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  1. Less buttons and more voice commands inside cabin of Hethel's sport cars:
  2. Uh the tech director was none other than former and current HWA engineering director...
  3. I agree, the cars have been in gestation for long enough. Now they will look reactive instead of proactive, but it is not just McLaren, it is also Maserati and soon Ferrari. They are all coming down with V6 twin turbo and hybrid. if Type 131 is indeed 2 cars a 4cyl and a V6. I'm afraid the V6 has been upstaged already. The fun thing is that JMG wanted that 3.0L V6 twinturbo supercar out in 2019. By that point they had been working on it for almost 3 years. They were really happy with the design. Geely was bringing the parts bin, the change in leadership and the strategy review delayed things. Still Lotus needs to make a splash in terms of image but also volume and create a strong differentiator on price point, so a playful 3 or 4cyl hybrid, based on VVA+, should be able to top the balance under 1300kg if they optimize things. Power is in my mind a non issue whether they fit it with 300 or 400bhp is kind of besides the point. The car should be about build quality, easy of use and playfulness For The Driver. The Geely/Volvo element should make warranty a non issue.
  4. McLaren definitely poached pages of the playbook and a lot more than that when they started their road division. The tech spec of that Artura is very impressive. The design leaves me a bit cold as most of the work is in the detail but the overall look is an evolution on 570S. Still the implementation is very McLaren, clinical, beautiful but somewhat devoid of passion. And yes should Type 131 be in the price bracket mentioned and well executed. it should represent 95% of the value at a fraction of the cost.
  5. fun story and cool looking poster, the return of the Deltawing.
  6. Well i hope we don't get to wait 9 years to see Lotus get back to racing. Considering their deal with Alpine they have an easy path to LMDh racing and I'd bet that making the upcoming Hybrid PU compatible with that categor would be privcey but doable. Still that is a fun little story to fill a page or two.
  7. How did they manage to make the Evija looks to big? Is the engine in the cockpit?
  8. Pfff They are not and I mean not messing around... That car, under the wraps, looks sleek tiny and light I wonder if it is a scale model, definitely Elige class if it is the real thing. That change in global footprint is mighty.
  9. Uh the AMG 4 cyl is probably out of the equation as the deal between Geely and Daimler was signed way after the development team froze the spec. Beside Volvo has a very potent 4cyl that does fit the need for a lightweight mild hybrid (48v battery) sport cars and also a PHEV (the SUV), and has it come from within the group there is no license fee to pay and dealership staff can easily be trained to service it.
  10. The V8 was put on dyno but its IP belongs to HWA I Believe, it was good for 600bhp + in base tune... They could have gone with any number of gearbox as the engine bay set up allowed mechanical, automatic and DCT. So a hint of a truth at last... An Exige class and an Esprit class to replace the Evora and leaving the Elise to posterity. Hum it really is JMG's masterplan.
  11. Yes, it would be unprecedented in a way... Except that McLaren has been doing it ever since the MP4-12C and everything Sport and Super Series up until 720s has been built on the same core chassis. Technically very doable for Lotus even more with VVA or VVA+, so if you add to that Volvo and Geely experience on the matter. If lotus had access to everything, as I believe, they had access to literally everything - and they did not need that much : a loom, and powertrains to work with - and you consider that Type 131 has been in inception for a little while (2015 give or take a few months) they had plenty of times in the past 2 years to come up with an industrialization plan the three silhouettes we see in the press release could all be Type 131 be it Type131A, Type131B and Type131C they can share core chassis, engine layout and loom( dash cluster, cabin ergonomics infotainment and environment display). If you remember the infamous DB intent prototype the cabin of the 3 mid-engined car did share a lot. Type 131 could go beyond that with just minor dash variations. Type 131 is a Hybrid and according to the journos would come with a V6 turbocharged and hybridized 550bhp+ ... at 75k I don't think so but a 3 or 4cyl turbocharged and hybridized at 350/400bhp I'd say yup. I know, it's out there, but come to think of it not that much. You wait for a new car for years and suddenly...
  12. Some guys on Lotustalk and elsewhere have an interesting theory regarding the term sport car series and the visual used by Lotus. What if Type 131 was not one car but one chassis able to accept 3 different bodies?
  13. Your computer was made in Britain?
  14. Weight gains being pretty much compulsory when adding a big fat battery to the car...
  15. Back under MJK Lotus engineering did a lot of work on metal lightweighting, Using a Toyota Venza as model for weight loss... they shed weight massively. I believe some of that work continued under DB, albeit with a skeleton team, and under JMG again. There's nothing official about the switch to an aluminium body yet though. But got very strong hint that the new car may be even more alloy heavy than Evora... that would mean the core chassis, but also front and rear subframes and yes the body: doors, roof, and possibly other part of the skin of the thing. JMG both hinted at full aluminium body as a way to minimize weight gains.
