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  1. I replied to your e-mail before seeing this post, but thanks again for the information. Currently I'm in the process of finding an S3 in my neighbourhood for some in car yoga, fingers crossed...
  2. Nice of you to offer, unfortunately Oslo is a "bit" far for me. What was the situation like with the original seat? Bearable or an absolute nightmare?
  3. I'm quite happy to discuss in any language as long I as manage to fit my nuisance of a body behind the wheel of an Esprit S3 For people in the same predicament, this might be an interesting link: BF Torino supply mostly vintage racing seats and are quite popular with Alfa owners. Especially the Nurburgring and Silverstone models wouldn't look out of place in a Giugiaro when upholstered in a matching colour. And of course, the price isn't too bad either (about 280£ a seat).
  4. Finding an S3 to see if I fit will be the next step since I haven't seen anyone saying "not a chance in hell!" so far. The HC rake seats are similar to a standard racing bucket seat I assume? I googled for a photo, is this correct? This should be an '87 Turbo HC interior, doesn't look very different to me: Would it be possible to find a set of these at a specialist breaker's for a reasonable price? One of my problems with more modern racing seats is that I find them to take away from the charm of the original interior. HC seats would be a great solution!
  5. I have found, my plan was to inquire over there if there's someone with an S3 in my neighbourhood. If you know of any other/larger clubs, I'd very much like to know. An Esprit would be a very nice car to have, but I want to make sure I'd be able to keep enjoying it. I'm sure I wouldn't mind the cramped seating the first 1000 miles, but I'm afraid it'd get old quite fast.
  6. Greetings, my fellow vertically challenged friend. Regarding driving an S3 Turbo with stock seats, was this at all doable (besides looking rather comical I suppose) or would you consider driving with stock seats as a longterm solution pretty much impossible? I'll shoot a PM to Simon350s as well. Thanks for the (fast!) replies so far, this forum is working out better than I expected. To be honest I don't know a whole lot about these Lotuses, I'm just a fan of wedgeshape 70's Giugiaro design, my daily driver is an Alfa Romeo GTV6. Next step will be to find a car in my neighbourhood with an owner that will let me try and squeeze into it.
  7. I'm afraid not, the S3 Esprit is a VERY rare beast over here (Belgium). Not that it'd matter much, I'm quite sure that fitting into an unmodified example would be my worst nightmare (and my chiropractor's dream ) , which will be the case for practically all cars for sale. It'd be nice to have some idea how much legroom is to be gained and how, I'm assuming sellers will mind if a potential buyer asks if he can rip out the seat.
  8. I guess the regulars on this board are sick by now of these "will I fit?" topics, so I figured I'd bump this one. I'm 6'5", very slim, size 10,5 shoe (so at least no big fat legs to squeeze under the dash ) and was wondering if there's any chance of me fitting in an S3 with factory glass roof, I've been looking at these figuring the absence of a headliner would give a bit more clearance. I already found the "Tall Drivers" URL mentioned in this topic, but would like to get an idea if changing the seat would be a necessity for me. I was hoping I'd manage by tilting the seat back with some spacers and possibly adding a steering wheel hub extender moving the steering wheel a bit closer to the driver. Would I still need to remove the rails for more head clearance? And worst case scenario, what would a pair of Elise S1 or Esprit GT3 buckets cost me in the UK and how much leg room is to be gained this way? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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