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  2. Hi. Does anyone have Freescan v.2.1.0? Or know whare to find it? The link on this site: does not work anymore. The link on LEW is old (2.0.7) Thank You
  3. Thanks for replying Shouldnt i get any trouple codes then? I dont get any
  4. Hello. My Air condition is not working. I got no action when i turn it on. The AC clutch is working when i hotwire it. The relay is working. The ac switch inside the car is working. (tested with a meter) The lamps on freescan AC Demand and AC Clutch dont light. And no trouble codes. So i think the problem is before the ECU. Any ideas?
  5. My valve tappets are in good condition. Sorry to hear John. Nr 2 was broken on my car. My fuel pressure regulator was not working.
  6. Thanks for info. Lets hope i have been lucky with the turbo and the cat. I have ordered parts today from JAE. The service is exelent there. I recommend it. Good points Roger. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the help. The exhaust valve is broken. Looks like everything else is inn good condition. Guess i have been lucky. I had a look at the turbo and it looks good too:) What can i clean the head and valves with? Any good products for this?
  8. The engine is out I will find the problem this weekend and order parts on monday. Anything i shoud change while its out? The car have beed driven 50000 miles.
  9. Im almost ready to pull out the engine. I have bought a hoist to help me The only thing im not sure of is the air condition pump. I really dont want to unplug it. Is it possible to take out the engine without taking out the air condition? Anyone have tryed this before?
  10. Hi. I made the decision to take out the whole engine. I want to take a overhauling on the engine so im sure everything is working perfect. Thanks for the help guys. I will inform you with updates on my rebuild. Wish me luck
  11. Thanks again! I will try compress air to the cylinder to where the problem is. The test with the oil is also easy to do. I can't decide if to take out the engine or just the head. I dont have a workshop. Only my garage. I need to buy a hoist if im going to take it out. How much time do i save? I guess the timing is hard without taking out the engine. Anyone know a guide to take of the head? I guess i get a problem with the exhaust manifold.
  12. Thanks for the help guys! I just checked the clearence on the followers. The exhaust valve followers are all 0.30 mm The intake valve followers was 0.15 mm. (some was actually 0.10mm, but it was not special on the nr 2 cylinder) I did not see any typical errors. Should I remove the oil to see better? I only see the upper half of the follower. Doesn't look like anything is wrong here. Maby a piece of the valve is broken off? I used a camera and didn't see any damage on the piston. I was not able to see the valves with the camera.
  13. Thanks for the reply To be honest im not sure. I have a mechanic friend that looked at it. He sayd it sounds like a exhaust valve that is not working. I have tested the ignition and fuel. Both are working. How can I test if the cylinder rings are working? I dont have fuel in the oil and the exhaust is good (no smoke) Is there a guide somewhere to remove the head without taking out the engine? It looks really hard. Should i lift the engine a bit?
  14. Thanks for reply. Looks like the valve in not closing. What can the reason be? Is it garanteed that the valve is proken? or is it other posibillities? Is it possible to take out the engine head without taking out the engine?
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