  16. So yup 135m for two years... Versus according to your own math 135m a year for all current cars 1800 cars.
  17. Uh No! Not at all not even close. Lotus is being propped by R&D and investment money coming from Geely. Lotus is in no obligation to generate cash at the time being beyond the parameters set by Geely. The Evija won't have to pick up the slack at all. And also at 130 cars over a 2 year production span at 2m a pop it couldn't. In case some haven't noticed, Lotus Engineering is roaring back to life and the Alpine deal is just the tip of the iceberg. Lotus Engineering has become in record time a fully functional unit of Geely R&D, despite not even being in its new digs yet, it is generating its own cashflow. My understanding is that the overhaul required to start production of Type 131 requires that the current production chain to stop, to make way for some tooling. At the time being Elise, Exige and Evora can come down the line indifferently, but Type 131 is going to be a different animal... I heard aluminium intensive body requiring a lot more automation. The new production hall will be fitted for this but considering they are gunning for shitload of units from the get go and other models following within 2 years of Type 131 launch. It made sense to discontinue all three cars at once... Even if i thought that Evora was supposed keep plugging for another two years, Elise and Exige production was supposed to be stopped in 2020 under JMG as the cars are not globally homologated. as far as i understand The JMG's plan is still the backbone of Vision 80/Lotus BP under Geely, however it goes full EV after the first new car produced while JMG was planning for 3 more ICE cars. I can't help but think that at least another sport car will come in hybrid guise though. Geely is investing at a systemic level, leaving no stone unturned. They know pretty well where they want to take the company. Also i can't find any image of it yet but the Lotus factory in Chengdu is ready or thereabout doing preproduction runs, so theSUV can't be far now, it is still in line for a 2022 launch.
  18. Considering the recent hiring spree the company has been on, the roster of competent execs at the top is well sorted, and besides MW was made the Managing director and not CEO as FQF is still CEO for Lotus Group. As for Popham, we'll never know will we. His term at the helm was impacted by Covid yes, but the delays to the new sportcar, if in part due to new strategy (going full EV) were probably unwelcomed, and as for the Evija order book, we'll know soon if his address book was enough for it.
  19. How long has it been for Popham? 2 years and 4 months and change. Leads one to wonder what happened but best of luck to Matt. It is good to have an Us Lot at the helm. He is 49 years old so it would be nice if he could remain safely at the helm for a long stint.
  20. So that is pretty much my point. A V6 hybrid doesn't make commercial sense at 55k. The extra size probably comes from the need for more room for the occupants of the car. Autocar previously said that the car is a spiritual replacement of the Esprit. So having an entry model with an hybridized 4cyl ( from Geely-Volvo/Polestar) makes sense.
  21. @yeller77The three new sports cars were intended by JMG, the difference is in the timing... it's not supposed to be a blitz but a progressive unveil... However they are now about 3 years behind on the initial plan because of late change in strategies and covid. the new sport car was initially a 2019 unveil and 2020 release which is now going to be a 2022 release. But the full EV sport cars were hinted a 2024 initially for the first product, this is still a possible release date but it will probably be delayed to sometimes between 2025 and 2026. Also, the Alpine deal goes a long was reestablishing Lotus' place in the automotive consulting world and definitely helps proving to the higher ups at Geely that Lotus is a valuable entity. Back to Type 131, so it replaces all three current models, and according to Autocar it does it while being a V6 hybrid? if the starting price is 55k and the top end price is 100k ish, it probably is gunning for the Boxster/Cayman combo. A sport premium mid engined V6 hybrid for 55k ?! the other mid engine hybrid in the sport premium arena is the NSX, that car is not at 55k entry price. I'm not saying it can't be a V6 hybrid, but a V6 hybrid would command a higher price don't you think?
  22. Hum so if the new car is getting an hybridized V6 and this V6 is longitudinally monted... even as a strict 2 seater, I anticipate it to be slightly bigger than Evora so it would be the car on the left?!
  23. So nothing before the summer while the car shoulda/coulda/woulda have been presented late in 2020 ... So I am going to put that one on Covid. The car has the massive spread we've talked about for a while, priced as low as an entry level Boxster and as high as top spec Evora. Now the car would be replacing the entire range... Instead of the Elise Exige combo. Well here is to more waiting.
  24. Yes they did and it went tits up when the Caterham F1 team folded or rather when Tony Fernandez decided to sell the team which subsequently folded a few months after.
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