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  1. The model X plaid weighs 2556kg. The doors do in fact weigh a lot and also forced the body/chassis to be reinforced fore and aft... Musk said it himself the gullwing doors were a mistake he would not do again. the third engine also adds weight. Tesla controled weight by making option list very limited. The X is already 10 years - old unveiled in 2012 and released in 2015! Tesla was still a very bratty company with a huge chip on their shoulder. It is crazy to think that nobody has really been able to catch up until... now. Lotus Technology inherited years of Lotus engineering lightweighting research, has more resources than Tesla had to develop model X at the time, and enjoys 10 years of technology improvements in aluminum stamping - some holes and negative surfaces in the Eletra body would have been deemed impossible to bring to mass market 10 years ago. They have done their homework so much so that they can afford to have robotised screen and Lidar.
  2. ^^^that is a bad render. This below is it. By the way is it me, or did they tweak the new logo again?!
  3. I couldn't agree more. for me it is also another aspect, that because most of us don't have access to Geely products except for Volvo and Polestar, so it is not really obvious ; that is the amount of parts coming from the Geely group parts bin. It is beyond what one can imagine. Yes, the body is bespoke, it's the first aluminum body for Geely Group, but it is the first of many to come as Polestar is adopting the alloy for its upcoming vehicles. The skate architecture comes from Geely Group so does the loom, the seats, the infotainment screen, the toggles... they all are a bespoke treatment of existing parts. Even the powertrain is a bespoke treatment of something that Lotus had access to. All of that is bringing the costs downs and the economies of scale are going to be massive. I'm not surprised Lotus did not specify a currency for the price at the unveil. Believe me or not but they can actually make it for USD 100K or EUR 100K. The Zeekr 001, which Eletre "shares" of lot its bits with(the SEA architecture aka Lotus Premium Electric Architecture), retails for the equivalent of USD 55k IN China. So thanks to the use of the parts bin getting a price even just below 100k is not out of the realm of possibilities. Yes, at 100k you won't get the carbon bits and probably not LIDAR, and it will probably the 3 seats bench at the back without the photochromic sunroof and only a 15 speaker system with the base leather/ microfiber electric seats. And yes we in North America will get regular mirrors and not cameras because NHTSA will not have them... That would still get the buyers a Premium ESUV with a range of over 500km and enough power to do pretty stupid things at the red lights. I'm not sure getting below 2sec 0 to 60 is that much of a good thing when moving this much mass... Speaking about mass the way Zeekr 001, which body and subframes are all steel weighs 2350kg... I guess we'll see how much the aluminum body and subframe can save, along with all the weight saving measures Lotus applies to it. The number may be pretty close to 2000kg dead in top trim, which would be not shabby for a 5m luxobarge with huge wheels.
  4. Geely is trying to establish the brand by benchmarking it against the upper echelon.The Target they have is clear, it is Porsche market. Porsche is in its own little but very profitable space somewhere between the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Volvo... and the Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Co. Lotus is de facto targeting the same space. Thus the Eletre sizing, power, and spec level ; it is the same size as the Urus, not a coincidence, it is as powerful as a Tesla X, not coincidence either. it is unveiled with only four seats and the most luxurious cabin with golden toggles to boot... This is not a coincidence. They are not there yet, that is a fact but that is what they are aiming for! Again the most likely competitor for the Eletre as an EV vehicle is the Tesla Model X, and on spec it has to be the Plaid version which retails at $120k or BMW iX M60 that retails at entry level at $106k. Lotus is committing to an entry price around 100k, yet the did not specify the currency, but since it is not made in the UK, it doesn't have to be GBP, if it is USD then 100k would be undercutting both vehicles on value. Lotus needs to work on perceived quality, up the brand cachet and offer a specific USP, there they chose tech. if compared with a Cayenne (ice vehicle) then you have to match it on power and specs which means the Turbo GT model that is $180k, even with a conversion rate in favor of GBP that is not 62k (I noticed you went for the entry model) Lotus branded the vehicl as an hyper SUV, they meant it. If you don't see the I-Pace competing with the Macan, some people at Jaguar will be very hurting right now, it is the one vehicle they benchmarked like crazy for both the I-Pace and the E-Pace.
  5. The Taycan is a very tempting vehicle if you are in the market but it is smaller not that this is the criteria why people buy these things. Maccan and Cayenne EV's are not available yet I-Pace are in another category compact SUV or D segment while Eletre is in the E-segment. The only vehicle in the list to compete with Eletre is Tesla X Plaid and another one you haven't listed BMW iX M60 which is the most similar competitor from Europe right now, however Cullinan EV and Bentayga EV are in the pipeline. Type 134 will compete versus Maccan and I-Pace on price. it is not Eletre' job, which is to hunt Cayenne Turbo, Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga and the likes, at 94k entry price, it is quite good value with the standard kit. We have to bear in mind it is not designed to work in the UK, not even really in mainland Europe but China and the US. It is expected that China will get the bulk of the orders for it hence the configuration it was unveiled in. Still it may find a niche market with the lads and WAGS of premiership if Lotus UK agents could sell 500 to 1000 of these it would be a success already. I think they are looking at Cayenne sales volume so 50000 vehicles produced annually For the "more affluent but not quite as wealthy common man" the Type 134 will be the go to crossover for the brand, it will be freed of all the uber luxury gadgets, more Emira and less Evija, it shall be more compact, lighter, simpler but with an eye watering option list, it will sell in bigger volumes 75k to 90k vehicles per annum. And because Lotus was initially going to produce that vehicle first, its development must be really advanced already. The Type 133 will complete the trinity of higher volume cars that will prop Lotus Group in the Porsche megasphere. where Geely wants them to be. Lotus was supposed to share its Wuhan factory 3 years ago. Now they get one for themselves with capacity for 150k vehicles per annum.
