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    Formula One

    Not a fan on the 2023 calendar that just came out... 24 races cause F1 is being nascarized, 2 Italian rounds because I guess Ferrari asked for it.... 3 US rounds, one of which is Las Vegas which is a dismal track. 5 rounds in the middle east because petrodollars still talk a big game. The last third of the season is going to be a logistical nightmare . No french GP, no German GP, at least Spa, Monaco and Suzuka made the list. For some reasons Spain and Hungary still make the cut while their tracks do make for boring races at the best of times unless it rains...
  2. They showed it to him at the CTL workshop!? I was wondering how good was the relationship between CTL and Group Lotus these days, I guess that sorts of answers it.
  3. If Lotus had gone the ICE route one last time it would have looked like this maybe... That is a Ferrari SUV but they don't want you to call it an SUV, i think they don't want it to be associated with anything utilitarian with less than 450L in the boot and only four seats and no tow hook I get that. also a v12 so kiss goodbye your fuel economy. but then it has rear suicide doors...
  4. Not that i have placed a deposit, but there should indeed be 3 versions 600bhp, 750ishbp and the near 1000bhp. However Lotus has not indicated if all three version would be available from launch worldwide nor have they mentioned anything of versions being region specific at least not in western publications or dealer calls. I'm in Canada and our dealers don't anticipate getting anything before mid to late 2023. From what I gathered the configurator available on the website now is mostly for show on the interior side as they haven't frozen interior spec details yet.
  5. Their goal is not to produce 150k Eletre... this production line is going to look "empty" for a while... even if they were to produce 30000 vehicles it would look quiet...
  6. According to the Chinese press release this is a real car... However I do think this car is part of a preproduction run or validation run, probably the last one, as they have been at it for a while. The factory was fully fitted earlier in the year, they officially opened recently because of landscaping as one does.
  7. I beg to differ, Lotus priced emira exactly where they wanted it at the bottom end, they wanted the car to be in the segment bracket. Macan EV is still vaporware at this point, it has been spied, yes, but not unveiled, officially, so no point giving a pricing to something that officially does not exist yet. Eletre was unveiled when it had reached its final phase of development and now its factory is open and "pre"production models are rolling down the line.
  8. I do not think it is arrogance. I assume the build of the car will command a premium over comparable Geely premium products (Zeekr, Emgrand and probably Volvo's Polestar) but their cost structure would still be super competitive. So the question for Lotus is, how aggressive can we go on pricing? A 90k or low 100k GBP/USD was floated at the unveil. I'm now wondering if the entry model won't be priced slightly under 90k. Not that it would necessarily be a good idea. But considering the Zeekr 001 top end price is below 60k in mainland China, and the cars do share their architecture and more ; one could ask how much the lotus moniker premium may command over there? Is it going to be worth a full 40k extra in a place that does not know the brand well yet ? Or will lotus decide to build its brand at a slightly lower price point than we in the west would expect... For the record the reservation slot for Eletre in China was priced just 570 USD! Emira is priced super aggressively, journos can't help themselves saying it is built as a sport car price but feels every bit like a supercar inside and out. Yes it is priced higher than a Cayman/Boxter but it comes back in comparison with way more exotic make. So could Lotus pull another upset in the Luxury E-SUV segment? I think the answer is, most certainly.
  9. Dear CEO Can we expect you to make the trip to china and to report on the Wuhan factory any time soon?
  10. Considering the "first" production car came off the line mid july and the car will not be officially released in Europe until January 2023. That leaves quite a lot of time to vet and re-vet every single processes and tune the suspensions, the interior fitment of the Eletre to the nth degree. The fitment on the prototype we saw was spot on and I'm guessing that with the Volvo, Lynk&Co, Polestar and Zeekr experiences the car will not leave a lot to be desired in terms of perceived quality. the Lotus NYO moniker.... i find annoying, i guess chinese owners will have to keep calling their cars luths instead of Lotis Also... I guess this first new car means that they actually made their bid to start production in China in 2022! I knew the factory was operational, and had been for a while but I guess somebody high up really insisted on having car 1 or 0 ready before the fall. Which means they can build a little stockpile until january and provide not only their chinese sales outlets but also their dealer/agent network worldwide with demonstrators, should the procurement and shipping issues alleviate a bit.
  11. I'm pretty sure Stroll turned them down because if he allowed Geely in along with Investindustrial to buy in, he would then become a minority shareholder, and right now he wants to stay at the helm. I don't think Geely has underestimated the funding required to rescue one of their brands so far, Volvo was properly funded, so appears to be Polestar, Proton, Smart and our dear Lotus. the money he got from PIF is not inconsequential but appears to be dedicated to clear some of the debt, which would, in turn, allow the company to fund their upcoming cars. PIF becomes the second biggest shareholder while Mercedes remains third and Investindustrial the fourth and very marginalized. As far as the public knows, AM is still looking for an EV platform, and their sales volume are flat-lining, some 2600 units sold last year, when DBX was supposed to push that in the high 8k to low 10k, the pandemic took a toll as well as the production and procurement. The Vantage doesn't appear to be selling like hot cakes and Valkyrie, Valhalla, are somewhat still vaporware. The company is failing to get any traction and F1 is not really helping marketing the cars or the technology right now.
  12. Well L.Stroll turned them down, for now, so I guess this is not a problem for the time being. With the new positioning that Aston wants to have, there would be overlap... Lotus will go head to head with Aston Martin at the top end of the market. But Aston's number one problem is finding or sorting an electric platform for the short term future. Geely would have likely granted them straight access to SEA but I guess Lotus and Polestar will remain the very edge of the spear for now. Aston being logical they should go for Mercedes architecture but nothing appears to go rationnally at Aston right now so time will tell
  13. Lotus Tech Wuhan factory is now open.
  14. Battery swapping will be a thing but not on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Any laptop, or cellphone will have its battery die or degrade significantly over its lifespan, most people don't realise because they tend to change cellphones faster than they replace socks but a macbook, for example, needs its battery replaced every 5/6 years... so a car will probably get its battery replaced eventually.
  15. It is a little early for them to communicate on this type of info. However, I assume it would have access to the same tech or better than Zeekr 001 so I guess it could get an augmented reality layer in its HUD but it would also depend on What3words technology has to offer as they are Lotus technology supplier when it comes to navigation. Time will tell.
  16. Interesting indeed, but with a company gearing up to abandon ICE more than it is gearing up to keep them in production, it would require Emira to sell in considerable numbers past 2025/6/7/8. The car was given a lifespan which was supposed to keep it in production for 6-8 years so 2028 or 2030... I don't think that with a factory, by then, fully dedicated to EV, they will keep a department working on ICE vehicles, but time will tell.
  17. 8 speed auto?! Since when did Lotus upgrade the auto V6 to the Aisin 8 speed unit? They are still advertising the 6 speed auto on the website. The 8 speed auto would make sense for low emissions and perceived "hightechness" compared to the 6 speed but this is pretty late in the game for 1st edition auto takers. Switching to the 8 speed would open a lot more torque at the top end...
  18. I just saw Harris' review, it could not be more positive than that.
  19. As long as it funds a return to motorsport, I'm ok with it. I guess next will be Lotus entering the Metaverse where we will be able to buy our Eletra virtual versions... The end is nigh... if I over simplify things NFT's are the new Paninis stickers' book of old. I remember trading these footballers cards during school recess in my youth. they were the rage at every world cup. we all wanted to complete our teams by buying packs of 5/10/20 cards are the nearest convenience store to then only be disappointed by what was in these packs and having to go back to the school black market where we traded them for that one card of Zico, Marco Van Basten, Roberto Baggio, Lothar Matthaus (insert the one card that was missing here) that seemed to be so effing rare... Move the technology 30 years and change, and you get NFTs.
  20. NedaSay

