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  1. Yup Lotus is set to stun again, it's impressive that 7 days from launch they managed to keep it fully under wrap and under control, bearing in mind that leaks tend to be organized in general but we've got zilch on the league front, just organized company teasing. And yeah the car is a looker... but knew that already. All the renders published by the journos are way off and some will eat their tongue out!!
  2. Saw it thanks. I'm just shocked at the complete absence of spy shots of the car in camo... in the online usual suspect publication.
  3. 7 days from reveal and not a tidbit of another teaser in the media... How severe is/was this NDA?
  4. These angles are wild, these stunt/race drones are something else. Also I would have rather had Lotus and an architecture firm re-engineer this stadium top to bottom.
  5. I would much rather have Aviva and their billions of pounds in turnover take care of forking the money on the jersey. The question here being did Lotus approach the canaries or did the canaries approach Lotus. As long as it does not impact Lotus bottom line i'm fine with it and I guess lotus does it a lot more as one of the top employees in Norfolk (social responsability and all of that) than as a sport cars manufacturer as i believe a race program would reach potential customer of the brand faster. However getting the SUV out in the hands of players and their wags will not be a bad thing.
  6. So i guess Lotus will entrust 22 brand new Emiras to a bunch of lads comes the winter... Come to think of it, it would be probably best to entrust them with SUVs, the Emira may be too much car for them...
  7. Dear Matt, Lotus has presented its vision of what endurance racing could look like in 2030, Lotus engineering is now involved in motorsport thru a collaboration with JBXE racing, we have read that an Emira GT was being tested in concert with RML. When will an announcement on an official return to motorsport be made official? Lotus has presented its new retail strategy, which appears to caters specifically well for pop up points of sales and contacts in urban environment, however the coverage for after sales services and even sales is still pretty spotty in North America as of now, will we see a dramatic increase in this coverage? Or will a Lotus customer will still have to hike up to 1500km to have his car serviced? The North American market if very lease centric when it comes to premium and luxury cars, how will Lotus adapt to it?
  8. Ok. What many seem to forget is that if Emira is replacing all current cars it has been benchmarked against Boxster and 911. Cayman, because in 4 cylinder guise, it is the most logical competitor, and 911 because as opposed to Cayman, Lotus has always set its cars free to go giant hunting ; just like the Exige 430 Cup was nibbling the heels of any GT3, while the Cayman GT4 was reined in by the higher ups at Weissach, Emira will be set to hunt the 911 GT3 in top spec, not that Emira will automatically need to get 500bhp to do it. On that question, does Emira need more than 500bh?. Now, do some of us want it to? Yes. Are they right to want it? Well, we always want more don't we! But will the car need it, if it weighs under 1350kg in top spec, and makes the entire competition look ridiculous of the line and in the curves. Once again, Emira is set to be Emira and not an Esprit successor. I for one just want Emira the best car it can be, I've seen one image - just the one - the car is a freakin looker, I'm not saying everybody will like it, but if you fell for Evija you may as well have your checkbook ready. And the dealers at least here are ready. When it comes to the interior, it will surprise some, but it is not all Volvo or it won't feel all Volvo, it is going to be hightech à la Volvo yes, and the "hightechery" of it all serves one big purpose, containing weight. Yes, it will have many more CPUs and GPUs than an Evora ever had, but the packaging of the car is on the the clever side of motorsport engineering. Of course some modules are always going to be heavy no matter what, electric seats can only get that light, but if you can do without them save the weight. Lotus is very unlikely going to have tinkered with the internal of the Toyota engine because there's no need to... And from what I gathered the 4cyl will have the same kind of treatment, Lotus have played with induction and exhaust but no internals were touched, because it doesn't make sense to get the engine delivered only to open and then close them of the chain and risk having defects. By the way, the recent unveil of the new retail strategy was no coincidence, it is super versatile and scaleable and Lotus will make full use of the resources at their disposal, but instead of thinking about adding dealers, it appears the strategy is more evolutive, Lotus will add dealers yes, but the new showrooms will not automatically be on the dealers lot...
  9. Many here are assuming Lotus is sticking to the GR-FE ... Some are assuming that the car is heavier than the outgoing car because of added creature comfort... if Emira take a lot from the porosity concept of Evija and the Elemental platform is the stepforward Lotus has made it to be... Some maybe in for a surprise...
