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  1. Ok When I got the spec on the Evora Cup GT4: 4L - 360 bhp! I was slightly underwhelmed! Now that I read this (sorry its' in french) I understand better what Lotus and Cosworth are up to! So to summerize it. Lotus ' would have' already sold 6 GT4 cars which is good news I guess! And now Lotus and Cosworth admit that this engine is detuned and that it could develop up to 470 bhp if needed! That kind of bhp gets you in GT2 category! The price would be $160,000 ie less than 100,000 pounds!!!!
  2. ^^^ I"d say probably the same gearbox! Toyota doesn't have a wide range of manual 6 gears!
  3. Can someone tell me how heavy is that supercharger!? regular Evora 1380 kg, Evora S 1437kg!!! The Evora with IPS gearbox is heavy too 1436kg!
  4. According to Autocar it is supercharged and if it is I'll be slightly underwhelmed! Cause I've said before that I wanted the S to be a NA engine! Nothing in that misleading press release says it has a supercharger We need someone to get physical with this car! Visually it's very subtle at the front and a little less at the rear! I really like this 'Carbon' diffuser! I expected something a little more dramatic though! If it is normally aspirated then We can only guess that the SC or R will be /would be balistic! Something like Super Cosworth! Now the IPS is interesting too... Obviously it's toyota sourced but again it's Lotus retuned! I'm curious to see how versatile this transmission will get! It's not the seven speed dual clutch they announced in their 'New Dawn..." PR!
  5. BMW/Mini 1.6 Turbo 200 bhp Fiat/Abarth 1.4 Multiair turbo 170bhp VW 1.4 TFSI 180 bhp All of these are available with latest gen 6 speeds manual or dual clutch gearbox! I think Lotus is just waiting for Toyota to make a move! Toyota supported them in the past they are in their way supporting Toyota now! This new 1.6 has been fitted with a Turbo in Thailand or Malaysia on Toyota Vios (Yaris asia)! So maybe bye bye supercharger welcome back turbo or even better Lotus and TRD try their hand at TSI engine! If Lotus is to abandon the lightweight to switch to luxury we may very well find more V6 in the Elise/Exige Line up! Lexus has got a very compact V6 2.5L 200bhp that will have no problem with European Emissions regulations provided it can be fitted in the car!
  6. I guess it's time for Lotus to start supercharging the 1.6 or better get the V4 Vmax and its 200 BHP and supercharge it! after all it's a Yamaha engine and the 2zz was a Yamaha design! Sweet dreams are made of these!
  7. Lotus should have a version of the city car that Proton unveiled at Geneva which was designed by Giugiaro! Now the 4 door hybrid does sound like a direct competitor to Tesla S and Fisker Karma - Both these cars are quite stunning especially the Fisker - and probably to a lesser level Panamera, Quattroporte, Rapide... If they did it I really hope that Donato Coco and Russel Car brought their 'A' game!
  8. I'm/was sort of hoping for revised (read bigger) front air intake on the S! These pics are coming from Nurburg and maybe we are looking at the Evora with the autobox!
  9. First pics are on It does have the Evora Carbon concept car rear diffuser but not much else in terms of visual cues! Not that it needs to but ... My link
  10. Was it really an accidental leak or was it leaked willingly! I see nothing really shocking in this email! The autobox and a more powerful Evora were due this year! So we're getting the S model and the autobox! Surprise, surprise! I hope the S will be somewhat lighter than the regular Evora! Will that S be supercharged or a normally aspirated? Now I wonder which autobox Lotus was able to acquire/source from Toyota! Which tranny could be used with a transaxle layout!?
  11. I think Cosworth is in charge of that! Remember it's a strategic partnership! Lotus will build the aerokit, Cosworth will build the engine and KV Racing will run the cars!
  12. I love the rear wing! But it appears that the power is now only 360 BHP! source Lotustalk! I don't know how this rear diffuser/bumper would be compliant with GT4 regs!!!???
  13. Mika Hakkinen is going to develop the car?! Heikki Koavaleinen I'd understand better even if I know that Mika did drive for Team Lotus (1991-1992)
  14. Photoshopers start you machines!!! Please!
  15. Uh I want one! my wallet won't allow it but I do really really want one!!! Dear Santa please help!!! It looks like a F1 car, it probably has a Cossie F1 V8... So it raise a question! Is it a message sent to Tony Fernandes and Mike Gascoyne?!
  16. Uuuuuuuh! Rebodied Formula Atlantic, originally designed by Swift Engineering!!!!
  17. NedaSay