    Type 133

    Within the Geely Group?! Volvo, Polestar, Zeekr and Lynk & Co, I could add Geometry.... and yes Lotus for the very high end stuff.
  21. NedaSay

    Type 133

    Geely won't be. Geely's own brand has many cars which are competing with eachother , Geely Bo Rui vs Emgrand GT, it is just an example but Bin Ray vs Emgrand GL is another... These cars are different, but it is very much only skindeep and in terms of market segmentation the overlap is real. Geely's logic it that it is better to have so many options that clients just give up on going to the competition cause the minute the step into the showroom they have too many options already. Besides Taycan and E-tron GT are essentially the same car platform with a different outer envelop. Companies are gunning for the yardstick and in luxury EV realm, the taycan is the yardstick. Polestar and Lotus are both sport brands ; Volvo will target Mercedes and BMW, but Polestar and Lotus do have free reign they go where want to go. And there's no group strategy to curb that as of now. Polestar is Volvo Group, Lotus is part of Geely Group. It is essentially the same group, but operationally everybody enjoys a great deal of latitude to do what they want provided they all contribute to Geely holding bottom line. The underpinning of all premium Geely group products in the future are going to be based on Sustainable Experience Architecture or SEA but Volvo calls it SPA2 while Lotus calls it Evolution or premium or lifestyle... each entity can tweak the architecture as it is mostly a skate and you can put the body you want on it as long as you respect a few key hardpoints. Point is Lotus and Polestar are free to duke it out, they are unlikely to steal sales from one another, they both want to steal sales from Porsche.
  22. NedaSay

    Type 133

    Audi E-Tron GT and Porsche Taycan are firmly in the same market it doesn't seem to bother VW group much. I don't know why Geely would be bothered by Polestar and Lotus trying to cut a slice of such a juicy pie.
  23. I honestly don't think it was a mistake. I'd rather think it was deliberate. Even though it is kind of dangerous gamble on behalf of Lotus. however the Evo video gives very little when it comes to real life driving of the car, and real life living with the car. However having the infotainment U.I not ready for press cars is not something i can understand. They are recoding a proven Geely unit, it is mostly calibration they should have been able to get representative version of final software in the car press cars.
  24. Is it me or did they give Evo a F.U spec: sport chassis with touring tires!? off course Evo decided to take said spec on Anglesee and to compare it with GT4 which is quite typical of them.
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