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  1. again thanks!!! i now have a very expensive screwdriver you left behind lol, dont think the pic does justice to the really nice carpet colour you choose,hope you made it home without peeing yourself after all that liquid lol again thank for the help see you soon ill get the info you asked asap again thanks to everyone who has helped me in my darkest hours again thanks
  2. hi guys as my interior is looking so brilliant thanks to v8 steve and mr oogie boogie, i now have to sort the small stuff anyone know how or where the graphics for the heater /vent panel on the slider type panel could be found ,sj has a new panel but just for the graphics its a bit stiff £££ any help please
  3. yes i do thanks to you
  4. youle be pleased to know since radiation i cant speak lol
  5. also please i have the shapeways 3d printed mask, its very thin least mine is ,has anyone used the sj,s vacuum one i hope its thicker ???
  6. well that good info i didnt realise he sold parts thought that would be cutting his own throat, he offered to rebuild but wasnt sure about the seal and think it was 100+ also i was wondering about a dif advance curve ?? again thx so much
  7. if any one sources the correct "o" ring or a rebuild kit pls pm me with info thx rgds steve
  8. thanks guys all makes sense now and as stated i only have the small plastic piece around the speedo and rev counter, but it was all bent, another question !!! the binnacle was just hooked under the front mounts for the binnacle and two bolt holding it down at the rear is this as par ???
  9. thanks that's all i found ,just a plastic piece around the speedo and rev counter ,my service notes show the picture above ,so i thought the po may have lost it ?? anyway thanks guys ,wonder if i should make something similar to the pic?? cant see that plastic really holding all that weight??also thinking a multi pin plug while im in there would make it easier to reinstall ???
  10. thx all managed to get all out with a slightly warmer day. behind the rev counter and speedo was just a small plastic plate ??? just reinforcing around those two instruments ,is this normal seems its supposed to go behind the mask and same dimensions???? if anyone has had thiers apart and took some pics could you pls send them to me thanks again for all your help
  11. i expect thats the route i will have to go cant seem to see one on sj,s site ill paint the mask i had made in satin black ,bit scared touching all those old wires !! in the cold !! thx for help rgds steve
  12. well my instruments are just mounted on that flimsy plastic "mask" there is nothing behind so i should have a piece as per service notes , that explains why "mask" broke ?? thxs anyone got any pics pls yes that the piece that my instruments are mounted on only
  13. dash mask ,mines cracked ,but the instruments are just fitted to the black plastic (thin) mask, my service notes show another piece hopefully stronger behind the black mask, has anyone any pics please and has anyone used sj dashmask ?? i have a 3d printed one(white) seems very thin any help please rgds steve
  14. hi guys does anyone remember some time ago people were fitting the (later) extra window surround seal that fitted in the window frame channel ?? i wanted to fashion two myself, but cannot find any info regarding profile or suppliers ie wollies etc any info much appreciated thanks in advance steve ps i know sj,s sell but thought i might save a few bob making it myself
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