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  1. I agree with you ads_green, I don't think it would be intelligent to change the engine just a year after a launch.Most owners would get mad! Then again if you do it you better have something in store for them like a mini engine upgrade. Think Apple and their iphones: the transition from iphone to iphone 3G! I know, automobiles are more expansive than Steve Jobs gadgets and it is a pretty terrible comparison. However the 3.5 GR-FE will evolve just like the 1.8 engine. They will both have new upgraded versions soon and very soon for the GR-FE. When Toyota upgrades Lotus will have to upgrade to! What do you think? Now a dealer upgrade I could understand. By the way, what are Sector 111 and Hangar 111 waiting for?
  2. :question:Uh, The GR-FE was supposed to received DI. Toyota mentioned it a while back. All new high spec Toyota engines will have DI! the GR FZE did fit, sideways, in the engine bay, but there was no way to get the tranny with it since it had to be mounted longitudinally. However the new gen GR-FE is transverse and can be accommodated with its tranny in the Evora engine bay! It's the same engine block but the injectors have received a make over... Still with an extra 30bhp just out the ECU the Evora will send the Cayman RS back to the drawing board! Now, New ECU mapping and redesigned exhaust exhaust should get it near 320 BHP aftermarket without a supercharger! With the Supercharger and Cosworth fiddlings the Future SC should have no problem topping 400 bhp!
  3. Heikki has done a good job but I won't judge Jarno harshly on that one the guy has been really unlucky and managed to get the car to the flag on to occasion, Bahrain and Sepang with a car on its last hydraulic legs! Good job Heikki, Jarno your luck will turn. Amazing job Lotus Racing!
  4. That's probably cause the 2011 Evora will come with the Direct Injected GR 3.5 producing 315 bhp right off the box and Lotus propulsion will fiddle with it to get 330 bhp! I read somewhere on the interweb the same info but I cannot find it anywhere now! I'm not in the know at all but upgrading to the DI tech seems logical to me provided the engine can assume transverse position in the engine bay! Not to piss off new owners I would also propose a factory upgrade to current owners!
  5. NedaSay

    4. Shanghai GP

    Sorry but we are not 9th tied with the other new teams we are tenth just behind Sauber. Here's the explanation even if teams and or drivers do not score point they are classified if they finish a race. Buemi and De La Rosa haven't finished any race in the top ten however they have finished 11th for Buemi in Sepang 12th for De la Rosa in Melbourne. That's the reason they are classified ahead of Heikki who's just behind them with a 14th (Shanghai) and 0 point. these positions are used to elaborate the constructor championship and today here are the classifications: Pos,Constructor,Points: 1McLaren/Mercedes109 2Ferrari90 3Red Bull/Renault73 4Mercedes60 5Renault46 6Force India/Mercedes18 7Williams/Cosworth6 8Toro Rosso/Ferrari2 9BMW Sauber/Ferrari0 10Lotus/Cosworth0 11HRT/Cosworth0 12Virgin/Cosworth0 Pos,Driver,Points: 1Jenson Button 60, 2Nico Rosberg 50, 3Fernando Alonso 49, 4Lewis Hamilton49, 5Sebastian Vettel45, 6Felipe Massa41, 7Robert Kubica40, 8Mark Webber28, 9Adrian Sutil10, 10Michael Schumacher10, 11Vitantonio Liuzzi8, 12Vitaly Petrov6, 13Rubens Barrichello5, 14Jaime Alguersuari2, 15Nico Hülkenberg1, 16Sébastien Buemi0, 17Pedro de la Rosa,0 18Heikki Kovalainen0, 19Karun Chandhok0, 20Lucas Di Grassi0, 21Bruno Senna0, 22Jarno Trulli0 Kobayashi and Glock are not classified cause they have both failed to finish a race so far!
  6. NedaSay

