Elite would be 2014! Four completely new cars in the span of 2 years!!! They signed with Genii Renault to help sell cars that are little more than vaporware right now and they barely advertise the current range!!!! I blame Proton cause yet again they messed up badly on this one! You don't grant a name to change your mind less than a year after especially if you commit with a marketing specialist who arguably is a better negotiator...!!! The deal the had with TF was for 5 years! TF will use that in court against them it will be hell to pay! It will drag on for years! When Proton bought Lotus they didn't do their due diligence properly they did not talk to the owner of the F1 team! Recently they failed to acquire the rights from the owner of the Team Lotus brand! TF didn't! He went to Proton and obtained the rights! He then built a solid team in six months while others struggled! He said they would finish tenth in the championship and they did! He built tremendous support with the fans of Lotus and the Fans of F1! He obtained support from Ecclestone! Now the guy is no angel! How could he be an angel?! On a daily basis he fights the like of Kingfisher, Virgin Airlines, Tiger airways, Chinese Airlines... His business is growing and fast! He plays hardball but is he doing anything that Ryanair, Easyjet, Southwest, Flybe wouldn't!? Hell no! He's a businessman he protects his interest and he will lobby for it! Dany Bahar will have a terrible time obtaining a name change for the Lotus Renault GP chassis cause he'll have to fight Team Lotus, Ferrari, RBR, STR and Williams! Yup they will have to convince all teams to agree to it and yet these four teams may not see it that way! Besides when madfry says that Proton has been pouring money in Hethel for the past 14 years! How much money are we talking about! Definitely not the type of money that Ford, Audi and Fiat have been pouring at Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Maserati! Mind you Proton doesn't wrestle in the same league I know!
  20. Ok Genii really needs to show this Automotive portfolio of theirs! Cause other than AVTOVAZ i really don't see what is so appealing in this! Lotus doesn't need technology! They don't need production site or maybe but Magna will provide! So could we stop overhyping that Genii Automotive portfolio thing! It's just pure marketing!
  21. Yeah! So I understand that even with Group Lotus shedding 15 to 20 M a year on this team! They still need to go after the russian money! Going after the russian market is ok with me! Petrov is an okay driver but will he be able to help Lotus Renault overtake Mercedes GP in the standings?! I doubt it! Team Lotus has a better driver line up! the most ridiculous part in this deal is that Renault, Lotus and Lada may all appear on the cars! Anybody said the words branding nightmare!?
  22. bftd! Where did you read that!? I live in France and believe me, nobody other than - some specialized media people - is screaming about it! Remember France doesn't have a GP, doesn't have a driver, so not having a team is not that important, actually next year France will not even have a broadcaster if Canal+ doesn't pick up the tab! Sorry this is OT but reading comment about Lotus production being moved from Norfolk just beats me! Ok up to an extent any car can be made anywhere! It's true for cheap cars and the most exclusive ones! Porsche Boxters are made in Finland, Aston Rapides is made in Austria, Even Ferrari has its Scaglietti made outside 'Modena'! However Nobody would be ok to see these three companies relocated elsewhere. At best they can move to new factories not too far from their previous site! Now moving the entire production out of a country is just equivalent to brand murder! Not just company murder! Lotus stands for excellence in engineering which means the company and brand number one asset is its staff! You move production outside the UK you lose everything! Yes I know some will say keep R&D, engineering and design in the UK and move the rest elsewhere! For some reason I don't think that method will ever work in the automotive industry! If it was to work why would start ups like Fisker and Tesla invest massive amount of money in buying and refurbishing their own factories! Now to all the ones saying that Lotus did not offer much back to Proton for all the money Proton invested! What were you thinking!? Lotus can develop the most potent. most fuel efficient engine and chassis! They will only engineer it provided the client can pay and manufacture it! Remember that the old Ecotec engine used by GM was designed by Lotus! Now Lotus had no problem designing that engine cause GM could pour the equivalent of what Proton poured in Lotus - in the last 14 years - in one big lump and was able to develop the engine platform afterwards! Seriously Lotus can only do so much it is down to their client to manufacture what