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  1. Do you guys like the new 'corporate' front nose!?
  2. Mark I'd like the powers that be to listen to you! Clearly both entities will be stronger if the work with one another! I hope that the President of Malaysia who happens to be the main shareholder of Proton Berhad (which is nationally owned) to get everybody around the table for a productive talk! Clearly the current situation is good for none! Lotus branding needs to be clarified! One good way to do this would be for Group Lotus to acquire (be given equity) in Team Lotus! However the deal would have to be enticing enough for Tony Fernandes and his shareholders as they have done most of the heavy lifting until today! In all logic Group Lotus would commit to support Team Lotus by providing engineering and other services to Team Lotus until the day Tony Fernandes would decide to leave the sport! At which date Group Lotus could acquire all rights relevant to Team Lotus! On their side Tony Fernandes' Tune Group could provide sponsorship, marketing and HR support to the Proton Satria WRC program! With this scheme Team Lotus would deal with all things single seater (F1, GP2...) While Lotus Motorsport would lead the Endurance, GT, and Indycar effort (this one beats me but the US market is of prime importance for Lotus Cars) with technical support from Team Lotus. Could you imagine Paolo Catone, Mark Smith and Mike Gascoyne working together!!! Could you imagine Heikki,Jarno and Takuma on a LMP2 roadster at Le Mans in 2012! It could be the win win deal everybody wants but it may never happen!
  3. You can see Jarno in this one and you can see Mike in another also from shots of the Snetterton events! You can see shots of cars currently under the custody of Classic Team Lotus! This thing must have been a copyright nightmare to produce! I'd like to know about factory upgrade!
  4. Congratulations to the Dad and the happy Mum! Welcome to the little guy!
  5. Good news! Jarno has an option which he should sign! Heikki is probably going to stay considering there's only one 'available' seat Fairuz should evolve with Team Air Asia next year! When is Mark Smith effectively joining us!? Time for Tony, Din, SM, David and Sylvi to get us some sponsors!
  6. Bibs! The Bernama mentions a support from the National petroleum company! The same national petroleum company sponsoring Mercedes GP?! Just checked and has been registered and links directly to So maybe Lotus Racing will be a little less Malaysian. But the truth is if Proton is letting them down, considering Petronas did not really help, that leaves only Maxis as other national sponsor not connected to the owners of Team Lotus, which should become the official name of the company! Besides Tony Fernandes is a businessman and a quite powerful one! He's not the wealthiest Malaysian, not by far actually. However is business, Tune Group has interest in Malaysia but is not limited to Malaysia, Air Asia and Air Asia X are among the most active airlines today: Air Asia X was just awarded slots at Orly airport in Paris, Frankfurt Germany and Amsterdam in the Netherlands are next I believe! So yeah Tony Fernandes and his gang may go it alone for a while! Considering how well funded the team has been this year: around $70M! Tony, Din and Nasa may have the necessary resources to keep the team afloat for a while longer. In the long run I'd like Group Lotus to buy equity in the team which was the idea announced by Tony Fernandes as far back as september 2009. I just hope this row doesn't end up in tears cause there's no way sponsors will like this!
  7. Lotus LMP2 Vs Porsche LMP2! The world as it should be!
  8. I think I should contact Lola other this! But I'm going to assume that they already know!
  9. Actually the only positive outcome for all lotus parties involved: Classic Team, New Team, Factory and shareholders in all entities to reestablish the relations that did exist between all entities from 1985 on, when they collaborated to some extent! Lotus cars cannot enter Indy under the Team banner cause back in the day Team Lotus entered Indy, therefore David hunt could have sued Group Lotus this year when Takuma used the helmet showing the Team Lotus indy winning car! To add to that point there may not be any Indycar series in 2012 or 2011. Teams are broke and have to rely on ridebuyers to fund their efforts ! Sponsors joining are only coming for the 500! The series is broadcasted on a third tier or fourth tier cable channel except for the main event! And the tech package has become technically irrelevant! Plus and this is the cherry on top of the fugly cake most teams will not be able to buy or build the 2012 aerokit! The owners of the series may pull the plug after the centenial of 500 next year! Just saw the rendering of the future LMP2 project! WTH????!!!! Option one Lotus signed a deal with Lola for the production of the new car which would be shameful! Option two Lotus wants to alienate himself the entire motorsport community by using an image of the Lola B08 coupé!
  10. LMP2!!! Finally this is exactly what Group Lotus should focus on! Rebuilding the racing legacy of the car division from the ground up an not the top down! Focus the effort on programs that can generate money by selling cars to customer team! The Evora will have a role to play in GT3 and 4 and I'm guessing the future GT2 will be the new incarnation of the Esprit! This is completely logical when you consider the opposition in the category! The Group should can all single seater efforts and target 'Endurance Racing' until they can find a common ground with Tony Fernandes and Team Lotus! Now lets hope that they haven't alienated to many potential clients! The kind of PR stunt we have seen in the past hours is rarely popular with the kind of clientele Lotus Cars is after!
  11. Lol Except Kovi drives an Evora
  12. This time I 'll stand by New Team Lotus! Tony Fernandes spend his own money to acquire the rights to use legally the 'Team Lotus' Branding! He has support from Hethel and Clive Chapman Classic Team Lotus! Group Lotus/Proton Berhad had an agreeement with 1Malaysia Racing that ends at season's end! 1Malaysia racing Ltd is set to become Team Lotus probably 'Ltd'. As Tony Fernandes said during his press conference he's (Tune Group) now the sole owner of the Team Lotus which is a distinct Brand from Lotus Cars! due to Clive Chapman decision back in the day! I'm not a lawyer but good luck to Group Lotus with that one! They were never really able/willing to get the brand back! while every body knew the name was i the hands of David Hunt! Group Lotus is going to spend 70 M pounds on refurbishement at Hethel in the next three years according to french magasine Sport Auto! I suggest they stick to their business plan! If not this litigation may end up sending Lotus back to square one!
  13. And the fighting begins time to call the lawyers! clicky I'm afraid nobody is going to like this! the 'Question' is what did trigger such a change in the relation between 1Malaysia Racing ltd and Lotus Group!? I know the Force India affair had an impact but they were only third party in this lawsuit! And I personaly don'tthink it did anything to damage the Lotus brand! I know that Proton knew that they did not have the rights on the 'Team Lotus' branding which has always been a several entity and was not part of the deal they made with Artioli for the sale of group. Lotus New management is keen to get into F1 fine work together now they are damaging the brand! Whatever you do must be kept behind closed doors!
  14. This is it a new website very web 2.0 is up and running! Very nice redesign and easy to rebrand!
  15. New website should have been launched this week end! However four races from the end I think they have two or three options! -bring back the "old" website -provide fans a minimal web 2.0 site/blog! -bring the new website knowing fully that they'll have to change again very soon I know it's just a website and should not be that time consuming but considering all the rebranding switching from Lotus Racing to team lotus! It would not be surprising if they were to keep the webpage they have now and just update with news and link to twitter, flicker and facebook!
  16. NedaSay

