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  1. Since Lotus won't give us anything until july 6th, Autocar decided to pump out another rendering ... Looks cute with the wing
  2. At least we got the name right. We got to see new images behind the scene and personally confirmed a few tidbits... the customer experience center build is on ice... as well as LDA new watchtower. This presentation had a very corporate feel about it and was very Lotus Engineering heavy. Lotus is rumoured as going thru a new round of financing:
  3. That was a masterful keynote...
  4. NedaSay

    Morse Code...

    No leak whatsoever so far, I'm impressed.
  5. NedaSay

    Morse Code...

    Autocar and other publications must be under embargo right now, they would already have the images ready to go.
  6. NedaSay

    Type 131 GT4

    I'm all for motorsport. Lotus belongs in that Arena but something about GT4 tells je that there will be a higher profile program at some point. GT4 is customer racing and Lotus needs a factory effort to raise their profile. GT3 could have done it and GTLM would also allow it but GT4 almost prevents it. Still good to know that the race car is being developed alongside the road car.
  7. NedaSay

    Morse Code...

    ^^I said "a bit" lol
  8. NedaSay

    Morse Code...

    They have trademarked a bit more than that... keeping up with the smoke and mirrors.
  9. NedaSay

    Morse Code...

    I decoded E M I R A...
  10. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirror is a game Lotus is very adept at. if they keep that V6 it means they have unlocked a lot of trickery, it also means Toyota will keep making this engine for the next 5 to 10 years which is a bit hard to believe considering the GR in its FE guys has been around since 2002... And the fact that Toyota is only using said engine on their minivan (Sienna), SUV and light duty pick up trucks on some South East Asian markets and the engine is no longer compliant with stricter emission rules in the EU, US,UK, Japan and even China from 2025 onwards. And I don't really see Toyota MC keeping said engine in production for a rather small number of engines just for Lotus.
  11. So were we all I think. The only thing is Hamilton never exceeded the track limits while overtaking. Then again he did very little overtaking during the race. I really don't get how Verstappen was not able to overtake him after that his tyres were still rather fresh and his car was considerably faster.
  12. I'm not so sure that Perez won't trouble Verstappen, his car has been problematic all week end, he was out of luck in qualifying, and yet despite all of that, he manages to pretty much give a clinic on overtaking manoeuvres, in order to score some big points for the team. For what was hist first weekend with the team.... He's not the same Perez who blew it at McLaren years ago. The only thing that will stop him from annoying max is his team that will probably intervene if push comes to shove. I think Aston Martin will regret his decision to oust him to make room for Vettel. SV has been of his game for a little too long, I hope for him that this race week end was just anecdotal but his defensive reaction to his own snaffu was very revealing of his state of mind. As for Bottas the writing is pretty much on the wall regardless of whether or not Hamilton calls it quit by season's end. Russell is composed, fast, very fast and doesn't mind his car not being 100% to drive its wheels off. A return to a resurgent Williams - love their 2021 livery - would be a nice way to exit the absolute top flight. He was given the chance to compete against the very best racer in F1 and it's pretty hard to beat the very best. I can't wait to see the Mclaren Boys bridge that gap to the two frontrunners. The gap is still substantial but they are on an equal foot engine wise with the arrows so they should be able to get a little close and mix it up with them.
  13. The right outfit for the job, me thinks.
  14. Uh did you read the multiple pieces saying that Lotus was now part of the Geely/Volvo powertrain joint venture? No!?Ok here's one:
  15. A while back, under the previous management some words were given... Due to the switch to a turbocharger and a flatter torque curve located lower in the rev range... the bhp number were to start where GT430 maxed out. Yet at around the same time The GR-FE by Lotus, in pretty much standard internals, was brought up to 7200rpm reliably on the dyno... That was good for numbers that would have been more than good enough for an Esprit... They could not do it because no gearbox on the market could cope. That was before the ownership change. Regardless of the choice of Engine supplier for 131. it is safe to say that it will be more powerful on launch that the current top spec engine Lotus has on offer(430bhp). I'm not saying they won't provide a less potent spec, just that predicting launch spec may be way trickier on this one. also because type 131 maybe a completely different type of offer than we've seen before.
  16. Why do you think that the AMG engine is an option for Lotus? Why would Lotus pay royalty on this engine? While it can get an engine that will be royalty free, more powerful and that will not require extra additionnal training at dealerships! I don't get where the AMG 4cyl idea come from. I don't know why people rave about it, when Volvo Polestar has an engine that has some 30bhp on it in standard guise and a 120bhp in its most extreme incarnation. As far as we know Lotus will either keep using Toyota's engine for this last run of combustion engine or more likely as they are stakeholders in Geely-Volvo new engine joint venture will get bespoke tuned Geely/Volvo engineered 4cyl and V6s. Geely owning a 9% share of Daimler doesn't mean they can give Lotus access to the AMG engines. it is only a 9% share, first minority shareholder on paper, but still only 9%, Geely got Smart and the small engine manufacturing as part of the deal which is what they wanted.
  17. I like them both, but AMF1 has to be commanded on their ability to sign sponsors on this one. McLaren new orange and blue livery is not bad either.
  18. Less buttons and more voice commands inside cabin of Hethel's sport cars:
  19. Uh the tech director was none other than former and current HWA engineering director...
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