they can! Proton production is estimated to 160,000 cars a year, GM sells about 4M cars a year their respective budget for R&D are not the same! The tooling in the factory is not the same either! Therefore the product you get is not the same! Why is the 'campro' such a bad engine cause between the R&D engine and the production engine, a more elaborated camshaft design was dropped! Why was it dropped? I don't know but complexity and cost may have been the reasons! By the way Proton new hybrid city car propulsion tech has been developed by Lotus and you'll find the same engine in Jaguars! How is that for payback! The most modern tech packaged in an Ital Design skin! This is what everybody wants!Right?! However up to now Proton has been more famous for rebadging Mitsubishis and not much else! I'm not putting the blame on them! They are a young company and they are developing at their own pace and it's a slow pace! They have started to roll their own design with Savvy and Gen 2! They look ok on the outside! You sit inside and you realize that they have a long way to go to reach the levels reached by Hyundai/Kia! I wish them the best in their development even if I think that turning down VW offer was a mistake! Now the deal with Genii and Renault maybe a godsend for them! Now to go back to Lotus Renault GP! Will the deal profit to Group Lotus? If they can win races or score podiums and rebrand the cars by 2013 if the other F1 teams allow rebranding! Dany Bahar not being popular with some team owners I wish them luck! Will the deal profit to Lotus Cars in terms of engineering? Maybe but I don't really know what they have to learn, Exos was the demonstrator that they have the capacity to develop a F1 car in house! Kers they already have that! Carbon & Composites ok now that would be a joke! Now in terms of exposition to the masses definitely provided the media play the game! They are a carmaker in F1 to help sell car! Will the deal profit to Proton? Definitely as I said, we could easily imagine Proton getting more modern mass market engines 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 petrol and diesel, more modern gearboxes since the Renault-Nissan alliance has a lot to offer! Will the deal profit to Genii! Could they hope for anything better!? The Mastercard deal did not materialize, they lost the support of Renault Group even if they'll keep the engine for now! Showcasing Lotus was the best that could happen to them!
  23. Since when does Lotus needs input from Genii portfolio of high tech gizmos?! Genii is an investment firm they have partners in the automotive industry yes and so what !? Lotus Engineering is leading the pack and has been leading the pack for years in high tech and lightweight materials! Whether it's engine tech, Kers, shocks and braking systems, composites... you name it! They don't lack the tech they lack the money! Lotus engineering portfolio of OEM clients is only matched by Porsche and probably Magna Group! The tie in with Renault tech may be bringing engine and tranny, don't they already have that with Toyota!? Access to Russian market hum I'll believe it when I see it! Mangrove Capital has been active other there it's true but wasn't really able to generate much money so far! Since the partners for the Renault F1 team have been coming and going awfully quickly...! True they probably need more time Lotus wants to sell in Russia not manufacture (or do they?) in Russia for that they don't really need help from Genii do they?! Don't they have a new chief of sales who spent the last 3 years building a network for a certain italian company! Speaking about Ruthless: a CEO spends a reported 100M dollars over a 5 year sponsorship+equity deal, then the same CEO threatens a bunch of people to take manufacturing elsewhere if he's not granted a 40M pounds credit line so he can build a new factory!? My gosh there are ruthless people everywhere these days, business is not what it used to be!
  24. madfry it doesn't matter really if he has good press! TF has managed to get the support of most at the beginning right! He obtained the right to use the Lotus Racing brand and did right by it! Less than a year after Proton and Group Lotus decide that his efforts are not good enough and that he's too expensive! Well Proton shows poor judgement once again while Bahar made a call that was in most opinion short sighted! As you said TF is a businessman which means that would he have been presented with a deal he would have considered it carefully. He was not presented with a deal sadly! He offered Lotus Millions in advertising pretty much free of charge. Of course he used the brand, well he was given the rights to use it wasn't he! By the way if he doesn't have good press in Malaysia, he's still obviously popular enough to get elected by Forbes Asia as businessman of the year!
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