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  1. I love this: Tony Fernandes wearing a green and yellow Lotus badged Cap! The shape of things to come maybe!?
  2. Proper badge maybe but not the right yellow!!! Why are 'we' helping Honda fund their driver! I have nothing against Takuma Sato nor Honda. But I do have something against under achieving poorly managed spec series only showed on the sport tier of one cable provider! I know, I know, it's all about creating a buzz and brand recognition and acting local on the number one or two export market. Thank god this will pretty much go unnoticed in the world of automotive considering the dismal coverage IRL is getting. But in my opinion a one shot Indy 500 with two cars would have generated just as much buzz and generated more tv coverage thanks to the ABC network. KV Racing, seriously we could not even signed a deal with Newman Haas Lanigan Racing. Again, I know Kevin Kalkhoven owns Cosworth with Gerry Forsythe (they bought it from Ford when Ford ditched F1 and kept the company in the racing business when they were backing Champ Car before selling out) And Kevin Kalkhoven has been working on bringing Cosworth back to F1 and developed their after market tuning activity. At least we got a 'proper' driver who will under achieve because of the car and the fact that he 'll need to learn to race on stupid ovals! Still I would have prefered Group Lotus to spend their money on the F1 project (as it will generate a great buzz, has the sympathy of most, is getting unbelievable media coverage already, and would mostly consist in making sure that Tony, Mike, Jarno, and Heikki arrive in spanking new Evoras at race track in Europe) or on the Evora GT4 cup and a GT3 version to go head to head with Audi R8, Porsche 911 GT3RS, Ferrari 458 Scuderia GT3... And more than anything else bringing their range extender hybrid tech to Le Mans next year!!! I'll be honest, I'm almost hoping for the car to break down before St Pete or Long Beach!
  3. Only 5" of the pace! That's pretty good if we consider things! Ahead of the Virgins, that's part of the plan! Can't wait to see Richard in the Red skirt! after all Red is Richard's color!
  4. Good luck to you guys! You've already won the battle of who looks best! You're just trashing the competition. Your pits really look good! Can't wait to have you back in Europe to check your hospitality in Barcelona. Best of you know what for this week end, if you make it to the finish ahead of Virgin Racing and T HRT F1T I'll be happy.
  5. The evora is generally classified as a grower but on this one it's pretty much a stunner! Never liked white cars much but that roof changes it all. And it does look a bit roadsterish!!! Now, Carbon bodyparts, small weightloss program and Cosworth fine tuning on the normally aspirated engine, I'd say 100 bhp per liter is obtainable! Then the Supercharged by Cosworth (SC) version could be pretty ridiculous: 425 bhp!
  6. I still don't get it or refuse to understand it! Indycar and Lotus are so far apart in their demographic that I can't understand the big idea here! Indycar has no TV coverage to speak of! Their biggest races are in land while most Lotus sold in the US are on the coast! Except for the 500's It is a spec series and the cars they use are a 12 year old design! The engine spec is obsolete! And they'll keep using it for the next two years. I really don't see what Claudio Berro, Dany Bahar and Lotus board of directors see in this. I'm pretty sure that they got the cars for cheap though! But why diluting their brand image, Lotus Racing even if not owned by the Group looks as legit as can be being based in Norfolk, managed by Gazza, running two established drivers and having a good portfolio of international sponsors already (Hacket, CNN, Tune...) I'd rather just wait until Indycar and Le Mans/ALMS publish their new rulebooks. The Evora GT4 could become a GT2 or 3 and compete in ALMS. The Cosworth XDE mated with Lotus hybrid technology would be great in a LMP1 car!
  7. Bibs what will be the input of Cosworth in the engine tuning? I'd like to see more than a branding exercise in this! Bibs I have my answer !
  8. Ok if this is not a coup then I don't know what's a coup! Actually I have to say it could be huge! I wanted Lotus to go after big names but this is not just big it's massive. I was thinking if they can get sponsor for next season it would be great but getting a company like this one now! it's just Wow! Here's the Autosport piece on it I can't get the Lotus Racing press release I struggle with Flash! We are speaking of CNN the biggest name in the News Network Industry
  9. Am I the only one reading weightloss program by substituting carbon fiber to glass fiber and alcantara/leather in the cockpit instead of just leather!? This new exhaust pipe has something lamborghinish to it and I don't think there's anything wrong with that! Now if Toyota, Lotus and Cosworth were to collaborate to give us an S or R version of this thing, I would really not object to any of it!