    12. Hungary

    Very strong result! But we may need Mike and Tony to change the plan and assign a skeleton team to give one more update to the car! the season is still long and Timo Glock's Virgin is edging ever closer! Jarno and Heikki have the speed and they showed great reliability in this race but it's close! If Virgin gets an efficient blown diffuser we may be in trouble!
  18. Great news! The Type 124 is back on track! Stephane Ratel, the endurance supremo in Europe (his company runs Birtish GT and F3, FIA GT 2, 3 and 4 categories as well as the new world GT1) mentioned at Spa 24 that the Evora would join the GT2 category in 2012! The program is led by Johnny Mowlem! The car would be a kit based on the Evora Cup car which is technically a GT4! Glad to see that the glorious looking Evora Type 124 hasn't been canned. Lotus is just way behind in their motorsport schedule due to the multiple announcement made before and after the new management took over! Originally the Type 124 was supposed to run in VLN this year. But instead of that an Evora Cup showcar was paraded around at various event in Europe and North America! The choice of the category seem to indicate a will to compete in Le Mans. source:
  19. Hall 5.1??? The New Esprit is not worth Hall 1 or even Hall 2???
  20. NedaSay

    12. Hungary

    Looking forward to it and hoping our guys can stay out of trouble! Virgin's form is changing and they are getting closer! The Hungaroring is a short track so they should be closer to the teams ahead and I hope they can repeat Montreal form!
  21. Lotus announced today via their motorsport director Claudio Berro that they would build their own aero bodykit based on the Dallara updated chassis for the 2012 Indycar championship! Lotus Cars motorsport director Claudio Berro said: "We plan to do our own bodykit. It is a natural evolution of our involvement in the IndyCar Series." What do you think about this!? I have my opinion and I based myself on tv ratings, consumer awareness of the series and yes my bias toward this series! In addition I considered Lotus Racing exposition and impact during this year F1 championship! I also considered Tony Fernandes comments published on
  22. Exploded I have to disagree with you. Clive does not says that he is Team Lotus. The name of his company is Classic Team Lotus! If David Hunt owns the brand Team Lotus, he doesn't own any of the history: cars, employees.... This Legacy is Clive to carry not David Hunt! The only thing Hunt did with the Lotus Brand was a shameful branding of the Pacific Racing team as far as I can remember! I do think that Hunt should negotiate with Proton Berhad/Group Lotus to return the brand to its logical if not rightful owner! Lotus Racing entered into negociation for the name before the season even started. They were turned down therefore the used the name Lotus Racing. Yes Tony Fernandes claimed it was the "Lotus" brand 500th GP. That is not untrue is it?!
  23. Lotus cars could enjoy some of Renault-Nissan engine tech 4L-V6-V8! But Toyota engines are not to shabby when it comes to tech they even have a V10! Lotus Racing would enjoy a top team engine but Renault are rarely the most powerful although they are frugal. However Cosworth has an advantage, it comes for a very cheap fee pretty much paid by BE. The Renault will be more expensive. The Cossies have done good for Williams! The problems at Lotus are unfortunately gearbox related which is provided by Xtrac. Next year gearbox will be homemade so the problem should be solved and then will see! I'd personally stick with a 'custom spec' Cossie with premium treatment (i.e full partnership). Especially if Group Lotus confirms the tie in Toyota powered/Cosworth tuned. The car is slow cause its heavier and more conservative! Next year car should be up to par with the midpackers! What is better third wheel at Renault (Redbull, and Renault team will get premium treatment while we are a client) or partnership at Cosworth on par with Williams. Either way Proton Berhad/Group Lotus will want a say in this! I personally like the Sound of Lotus Cosworth they sort of belong together. Lotus Renault is cool but a Renault engine in my Elise won't rock my world even the pretty awesome R24 engine found in the Megane is not that hot! By the way I chickened out twice on buying a 2002 Elise! it had a Rover engine and I think I'd rather the Toy engine. Was I right or am I a freakin chicken-frog?
  24. Wait a sec a Lotus car add using Lotus Racing material! I do like the sound of that!
  25. 16h and 17th for our guys, best they could do! The time gap has gone back up! But they are faster and reliable than Virgins and HRT! Great race from Webber, Button and Sutil! imo!
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