  6. Eletre is not for everybody's purse for sure. I can't even imagine the luxury tax on it over here. and just as Australia a road-trip in Canada would have to be organized very carefully even if 600km range is on par with most non diesel vehicles in that size. it is not so much about the vehicle's range and more about the grid and network of recharging stations availability. I use a GM Acadia 7 seater all winter I don't think that I can go more than 450-500km without refuelling. Indeed I think hybrids are going to be the go to vehicles on some markets, and even-though the Eletre has what it takes to be a most amazing grand tourer, it will be limited to commuting in big metropolitan area. Lotus wanted a status symbol and i think when it comes to that this is a success. I find it interesting that they only displayed the 4 seats configuration and not the 5 seater but considering is primary markets are going to be China and the US that probably makes sens. China's young millionaires are going to love the gold accents of the car ... got to say gold is not my thing but it was showing how much they could the envelop and the envelop was quite spectacular on the inside However the next crossover which will be Maccan size maybe a potential alternative for somebody looking at a luxury or premium product. Cause if they can produce the entry model at about 100k then by removing all the fancy air suspension, active aero, a single engine and a more compact form factor, Lotus will be able to leverage Geely's parts bin to provide to the market a vehicle in the 60k range. The Eletre despite its name is I think a wonderful "exercice de style". and with its ginormous wheels and titghtly shape proportion it sort of looks smaller or more compact than it really is while being quite roomy inside except for the trunk which is plainly not being enough for a vehicle that is 5.10m long.
  7. The coverage by youtube channels is the strongest for a lotus ever, I count 12 ideas by "major" outlets pieces within less than an hour since launch. So from my understanding, we were getting the halo spec for the unveil which is actually partially true but not quite, the power levels start at 600bhp but the top model in the range will have more than that so 1000bhp is not unlikely?! I did not like the launch... as usual all fluff imo, but the vehicle i find very interesting All aluminium chassis and body with top spec carbon trim was on display on the unveil model. but also recycled carbon fiber in the cabin, the steering wheel is a thing of beauty. A lot of Volvo/Geely goods under the skin and the look of that luxobarge is very softroader/shooting brake. frameless door shows confidence in the fit and finish. air suspension and adaptable dampers so i'm thinking it will have a Volvo multilink at the back. Lotus also unveiled a new take on their website and the "canadian server" crashed during the Eletre launch. The interest is there, it bodes well for the brand.
  8. Henry Catchpole from carfection mentioned that it is priced from just below 100k in the UK for the base model. 5m long, over 2m wide, only 1.64m tall, over 2000kg.
  9. Priced below 100k pounds entry level?! so they benchmarked it on both Urus and Model X. The price for electric boutique affair is impressive
  10. what color is that ? Bronze!?
  11. My bad The range is out there... along with all other specs actually.
  12. BBC Radio HQ, a troupe of rythmic gymnasts, dancers and circus performers, original music ... That's the most lavish Lotus has done ever.
  13. wait while presenting the historical cars of the brand no mention of the Elise at all !!!! WTF!?
  14. So it spells Eletre but is pronounced Eletra... That's a tad confusing
  15. youtube: facebook: the hyper SUV category moniker i'm not a fan of but i guess with the power it gets...
  16. I think if one does pick a white paint and gets the black roof and skirt it will be they heck of a storm trooper rendition. I actually like the fascia it is aggressive, assertive, personal and distinctive while the back is just quite clean
  17. I think its 0-62 time is going to be embarrassing...
  18. I think on looks it's better than Urus and DBX, Easily better than BMW EQ Suv and BMW iX, the interior quality will be at least Volvo grade and it looks like they have a 10 to 12 speaker Kef system on this one. I guess we are going to see the top spec at launch and yes it will be pricey but on looks, the car will not leave to be desired and on perceived quality it will be out there. People in the market for a distinctive softroader have a new option and if Lotus and Geely can leverage things on price Eletra will undercut the competition or play toe to toe with it. So somewhere between Model X Plaid pricing and the upcoming Cayenne EV.
  19. I do like the choice of a bold color for the car launch, They went with blue with Emira, now Yellow with Eletre while Evija still went with grey as Evore did way back when. They totally trust their design and are not afraid to show it anymore. I got to say that I was not sure about the look of that front end for a while but seeing it with the black lower section against a bold color it does look more than the part. the black skirt is also welcome. Now i want to know the weight of that thing... north of 2tons I'm guessing.
  20. I guess the embargo is over : this is from Autoblog Oups, guess not. They took it down already.
  21. it does look good in yellow indeed. I am not the author of this leak Babies in the back better not barf on the alcantara, I wonder if Lotus has a second configuration for the rear seats?
  22. ^^^ Then again using all 1000 bhp on track in a glorified baby buggy may make baby sick in the back .
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