  10. We'll get there! Teething problems are to be expected but we'll definitely get there! We have caught up with Virgin already and they are one week ahead of us in terms of testing and we are better than them at getting mileage.
  11. Revised aero package! Already, me like it! Go Lotus Go!
  12. I want one, just want one! Tesla and Fisker can go back to the drawing board! And get this tech to Le Mans P1 prototype category has been waiting for this.
  13. Sorry guys but I'm not sharing your enthusiasm! Team Lotus USA running a Dallara Honda in what is an underwhelming and glorified spec series! Indy is only a shadow of what it once was! The car used is pretty much the antithesis of Lotus. I'd prefer to see Lotus group going to Le Mans in 2011 with their hybrid system! Again I'm probably a minority here but this thing is very short sighted in my opinion as it is a pure rebranding of an established or not so established team. It's way worse in my opinion than Berhard-Proton giving Tony Fernandes the right to use the Lotus Brand. Team Lotus running a Honda engine I'm ok with that! Team Lotus using a Dallara chassis for competition purpose I'm not at all ok with that! Lotus does one thing they built the best chassis out there. I know they have developed a relation of some kind recently with the Evora Cup car but a Dallara 'branded' Lotus. Nope I won't like it!
  14. I got the magazine today. Great piece on Jarno! had a long look at the piece in Motorsport magazine excellent piece on 'our' team in it too. Gosh I like that green and yellow together!
  15. Cause you think Campos Meta (or whatever that team may be called) will be faster than Lotus! I don't I think so! The team will go back to the RTN! Figure out as much as they can and slash has much weight as they can before thursday! They'll get to work on the downforce issue and get within two/three seconds of the best teams by the end of Barcelona Testing! They'll head to Bahrain suffer like hell for the first four GP and get a T127 v2 for Barcelona and the start of the European season! Lotus Racing has already done wonders so far! I 'm looking forward to the fight between Virgin and Lotus even if it's all the way at the back of the pack! And yes we are going to get lapped a silly number of times at the beginning but we are an underdog team so there's nothing wrong with that. I just hope that extra sponsorship will materialize soon for both Lotus Racing and Virgin Racing. I know we are fully funded for this year but ...
  16. Guys, the current owners are Malaysian so they may prefer it that way! But the ownership may very well evolve before long. Group Lotus has been more than active at using Lotus Racing! Lotus Racing opted to use AP Racing and not Brembo...yes I know it doesn't mean much these days! The logo has evolved into something more Lotus and somebody way high up at Lotus/Proton gave the right to use the denomination T127 all of that would not be possible without Group Lotus agreement. Tony Fernandes himself said it at the beginning, Lotus Cars may invest in Lotus Racing. Well I don't think we'll have to hold our breath very long. Most companies willing to associate with Lotus will do it because of the link to Group Lotus. The fact that the company will stay in Norfolk in a foreseeable future is a clear sign too!!! Proton signed Dany Bahar to run Lotus, well the guy is no fool he wants in! Give Tony Fernandes time to develop this company and make the best out of it from is point of view and little by little Bahar will up his involvement. Lotus may run under a British License again in the future I'm going to give it 3 years!
  17. Well, that was to be expected! But I'm not even hoping to listen to that anthem. It's still a Norfolk based team with a car that's BRG and yellow. It's the same at RedBull Racing and I hear nobody complain about that. Of course Redbull is no Lotus!
  18. There are lots of interesting details on the car. the front wing is a work of art! The rear diffuser is very interesting too! The upper part of the car is quite simple and clean which means lots of room for improvement as we progress into the season. I like it a lot!
  19. And it's on! It's BRG and yellow! Bibs Looking good right next to it!
  20. Here's the new new logo taken on a trailer in Jerez by Sutton today!
  21. obviously they heard our comments on the logo cause this one is better IMO source: Lotus F1 Racing has become Lotus Racing!
  22. Well it was worth asking it! I can't wait for friday! Is it me or the Lotus marking on the engine cover is the 'LOTUS Watches' logo?!
  23. Finally, Green, Black and Gold! I wonder if it will be the final livery ; Tune group on the side pods and no Air Asia marking visible it's a bit strange !!! I like the design but it does look a bit rough around the edges! Bibs can you confirm if it's the final livery!
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