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  1. I have around 117,000 miles on my '85 TE and it runs great!
  2. I've seen that white one for sale as well for quite a while. I have a carb car as well with 117k on it and it runs great. I don't think the white bumpers are correct for a Federal car. The car has nice compomotive style wheels though.
  3. Sorry never got back to checking this topic. I have been enjoying my Esprit and driving it every week. Also have made some trips to Cars and Coffee. Even parked next to a fellow silver '86. Thankfully, no mechanical issues since I bought it last January. Sounds great after I put on a bored out cat and deleted the muffler. Does anyone have more than 117k miles on a G-body Esprit? This car looks and drives as well as a 45k mile Esprit. Since there are only 5 digits to the odometer, my mechanic thought it only had 17k miles! It has been a dream to own and is in great shape. May be time to move on though, as I have my eye on other endeavors. So many cars - so little time. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. Kurt Kahl Orange County, California 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit Silver on Black #SCCFC20A3FHF60659
  5. I just had my silencer removed on my U.S. car (straight pipe off of cat) and the exhaust noise is not very loud at all. I guess the cat is too successful in acting like a muffler. My only other option to get more sound is to either bore out the cat, replace it with a pipe, or replace with a high flow cat. Does anyone have experience with each set up?
  6. Does anyone know which year Esprit this binnacle belongs to? The PO of my '85 Turbo Esprit gave it to me but it's mounting brackets are different. I will sell it if anyone is interested - the leather is brand new. -Kurt
  7. The horn is the left turn signal (on my U.S. car) and you push it in from the end towards the steering wheel.
  8. Thanks Andy. I am going to try those things this weekend. Hopefully the gauge cluster pops out of the old binnacle pod pretty simply (probably not, right?)
  9. Hi everyone. I just picked up an '85 TE and have found the brake lights only come on when the car is as a dead stop (maybe more pedal pressure is applied when the car is stopped?) Any advice regarding the first areas to check? Also the previous owner has given me a new binnacle pod as the one on the car is badly sun damaged. Does anyone have experience in replacing the binnacle pod? Thanks much! -Kurt
  10. Hi everyone, been a lurker for a long time and finally picked up an '85 Turbo Esprit yesterday. This forum has been great in getting me prepared for Esprit ownership and I am sure will come in handy as I try to sort out problems in the future. Thanks everyone! -Kurt
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