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  1. Ok I expected the interior to be spartan but here we verge on underwhelming in my opinion. I expected a more analog cabin, the Lotus Elige binacle is here as I expected and there's a sea of microfiber and the Lotus stick gorgeous stickshifter is on display but the TFT screens are just tacked on there yes this thing is underwhelming, No analog dials, not enough polished aluminium or brass and i find the two stop watches a tad tachy...
  2. Wait a sec... My wish was answered so uh Ok... Now can I get a one million canadian dollars (aka 1 million canadian pesos) pretty please?
  3. NedaSay

    Type 132

    Yes my bad, you've corrected my mistake.
  4. NedaSay

    Type 132

    The Type 132 crossover is the Porsche Cayman/ Tesla Model Y competitor in the upcoming Lotus range. Type 134 is supposed to be the Porsche Cayenne /Tesla Model X competitor.
  5. NedaSay

    Type 132

    Expect it to have a lot of Geely-Volvo tech with a blend of alloys and ultra high strength steel, Lotus engineering did a lot of work on that vehicle. It is SPA based but SPA permits a lot, it shares some SEA concepts while not being all SEA. And no I'm not suggesting they will launch the Top 750bhp version first, only that the car on display for the digital unveil will have all the sexy carbon bits, because nobody unveils the base spec model of a new range of product.
  6. NedaSay

    Type 132

    Since it appears they have chosen to go with at 600bhp for the base model and it is said to have retained a true to Lotus driving dynamics, we can expect it to go like stig and attack the corners in a way that will make most passengers slightly queasy.
  7. NedaSay

    Type 132

    That's the plan, full car unveil before year's end, on sale by fall 2022.
  8. NedaSay

    Type 132

    It will feel as good as any Polestar out there, if not even better... Which is a very very good thing. They are going to unveil the model in its highest possible spec form so evidently they are going to display the carbon fiber, this time they have to convince us and the rest of the world that the vehicle is true to the Lotus ethos.
  9. NedaSay

    Type 132

    Here comes the hotstepper... "Elevo" is on time and so is its factory, it seems
  10. The polestar start retailing in the UK for 40K, Polestar 2 and Lotus are gunning for the same premium luxury clientele beside being in different segment with their respective models. The polestar is a hatch the Lotus is an SUV but they will share a lot of componentry... If polestar can build the car for as low at 40K and make a small profit(not that small I was told) then Lotus could again play the value for money card in the premium luxury segment all the while asking for a slight premium over the Polestar 2. I'm saying between 55 and 65k entry model and from there sky is not quite the limit but close...
  11. So Lotus is now known as a sino-british firm?! That did not take long.
  12. The future looks good : judging from that video below which is Emira specific but the shots of the factory are good to see. and they have tons of new machines or adult toys to work/play with
  13. I expected it, but after the Lotus Technology reveal, I think they are playing with timetables again. We may get an announcement late this year or early 2022 instead. Last I checked the Wuhan factory was about ready, at least the walls were up and most heavy machinery was in that was in June!! But it appears that they are getting the factory all to themselves things may have slowed down a bit. Geely has gotten the Zeekr factory up in the meantime. Zeekr (formerly Lynk&Co Zero) was supposed to share factory with Lotus but has gotten a Ningbo factory for itself which is now fully operational. So it is just about the announcement, E.T.A to market is still fall 2022 and the heavy lifting is being done directly under the supervision of Feng Qingfeng (Lotus Group CEO) and a skunk-works team in Shanghai. The initial design was a no brainer i just expect minor stylistic change due to the new front and rear fascia identity of the brand Lotus and Geely are done dealing with Changan and the previous partners of the ill fated Proton tie ups so no more need for Lotus NYO. The NIO investment should not have much impact on the first SUV which should use a version of Geely Volvo SPA/SEA 9 (so possibly double wishbones upfront and multi-link at the rear, infloor battery possibly ) but the second one may be based on the NIO skate.
  14. Nope, the layout of Emira is an evolution of Evora mid mounted transverse V6 and i4. The V8+ gearbox would not fit at all in that layout. reengineering the rear subframe would be possible but the car would no longer be an Emira and no longer be a "sportscar"... Lotus will not do that.
  15. That is not a mock up that is a rehash of the 2010 Lotus Elise intent prototype developed during the infamous DB era. Motor1 being lazy as f. as usual.
  16. Yes the LEVA Seems to do without a bolt on rear subframe, which is great for weight saving not so great for repairability from my understanding. VVA on which LEVA innovates is/was tough. So tough that during crash test, they could replace just the front subframe or rear subframe and send the central chassis core back to crashtesting. Now LEVA will keep a front subframe because most crashes are front and front 3/4 incident first so having a removable repairable subframe seems like sound business. However with the rear subframe now integrated to the core chassis it means any rear crash will be pretty much terminal. Notice that the subframe does still exist but as it is set to be bonded and riveted to the core and no longer bolted I wish any mechanic in charge or a LEVA sportscar rebuild the very best of luck. However these LEVA cars will also come with a Volvo vetted arsenal of ADASS tech which sole aim will be to prevent the drivers of these cars to get into trouble. So safe driving to everyone who buys and try to have some fun while you are at it.
  17. Lotus to use a chassis supplied by Geely for their upcoming Coupé? I think that is a bit of either bombshell or misunderstanding. Coupés do stay in Hethel, "Gran coupés" aka Porsche Taycan competitors will be made in Wuhan on a platform that will share significantly more with other Geely group products, lets say SEA platforms with Lotus staples double wishbones and or bespoke multi-link rear articulation. Taking a page of the SEA playbook should be easy to incorporate the A pilar rule underpinning everything developed initialy by Volvo for their Scalable Product Architecture, and then jointly with Geely Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), and finaly the Geely branded Sustainable Experience Architecture, SEA which is essentially a skate on which one can bolt whatever subframe they desire to as long as they respect a few bolting and anchoring points.
  18. They finally finally finally go official with alloy casting on subframes... They've been refining this - or kept it on a shelf somewhere - for the better part of a decade. The core chassis looks nicely evolved from VVA now known as SCA/Elemental, the side sills are really thin and they have built in more rigidity below the Bpillars it seems. My question is always the same right now with the powerpack, if it goes bad how do you service it. because, it will be an issue. it seems Lotus has engineered an access from down below. But with the slab that will be a whole lot of aluminium sheet to be removed. They've been working on this since JMG...
  19. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and satellite navigation, Bluetooth and USB/12v sockets are not the same as a 10-channel/340W premium audio system. Every car will come with the 10 inch display not every car will with the premium audio. for all I know the base sound system will be an unbranded/Alpine sourced 4 channel stereo
  20. it is part of an upgrade package after that.
  21. Lotus wants to undercut Weissach on value... I think they've just done it smashingly.
  22. NedaSay

    Emira GT4

    The company did not say that 1260 kg is the lightest the car can be, it is only the homologation weight they want to be at. There's a fair bit of faffing around with weight in GT4, on behalf of manufacturer that is, and in order to make the car compoetitive vis a vis the BOP, that's why the Camaro is lighter on paper than the carbon intensive 570R...
  23. NedaSay

    Formula One

    Yes he 's a very fast driver in a serene environment, he's very methodical and should have had a few more podiums if not a win by now if Redbull had not had cold feet. His arrival at Williams will bring a driver that I believe to be as competitive as George on a good day and also he can bring sponsorship to them which is clearly not the main motivation at Williams to hire him but when he joined Alpha Tauri, Albon brought on board two significant sponsorships from Thailand: Moose ciders and PTT lubricants, these companies would not look out of place at Williams,
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