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  1. I've got the same color combo from 2002 with only 8k miles on it and I'm in that ball park, a little higher, but 10k less miles thanks Andrew [email protected]
  2. P0128 P0128 Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature) 14 on a 2002 esprit. Funny this code is not setting of the check engine light, but it is in the system and I can't seem to clear it with my OBD II reader. I mean Ican't even clear it for a second. refuses to delete. thanks Andrew
  3. Replaced the wires, plugs and cleaned the contact points where the coils mount. There was a little corrosion but not much. Still having the same problem. Anyone know a good chicgo area lotus mechanic? Or have any other ideas? Check the grounds etc? thanks Andrew
  4. Thought I got 12 ft/lbs when I took them off with my torque wrench Thanks for the help, I don't want to screw anything up Andrew
  5. Thanks Feff. PS gonna send in that membership today Andrew
  6. Thanks! Are you saying that I could reuse those gaskets if intact? I have new ones on the way, but could i re-use or put a little gasketmaker on there? Thanks Andrew
  7. Hi folks, I'm trying to take off the plenum so I can get to the coils and plug wires. Have most of everything off. But am I supposed to only break the two plenum to manifold gaskets and leave the gasket throttle body/EGR manifold to plenum gasket in place, thereby removing the plenum with this part? If I do that, I have to seperate at the intake elbows and take off a whole bunch more stuff. thanks Andrew
  8. BTW- Are the V8 coils 2 of the 4 cylinder ones? Or from another vehicle? thanks Andrew
  9. Hey there, I was wondering if there is any good way to test/inspect the coils with them off the car or to inspect them? I got H2o/moisture and I'm going to replace the wires and plugs and take the coils off the engine to inspect their mount/ground position. thanks Andrew
  10. Come to think of it, I never even looked if one existed. Andrew
  11. Hi folks. Wouldn't there in theory be a way to make the portion of the ecu connected to the gear position sensor think that the car was in 5th gear all of the time, thus changing the boost curve for all gears-economically without reprogramming the ecu? now even if one could get the gear position sensor to output 5th gear all of the time, I am not sure if this system affects other parameters involved with fuel delivery, etc that would make a non viable condition. I am guessing someone knows why this wouldn't work, or perhaps someone would have tried it Thanks Andrew
  12. Ok Now I am told by JAE to consider checking out the coils, by removing them and cleaning the surface between the engine and coils, coating them with a light dielectric grease and reinstalling. Could be a bad ground there. Then new wires and new plugs. Will give this a go Andrew Gotta take off the darned plenum though. I wonder if there is anything else I should do now that the plenum is coming off... Andrew
  13. Hi there folks. I removed the plugs and found that the plug wires did show evidence of previous moisture I believe. There was some chalky white material on the boot and the orange-white crud on the ceramic portion of the plug. Some black debris on the plug's boot connection area. Here are pictures of the plugs and wire. Looks like someone coated the plug threads with a little oil So I am guessing I need new wires and plugs? I wonder if the coils could get corroded? I made an attempt at cleaning the plug end of the cables with a wire brush and conductive gel. Feels like there is a little more power in the early rpms, but still hits this stumbling around 5500 rpm. Do you have to remove the plenum to replace the wires? Arg. That looks like it would take gaskets. I wonder how long that would take. Thanks Andrew
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