    15. Singapore

    Great efforts from the teams ended in dust! Heikki's race has been ruined by a move that was vastly unnecessary! Buemi had the speed he would have passed Heikki on the main straight! The Hydraulics are ridiculous! I don't know what to think of them! Jarno is having a season in hell I hope he'll have a better one next year!
  17. NedaSay

    15. Singapore

    As expected the Virgins are now faster in terms of pure speed! No surprise this is what you get for continuing development until the very end! Lets hope the guys can catch them at the start and hang on till the end of the race. Lets also hope there's no car wreck during this race!
  18. After all these years it's good to see this logo back on the nose of an f1 car!
  19. The only thing I see other than the colors and Norfolk is Proton! However I don't know if Proton will be on the F1 car next year!
  20. Hamilton is strong but can lose it! Webber has never been in the race he may get nervous Vettel is the way I see it not ready yet! Ferrari will let Alonso down at least a race! Button if he can get into his groove his a very serious contender! This thing may become a McLaren affair!
  21. The new website will launch sometime tomorrow!
  22. At some point in the future Proton will have to get Dany Bahar and Tony Fernandes and a bunch of overpaid lawyers in the same meeting room to solve this thing! Make sure there's mo backdoor so that they are stuck in it until the comes to acceptable terms for all parties involved. Lotus Cars needs the link to be clear and direct Team Lotus should oblige if the conditions are right! Fernandes was open to it last year and he should still be open to it today! It would be rational for Group Lotus to enter in the capital of 'Team Lotus Racing'! I'm led to think that at the moment Bahar would rather not spend the money on it but it just has to be! Group Lotus should ask Proton to organize it! A Renault type deal in which Group Lotus wouldn't need to funnel too much money to the team appears like a great solution!
  23. NedaSay

    GP2 / GP3

    Ok!! So Team Lotus backed by Tony Fernandes will help Team Air Asia, while Lotus Plc will support Lotus Art which will also compete in the GP2 series! Wow that makes things complicated !!!! Both announcement have been made today! Why don't they just work together! I mean the brand Lotus will be covered but I think money could be used more productively! As of next year the Lotus brand will be represented in no less than 6 single seater series namely: F1, GP2, GP3, WSR, F3 in the UK, and Indycar in the US! Who does need that much coverage? Does Bahar have a printing money machine in the basement of Hethel?! I know, it's mostly going to be a coat of paint in exchange of the use of the 7 post rigs officially!!! What's the need for a manufacturer like Lotus Plc to sponsor a junior spec series team? I can understand Lotus Racing getting a junior team! So unless Team Lotus Racing and Lotus PLC are working together to corner the market, I just don't get it! Actually even if it's the intent I don't get it! Forgot to mention it but ART GP is coowned by Nicolas Todt son of Jean Todt, manager of two drivers currently under contract with Ferrari SPA : Felipe Massa and reserve and development driver Jule Bianchi ! I really wonder how it will play out over the winter!
  24. Lotus sold until recently about 3000 cars per year! Of course they are after a new client base! There's nothing wrong with that! Is there? Since Elite will be using a V8 and tranny from one of the most reliable company in the business! Running cost connected to engine maintenance may not be that expensive compared to Aston DB9 and Ferrari 612 and their V12! In fact running cost should be compared to Jag XKR and BMW M6! Considering the initial price the Elite may be a real bargain at purchase and not that painful to own over the period of ownership! In addition to that they should sell about 1000 of these per year so it should remain quite rare and therefore retain value a little better than the Aston and the Ferrari! Provided build quality is up to the job! Ok Maybe I'm optimistic!
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