    4. Shanghai GP

    Not only do we beat a Williams but more importantly at this point in the season we are sitting pretty at 10th in the constructor championship! right behind Sauber, and a little ahead Virgin and HRT! So far it'S ntirely going according to plan. If the barcelona package is as good as they say it will be then the 9th spot will be withing reach! let's hope that Lotus and Xtrac can figure out the hydraulic problems that are affecting Jarno's car!
  7. I should still be in Paris for the Mondial de l'automobile! Quite excited at the idea of the new Esprit! Lotus has also worked for the new US police car made by that company called Carbon and they are providing Hennessey with the Venom chassis aren't they!? The guys are really busy! In your opinion which will come first the Evora Roadster or the New Esprit!?
  8. The new Elise looks better than ever with this new front end! 56mpg highway is just amazing! I was looking at the new Suzuky Swift but I'm just going to save more money so that I can get my hand on one of these! Now if they could get serious a sec and fit a real glove compartment in it!
  9. Well done Bibs! Does it mean that you'll be able to organize Hingham factory tour soon!? maybe?! pretty please!
  10. Can't they have the engine to look just good! You know make it look clean, organize the wiring so that it's not so visible etc. I remember the 3.5l V8 on the Esprit in red this thing is a beauty! I don't like engine cover, they are generally ugly and does one really need soundproofing when driving a sport car like the Evora!?
  11. True Indy 500 gets more coverage than ALMS Petit Le Mans blue ribbon event! Great then lotuses crash all the time can just go round and have a propension to just take off when touched by another car! Yippee! Budget for a season in IRL is said to be 3.5 to 5M USD. Budget in GT2 ALMS or Grand Am is said to be about a million USD. They have a car to promote called Evora which can become a GT2 and should become a GT2 or 3 except that we are all waiting for next year technical and racing regulations. They should have just sat this year out! Well the KV lotus sponsored finished dead last! Not that it was for lack of speed since Takuma is a very fast driver but because of a part failure. I'll be right here waiting for carbday and bumpday! Does anyone know what's going on with the Evora Cup cars and the Type 124?!
  12. source: I can't wait to see it especially now that Redbull Energy station is such a serious place and has given the boot to the formula unas and the crazy parties!
  13. Thank god for that! There's just a part of me that wants to know about it! But I'm real happy that this is flying so below the radar that it will never get mainstream attention. Probably at Dany's dismay but he should have gotten his demographic rights. American Open Wheel Racing is brain dead and nobody cares. I was\ am a Champcar fan and they (Tony George former owner of IRL and Kevin Khalkoven killed it to secure the future of the 'stronger' IRL and they failed! The series is still a no factor in mainstream media doesn't have real corporate appeal and doesn't get much in term of ticket sales. If you're willing to advertise using motorsport in America it's Nascar or ALMS. let's hope Claudio Berro and Lotus Sport are working on a LMP1 factory effort for 2011 or at least a LMP2 privateer effort supported by the factory.
  14. ^^^So would I but it won't happen anytime soon! Some team owners are even questioning the idea of having new specs in 2012!
  15. Considering that CVT and dual clutch trannies have better results on the new EPA test... How ridiculously good could this car get once the new dual clutch gear box they are working on is ready?! I'd like to see this block fitted with a supercharger!
  16. Bad race for our boys today! We got crippled by tech problems! Jarno getting punted by Timo Glock and suffering from hydraulic problems in the end! forcing him to just bring the car to the finish line. Letting by both HRTs! Heikki trying a daring move on Luca Di Grassi, getting a puncture resulting in a difficult pit stop and overheating causing him to stay 9 laps in the pits and forbidding him to score another race finish! Even if he was the fastest guys among the new entrants in the end of the race! Luca di Grassi got his Virgin to the end of the race which means that the tech at Cosworth and Virgin have managed to get the car to just sip petrol! They are probably down on power as a result which hides the real potential of this car!
  17. Very good first day! The guys are totally dominating the other new entrants in performance (half a second over the first Virgin driven by Timo Glock) and reliability: 18. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth 1:38.454 + 4.279 34 19. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth 1:38.530 + 4.355 32 21. Glock Virgin-Cosworth 1:39.061 + 4.886 23 22. di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 1:39.158 + 4.983 29 23. Chandhok HRT-Cosworth 1:41.084 + 6.909 27 24. Senna HRT-Cosworth 1:41.481 + 7.306 32 Of course practice time are not relevant but Hulkenberg finished 17th in 1:37.415, +3.240 from the best lap, in 19 laps! Which means that they are closing the gap with the midpack, they are now less than 2 sec behind! That's great news!
  18. Yeah, I can't help it some bits sounds fake! I really enjoy the fact that Lotus is back into racing! I guess IRL was the cheapest way forward! But a season in the IRL cost about 5 Million USD! For very little exposure on a sport tier channel except when come the time of the 500! At which ABC will takeover! But I'm pretty sure that for the same amount of money Group Lotus could appear on the engine cover by the rollbar! And it would be so much more legitimate that this 'infamy'. Get the Evora racing in VLN this year! Deliver the first Evora cup cars as soon as they are reliable! Help structure the Lotus Elise trophy and other Lotus Racing series in Europe and North America! This is so rushed and messy! Again who am I to say this just a Lotus fan and a true American open wheeler fan at heart!
  19. Great build up to the GP! Amazing crowd at the Lotus Racing event. So how long will it take to get some goodies our way now that KL got their fair share. For the Grand Prix I'd like to see lotus playing with strategies! There may a point to grab!
  20. Looks like a mk2 Elise GT1 in my opinion! I don't think it will sell like hot cakes but if they do sell any Lotus will have sold one more chassis!
  21. Well if we look at the constructor championship they are more than ok at the moment! They are standing in tenth position and unless HRT improves their pace by two full seconds per lap they'll stay behind Lotus Racing! The Virgins will remain unable to finish races under normal conditions! As long as Heikki and Jarno manage to keep it cool and bring both their car to the finish line in Malaysia and China, they'll stay ahead of the pack. However the 'Barcelona spec' will be critical if they are to keep the 10th position for the rest of the season! If the B spec is the improvement Mike is talking about they'll get really close to the performance that Sauber is showing right now! Considering Sauber's budget, they may not be able to improve their car dramatically. Therefore Sauber is the target! Williams has already scored points and even thought their budget is not limitless they should develop their car further! Force India has already score twice without the scoring of their number one driver nut his luck will turn for sure! Toro Roso will rely mostly on Buemi to score points this season but the guy is really fast and can finish in the top ten anytime if he stays out of trouble. Jarno's car needs to be more reliable cause if it is Jarno and Heikki will give Timo a hard time and make it difficult for any driver in an established team! I'm sort of hoping for rain in Monte Carlo in the early season it's their best shot! In any circumstance HK and JT will need to stay out of trouble and keep their wheels away from 1st corner wreckage!
  22. Heikki had a good race, too bad his direct competition is so weak right now! I think it's time for Jarno's luck to turn! Can't wait to get the new aero package ! The team is doing good!
  23. They got more airtime than Virgin and HRT and I think Sauber and Toro Rosso, I barely saw the Force India of Sutil and he made it all the way to Q3!!! The performance was good they are getting speed! They need to get the strategy right on both cars tomorrow and Jarno needs a new seat!
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