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  1. Just checked out the DRIVEN video on  the Lotus type 62 coachbuilt by Radford as  we are supposed to call it. and at 9'16" into the video we can see a new construction on the Hethel campus, I seem to remember this specific location  was dedicated as a short term outdoor storage for cars. But now there's clearly a new Concrete fondation laid. The area appears to be partially fenced up to shield the brand new factory. Have they finally started building the Customer experience centre? or is it the new control tower?


  2. 12 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    I'm really pleased for lotus but it is irrelevant really now as we move to Lotus 2.0. We should not compare Lotus 1.0 sales with the future Lotus 2.0 sales but I know they/we will.

    It will be a useless comparison the moment the SUV comes into play.  The numbers are good considering the offering was limited, but dealers were supported by a steady stream of marketing pushes from factory. The buzz around the company also helped loads, as many did not know was still in business, and others were afraid of the company going tits up. It just shows what could have been.

    The future bodes well because once again Geely has proven a steady pair of hands ushering the new era without ever rushing things. From 2018 to 2022, almost exactly four years(lotus was officially sold in September 2017) to bring new products to market. It could have gone faster but by Geely's own timetables Lotus is actually right on schedule. 

    The only thorn in the side is that the Lotus NYO moniker had to be kept in Chine where Lotus will remain known as not a Lotus flower but a musical instrument. but maybe NYO will morph into NIO  because of the recent joint venture Lotus Technology. They have been very quiet on the new dealer front but i think there is a very good reason to that.


    Future looks electrifying really!

  3. So this is kind of  a sweet end the of year story for those who still believe in Santa...

    Spyker is back :

    How does it relate to Lotus some may ask. Well B6 Venator uses a VVA chassis (Evora architecture) and D8 Peking uses and APX chassis, while Spyker used Lotus engineering services on the C8 Preliator.

    How will Spyker build them one may ask. I've no idea, last I checked the company had gone into receivership multiple times and creditors were parting the company to bits.

    But with russian money one can always set up shop somewhere. What surprises me most is Victor Muller is still the CEO. and i think this comes after  the company third or fourth bankruptcy.

    Anyway if Lotus gets money out of this, some bean counters will be happy.

  4. Hum, must have been the  S/V90   and XC60... Point is Volvo can hardly be denied as a premium to luxury car maker with a good chunk on the production being from China while all engineering is still being undertaken in Sweden.  And there's no problem with quality perception with any model, even if some would like them to still be a thing. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Beyond those in Lotus circles, it will be interesting to see how this sells outside of China. I just cannot see a Chinese built luxury car being that well received elsewhere, unless they do the usual Chinese industry thing of drastically undercutting the competition to gain market share.

    Uh Volvo XC90 is very premium and in T8 spec it is definitely a luxury product... did not seem to have a problem with the made in China seal. Polestars are chinese made and definitely access to luxury vehicle then again no problem I'd say.


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  6. You can make a company work with a boutique style production (under a 1000 unit per annum). it just means your clientele accepts to write the cheque at a price you see fit for purpose.(Koenigsegg, Pagani, Morgan, Ginetta... do make it work at various price points) Lotus has always struggled to get its clientele to agree with its pricing. Hence their difficulty. Emira is making sure that none will discuss the price.

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  7. ^^^and they are helped by most of development being made being closed doors and fenced up areas throughout the Geely empire, the great Chinese firewall is at work here.  We know a small contingent of potential Chinese buyers and dealers have seen the car recently, but the NDA they had to sign is probably bulletproof, nothing will leak until they decide the time is right.

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  8. 26 minutes ago, mg4lotus said:

    The wing mirrors are different and it also says it doesn't have the Lidar periscope that we have seen in the teaser. 

    It also states that the Polestar 3 is going to be constructed in Charleston USA whereas the 132 is going to be constructed in Wuhan. If they were the same vehicle wouldn't they be manufactured in the same factory?

    With regards to the Lidar periscope it is situated at the front of the roof but along it's rear edge there seems to be a seam that goes the whole width of the roof.... unusual.... What's that all about?

    Lotus got their own factory in the Geely group factory shuffle. Lotus was initially supposed to share its chinese factory with other Geely premium brands, but in the end all of the premium brands (Lotus, Polestar and Zeekr) are getting flagship factories in addition to capacities at other Geely group factories, hence Polestar 3 will be built in the U.S while Polestar 2 is built in China, Lynk & Co 03  will be built in Volvo's Gent  factory from next year.  Volvo is arming each of their brands with as much IP and tangible assets as it can  so that each brand can then be turn into a proper company and floated on the stock market.

  9. At 11 sec into the teaser, we get a very intriguing view of what I think is the dashboard... 

    That screen is big, really big dare I say Tesla model X size. And the upper section of the dash appears to be split behind it...


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  10. Actuated screen. I assume it is the infotainment screen.

    They've added a lot of actuated stuff (front vents, rear wing, lidar, TFT screen) 

    The double contrasted stitching on the dash looks very good.

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  11. Emira got the full A45S powertrain, they just tuned it to suit the purpose of being the entry model. Most german buyers maybe tempted to get their brand new emira to Brabus or Carlsson in the first week after purchase to get the powertrain ECUs reflashed  to offer the full potential of said powertrain.


    I think the i4 only in China is sensible, Lotus has a rather weak brand recognition and Geely is gunning to make Lotus an EV luxury sports car company. the younger buyers will associate the engine to AMG which is no bad thing. if China gets a a special tune for the engine, that's quite ok in my book, especially if  they end up paying V6 FE money for the 400bhp tune. European buyers get euro tuned on most cars they just don't know it. Case in point, way back in the day, the BMW Z3M (clown shoe)  came with 320 bhp in Europe vs  240bhp in America, it still sold like hot cakes on my side and it was the top version. 

  12. 5 hours ago, mg4lotus said:

    Breath, See, Stretch. The next will be Awaken. Then it will be released?

    Logic would dictate friday in order to get some trending time to the previous post,  a teaser post every 3 or 4 days is kind of it right now.

  13. Here's the thing with the interior for me , it lacks texture, it lacks layers, as much as the exterior of the car reveals a lot of intricate details and fantasies, the interior is bland. Yes, there are good quality materials, probably, but it lacks in layering, it feels like an empty space covered in a swath of alcantara, when it should have been arguably a more multi tone affair, even if they have showed the JPS, arguably the most hardcore version,  the leather on the dash should have been more flamboyant with a lot of contrast, the stitching should have also looked the part, double stitch at minimum, with contrasting colors reminding people that this car is "haute couture"  but here it looks like off the rack "prêt à porter" and not exactly on a high street... Which is disappointing when you know the entry price is 400k.


    Also, I know it will be mostly a track car, but in which world won't a airbag be mandatory on the steering wheel of the road version. The image below looks much better thanks to filtering  and carbon fibre galore  but why don't they show us the real final steering wheel.


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  14. Ok I expected the interior to be spartan but here we verge on underwhelming in my opinion.

    I expected a more analog cabin, the Lotus Elige binacle is here as I expected and there's a sea of microfiber and the Lotus stick gorgeous stickshifter is on display but the TFT screens are just tacked on there yes this thing is underwhelming, No analog  dials, not enough polished aluminium or brass and i find the two stop watches a tad tachy...

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