  10. To answer your first question, yes you can get 500hp with the 2gr-fr and Lotus did so on the dyno. Getting hp from the engine is not diificult and from what i heard way back when it was a reliable delivery... but everybody agreed the gearboxe was not going to cope. they obtained the power at 7200rpm and it exceeded the torque rating of BG6. Regardless even if we don't get 500bhp i'm still thinking that the absolute top end version shall get more than 430 bhp just because it is the nature of progress, incremental steps forward. I'm one that believes Lotus intentionally left a bit of power of the table with 430 and now that they can get a BG6 good with 480nm of torque we should see them irk a few more hp 450, is my guess, probably lower down the rev range because it should be a slightly different engine.
  11. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    Lotus has been working with Geely and Volvo in Gothenburg and has now a permanent office in the former CEVT unit which is now known as Uni3 by Geely, so the car ergonomics should be on point. Come to think of that driverpoint teaser comes in early they must be pretty sure the car is a looker to reveal that much this early.
  12. NedaSay

    Lotus Emira

    It's 9.35am local time, and I start my grading day to a teaser on the dashboard and steering wheel of Emira: here are my humble observations First, not good for productivity. Second, black and silver roundel on steering wheel, I am more than ok with that. Third, buttons on steering wheel, a lot of buttons, but not haptic feedback buttons, no no what looks like real buttons, so the "ergonomics specialist" in me who recently tried a Tesla model 3 said yes, yes and yes. Fourth the steering wheel shape is bespoke to the car and fits in perfectly with the dashboard behind that, i guess we expected nothing less, and the yellow stitching is gorgeous. Fifth, the dashboard has a G-Force accelerometer front and centre, I'm guessing this track or race mode. Sixth, is the redline at 7000rpm or slightly below 7000rpm almost looks like 6800? Seventh, the shifting paddles are on the smaller side I'm guessing they are mounted on the steering wheel itself.
  13. You are absolutely right, but it appears that the cockpit of the Neverra caters a bit more for the passenger than the interior of Evija... And my assumption was based on creature comfort and in cockpit experience rather that straight out comfort. my bad! But come to think of it who gives a F? Both cars do silly silly things, both cars will be the tenth or eleventh in their owners' fleet... Actually, I don't know how their proud owners will find ways to keep their driver licenses, unless the have a traffic lawyer on speed dial, which they probably do in multiple countries anyway. These lucky b**tards better enjoy them. But in my book evija is gorgeous to look at while standing still while Neverra is almost pedestrian in its looks.
  14. Design wise the Evija is in another league, performance wise and because the Evija will be around 400kg, lighter, there should be no contest, however in terms of comfort and most definitely range this may give Evija some bone to chew on IMO.
  15. But do we like it or are we getting used to it? I can't really tell.
  16. Will I get vilified if I say that the new/old font of the Lotus moniker is growing on me... I still think the roundel should have silver lettering but yeah...
  17. 1450kg+ for a Lotus two seater, the Evora wasn't that heavy in GT430 guise and this one benefits from even deeper lightening measures... I reckon it will be much closer to the Exige weight, maybe 1350kg.
  18. That would be the AWF8G45 which is good for 480nm out of the box... But since Cyan racing and Lynk and Co have been working on a ridiculous 03 Cyan tuned road car with that gearbox, I'm pretty sure there is a version of that thing that has been vetted for 500nm. However it was matched to a 4cyl not a V6, however since Lotus join Geely it is now part of a group that can ask Aisin to create a bespoke version of a gearbox... Time will tell I guess
  19. I would assume the same. I think the Chassis evolutions are more related to more alloy castings on the front and rear substructures instead of extrusions and steel. As well as alloy and carbon fiber/plastic composite body parts.
  21. Matt Windle mentioned in the Top Gear video another announcement for the end of 2021, could it be the crossover?
  22. I do think the rendering is just a place holder for something looking a bit more representative of the products soon to be found in these revamped showrooms. But this thing really looks like a toy car.
  23. Look what Lotus PR is leaking in their latest piece on the new Lotus retail strategy: a rendering of a baby evija with much shorter rear overhang...
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